HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASUKE! This is for you and elloshort!


It started out a very simple day. Where there was peace in Konoha and-


Okay, forget it.

Sasuke rubbed his temples, feeling another headache coming. Just what he needed, a loud hyperactive but adorable blond. … Forget that too.

Seriously, what did he need to do to get some peace around here? He woke up early in the morning only to be reminded that it was his sixteenth birthday when he opened the door to be met with boxes of chocolate.

He rubbed his temples harder, at least Sakura got over her crush on him and bought him… Damn that girl. Maybe it was better if she hadn't gotten over her crush on him. Again, seriously, what was that girl thinking when she went up to him this morning and presented her present to him grinning like nut?!

He'd never blushed so much in his life. Him, an Uchiha! Blushing because of that one girl and her lousy gift.

"What is it, Naruto?" The pink-haired teammate asked the blond, not in the mood to put up with him and his loudness early in the morning.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Naruto grinned at her.

Sasuke's eyes snapped to the blond while Sakura's jaw dropped open.

"Nani?" Sakura blinked. There was no way her teammate could be… She continued staring at the grinning blond in front of her and decided with an inward sigh, 'Yes, he could be.'

"Happy birthday!" Naruto repeated again his eyes twinkling.

Sasuke's glared at the blond. What was the idiot doing? It was his birthday! Not Sakura's!

Sakura smirked lightly before she opened her arms out, welcoming Naruto who wasted no time and hugged her. "Another year older!" The happy blond continued to say.

Now, the Uchiha glared at Sakura. What was she thinking?! It was HIS birthday!

"So what's my present?" The girl had the cheek to ask with a hidden giggle.

"Kiss!" Naruto cheered happily, not noticing the darkening aura of his best friend.

Sakura just smiled and closed her eyes while Sasuke was made to watch in horror as Naruto happily got closer to her. He felt his eyebrow twitch before he just pulled Naruto back roughly.

"Baka! It's my birthday! Not hers! That present is mine…" He ended in a low husky tone that brought shivers up Naruto's spine before he bent down and stole those rose petal lips.

Blue eyes widened first before they slowly slipped shut in pleasure, his arms gripping onto Sasuke's shirt tightly.

He knew his plan would work! Of course, with the help of Sakura's smart brain, he knew it would! Naruto smiled into the kiss and moaned softly when Sasuke deepened it.

Sakura watched her two teammates and giggled out loud. Mental note, always use Sasuke's jealousy and possessiveness to an advantage. She laughed again. 'Looks like Sasuke-kun might use my present after all.' She could remember the look on his face when she passed him a package of bottles of lube.

Dark eyes were slits as Sasuke gazed at Naruto's when the kiss broke, holding the blond in a possessive way and running his thumb over the blonde's bottom lip.

Happy birthday indeed.


Happy birthday Sasuke! Enjoy your Naruto present! xD Happy belated birthday elloshort! (sorry if i'm one month behind...) Hope you guys enjoyed it too!