Author's Note: Dedicated to Dark Qiviut, who came up with this couple and also named it 'Kenola', which is the second most awesome word ever, next to cracktabulous.

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Sonya did not have a phobia.

She did not have fears. She rushed bravely into battle alongside her friends last Christmas. She flew to great heights and smiled nobly. She rode on a freaking bug, for Christ's sake! A giant, thirty foot long bug! Surely she had no fear!

Well, okay, maybe a tiny, little one.

But it was nothing, she swore. It was just a miniscule problem with one tiny little thing. She would not let it ruin her trip to Japan to meet the Japanese Digidestined again. It was such an insignificant thing, surely it would never come up. Why, Japan was so artificial and technological, they probably didn't have those terrible things. Nowhere in such an advanced country would they have such disgusting creatures.

Nowhere, it seemed, but Ken Ichijouji's house.

"Something wrong, Sonya-san?"

Sonya was never tan. But now she looked like Oikawa, she was so pale. Her shoulders shook faintly. Her brown eyes wide with fear, she mutely pointed at where it sat. As he turned to look, she slowly backed up until he was facing it and she was behind him. Safely behind him.

"You're afraid of those?" Ken asked kindly.

Sonya nodded, tilting her head so that her embarrassed face was hidden behind her dark blonde hair. "Just… just a little, tiny bit."

It moved.

Sonya clung to Ken's arm, shaking hard enough that he could feel it as she gasped for air, panicking. Alarmed, he stepped backward, gently wrapping an arm around her before she had a panic attack or something equally as bad.

"It's okay, Sonya-chan, we can just go to my room. It won't follow us."

"Yes it will!" she shrieked, wrapping her arms around his waist tightly. "Oh God, don't leave me, it's right there and it's going to get me and I'm going to DIE!"

At this point, Sonya was crying. Not because she was afraid, she'd later say. Just scared it would attack Ken. Yeah, that was it. It was all about protecting him, he was so delicate and gentle. He needed her support… or something like that.

Then is moved forward.

Leaving the comfort of Ken's waist, she screamed and practically flew into the safety of Ken's bedroom, diving onto the bed and curling into a fetal position.

A moment later, Ken quietly crept inside, not wanting to freak her out any further. She was pale as could be, sucking her thumb quiet pathetically and humming something to herself as she rocked back and forth slowly. Slowly, he edged towards her, but she didn't even look at him. Sitting down beside her on the bed, he gingerly began stroking her hair. His mom did that to him, and it always seemed to calm him down. After a while, he timidly asked, "Sonya?", not sure if he could just call her by her name.

She wrapped her arms around him and whimpered, "Ken? Is…it… gone now?"

"Yes Sonya, it's gone." He blinked as she cuddled deeper into him, eyeing the doorway like she expected it to rise from the dead and scuttle through the door. "Trust me. It's gone. I flushed it."

She smiled through her tears at him and gave him the biggest hug she could offer.

"Thanks. I hate spiders."