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Warnings: Shounen ai/yaoi, non-con encounters, and well…any other warning that would be associated with those first two.

Unseen Eyes

-: i :-

Matt loved Mondays. He loved the blaring of his alarm at 5:30 am so that he had time to shower and fix his hair. He loved making breakfast for his father and getting the chance to say good-bye before his dad ran off to work. He loved planning and packing is lunch for the day. He loved the short walk to school in the early morning air, and above all else, he loved getting to school half an hour before everyone else for his 'morning exercises.' None of this was true a month ago. In fact, Monday was definitely Matt's most hated day of the week next to any other day that wasn't Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So what happened a month ago? It had something to do with the sun-kissed hand that darted out to pull Matt by the tie into the boy's locker room.

Matt hummed contentedly as warm lips met his own tasting of coffee and chocolate as searching hands slid beneath his uniform jacket to caress his body through his shirt.

"Mornin', sexy," Tai murmured against his lips, and that voice, the play of warm breath across his lips served to reaffirm for Matt that Monday was indeed the best day of the week.

It had been a little over a month since Matt had, with the help of Sora, plotted to tempt Tai into exploring something beyond the bounds of friendship. Since that night, they had indeed explored and found that what they had now was beyond anything that either of them had been expecting or could have even hoped to see coming. All boundaries between them had been dropped, and they were closer now than they had ever been before.

"God, I missed you this weekend," Matt breathed as Tai's mouth began trailing lazily along his jaw. "These out of town soccer meets of yours are killing me."

"Mmmm…but you can't die on me Yama-chan," Tai breathed heatedly into his ear, "'cause then we wouldn't get to do the reunion thing." As if to illustrate his point, Tai pulled Matt to him, leaning back into the bank of lockers behind him as he kneaded the blonde's firm tush and pulled their bodies closer together. Matt moaned quietly into their kiss, tongues sliding against each other eliciting tremors of pleasure for both boys. His heart was pounding in his chest, blood rushing in his ears, spikes of pleasure coursing through his entire body. Yes…this was definitely worth it. He would willingly endure the Tai-less weekends if it meant that he could have this again come Monday.

They stayed like that for a while, lazily lapping at each other's mouths, hands running through hair and bodies pressed together just enjoying the simple pleasure of seeing each other again after the long weekend of separation, but unfortunately they knew it couldn't last. Matt moaned again into their kiss, but this time it was one of frustration. Struggling as if it took ever ounce of will power in his body to do so, he pushed himself away to meet his boyfriend's lust-clouded eyes.

"We have to stop," Matt breathed even as he continued ghosting kisses across Tai's face. "Other people will be showing up soon." Tai grumbled low in his throat, but with a final stolen kiss, gently moved Matt away from him and turned to open his locker.

"Y'know," he said pulling out a comb and using the mirror in the locker door to straighten his tussled hair. 'this whole secret rendezvous thing was kinda cool a month ago, but it's already starting to get old."

"I know," Matt sighed straightening his clothes and accepting the comb as Tai stepped aside to let him used the mirror. "I'm pretty sick of keeping this under wraps too, but you know how the administration would react if they found out. We could seriously get booted for this."

"And we only have another half a year to go, I know I know," Tai said running a hand through his mass of brown hair. "We've had this discussion before. Doesn't change the fact that it's still seriously lame."

"True," Matt admitted handing back the comb, "but you gotta admit, it's been fun finding new places to hide-out." Tai smiled giving his boyfriend a playful smack on the ass.

"You mean make-out," he corrected, "And I much prefer feeling you up where we don't have to worry about getting caught. It's a good thing I already practically lived at your place before we hooked-up or else things might have started looking a little suspicious."

"To who?" Matt laughed. "Everyone who knows your schedule that well already knows about us."

"I'm just sayin'!" Tai shot back with mock defensiveness. That was one of the things that made being with Tai so great. Aside from the more physical additions, they were still best friends. They still teased and joked and fought like they used to, but now, they really had something so much more. It sent a glowing warmth tingling through Matt's entire body just to think about it.

"I'm glad we decided to try this," he said seriously.

"Well I'm glad you're glad since you're the one who started it in the first place." Tai told him, but Matt could clearly see the happiness sparkling in the other boy's milk-chocolate eyes.

"I could make garlic asparagus pasta for dinner tonight if you want," he suggested with a knowing smirk and Tai shot him a glare.

"You really want me to go to practice with a raging hard-on this morning don't you?" Matt's smirk widened to a seductive smile. He knew the reaction he got from Tai at the mere mention of that meal they shared the night they'd first gotten together. He couldn't help it. He loved the light blush that colored Tai's golden skin when he was turned on, and it had been a whole two days since he'd seen it last! He could not be held responsible for his actions, especially not on a Monday morning.

"Consider it a parting gift," Matt whispered into Tai's ear, flicking his tongue against the lobe and stealing a final kiss before backing towards the exit. They both could already hear voices in the halls. "I'll see you in homeroom," he said, and Tai gave him a devious smirk as he slowly and purposefully began to unzip his uniform pants, making sure that Matt was watching as he did. They were treading on dangerous ground now. At any moment someone could walk in, and there was no mistaking the sultry gleam in Tai's eyes or the full body blush that was creeping across Matt's skin.

Calling on that mysterious reserve of will power again, Matt did not rush back to Tai to assist him with undressing, nor did he reach out to caress the toned expanse of abdomen exposed as Tai removed his shirt. Instead, Matt quickly turned away from the object of his desires and headed into the halls to grab what he needed for morning classes from his locker, grumbling all the way about hot-shot jocks who were too damn sexy for their own good. Neither boy, so distracted by each other, ever realized that they'd had an audience that morning.

-: i :-

Matt spent the rest of his time before school checking his homework and watching Tai's soccer practice. It was near impossible to concentrate on anything other than the gorgeous brunet and his athletic body as he ran back and forth across the field in a display of youthful vigor, but Matt knew that he had to keep up appearances. Him sitting there, ogling Tai's ass wouldn't go far in keeping their relationship a secret.

When the bell rang marking that the players had about 20 minutes to get showered and changed, Matt collected his things and headed into the school towards their homeroom. He paused and looked back when he heard his name called from behind and he easily spotted Sora's small form moving towards him in the crowd.

"Hey," she said with a bright smile. "How was your weekend? You had a gig on Saturday right?"

"Yeah," Matt gave a sedate nod of his head. "The usual crowds, the usual groupies. You know how it is."

"Yeah, I do and I know that your head can't possibly get any bigger about it," She teased giving a small shove. "And how is Mr. Yagami this morning?" Matt couldn't help the satisfied smirk that pulled at his lips at that question.

"Well you know Tai; always energetic in the morning."

"I'll bet," she smiled brightly at him and he smiled back.

"I really am glad things worked out with you guys," she told him, smile softening into something warmer, more fond.

"Me too," he agreed thinking back to their morning. He gave a satisfied smile as they headed into their room.

"Hey, today is the first day of Ms. Kiriyama's maternity leave isn't it?" Matt glanced up at Sora's comment and he saw the tall, mousy looking man who was standing awkwardly at the front of the class.

"Right. Mr. Tanaka's taking over for the rest of the year. Can you imagine that? He just got here a couple of months ago and he's already stuck with a homeroom."

"Oh he'll be fine. I'm sure that he'll totally liven up once he's had a chance to warm-up to us…either that or the class with eat him alive." Matt laughed at the comment as they made their way t o their seats, greeting and chatting with their other friends as they waited for class to begin. Matt kept surreptitiously checking the door, waiting for Tai to show up, but time kept ticking by and there was no sign of him.

The chimes rang at exactly 8:50 and Tai was still not there. Matt wasn't worried though. He knew that sometimes Tai got held up with the responsibilities of being team captain for one reason or another. Mr. Tanaka called for class to begin and as they all stood listening as attendance was rattled off as usual, they also began to hear and feel distant footfalls growing stronger as they approached their room. With a loud slam of the sliding door, Tai stumbled into the room, gasping and damp as all eyes fell on him.

"Sorry," he said, breathing heavily. An evil smirk crossed his lips, "I dropped the soap in the shower." The entire class erupted into laughter and Mr. Tanaka just gaped and sputtered as though that had been the most scandalous thing he'd ever heard in his life. Matt was forced to look away from the sinfully delicious sight Tai made standing there. His clothes were messy as if he'd thrown them on very quickly, his hair was still damp and plastered to his face in some places, his cheeks were flushed from the exertion of running; he looked for all the world as if he'd just come back from one of their secret groping sessions, and it took all of Matt's concentration to calm the steady tightening of his pants.

"Please take your seat Mr. Yagami," Mr. Tanaka said, and Tai happily sauntered to his seat by the window, shooting Matt a smirk as he casually swayed his hips while walking past Matt's desk. The act left Matt's hands itching to grab those hips, but he settled for shooting Tai a glare that held oh so much promise for things to come. Tai's smirk widened as he sat. Both knew that they wouldn't be concentrating much on class that day.

-: i :-

"Did you see the way Jin was staring at Tai when he came in this morning?" Sora was gushing as they made their way outside at lunchtime. "I thought I was going to have to get a bucket to collect the drool."

"Jin Miyasaka?" Matt asked raising an eyebrow in doubt. "You mean Jin, captain of the baseball club, all muscles and no brain Jin?"

"Are there any other Jin's in our class, genius?"

"No, but last I checked the only interest Jin had in Tai was trying to win more games this year than the soccer team. You seriously think he was drooling over Tai?"

"If you hadn't been so busy staring at Tai's 'assets' yourself you would have noticed that you weren't alone in your ogling.'

"Hmm," Matt shrugged looking thoughtful. "I can't blame the guy for having good taste. Tai does have some nice assets to ogle."

"What about my assets?" Tai came up behind them having returned from the bathroom.

"I was just saying how I can't blame other people for staring," Matt told him giving a quick once over. "As long as they look and don't touch. That part's all mine."

"Ugh, you two seriously need to go get a room," Sora said with a roll of her eyes. She was glad that the two of them were together, but sometimes their 'secret' displays of affection were entirely too much even for her.

"Funny, Sora," Tai said, not taking his eyes off of Matt. "I was just thinking the exact same thing." With a wide grin from Tai and a sly smirk from Matt, the two boys headed off together leaving Sora to find the rest of their friends on her own.

They ended up in one of the back rooms of the music building, a common spot for their excursions as the walls were made to be sound proof. They ate lunch together, alternately feeding each other and trying to smear food onto each other's faces, laughing and smiling and just enjoying the time together. The kisses they shared afterwards always tasted of whatever meal they had just eaten, and Matt would always smile when Tai gently nibbled on his bottom lip and told him he was delicious. These moments were precious; made him feel like nothing bad could ever happen as long as they had each other. He would have loved nothing more than to stay there with Tai as they were forever.

-:- -:- -:-


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