Chapter 1

A young couple sat hand to hand on their best friends black leather couch, waiting impatiently for their friend to give them an answer.

"Do you understand what you two are asking?" The man pacing in front of the couple finally spoke. "Not only would the two of us…" He pointed to the red haired woman and then pointed to himself. "…have to get married, but you…" He nods his head towards the sandy blond man that was looking at him with self-pity. "… won't be able to…to…well you know." The man ran one hand through his messy black hair and the other hand pushed up his glasses.

"I know, my friend, but it's the only way. People would question where the baby came from if she has no husband and someone would tell the Minister about our history together. And if that happens then they'll take the baby away, without question. We can't let that happen. Please." The sandy blond hair man begged.

"I love you as a brother, always did. So, many people mistaken that for husband/wife type of love that no one would think anything of this sudden marriage. Please, do this. If not for us then for my unborn child." The red headed woman begged with tears threatening to fall.

The black haired man stood in front of the young couple with amusement dancing in his eyes. "I never said I wouldn't do it. I was just making sure you guys know what you're getting into. This isn't exactly an easy decision, but I'll do it." He said without any difficulties.

"You…you will?" They asked shocked, but happy.

The man smiled. "Of course, I will. You two are one of my best friends. And, anyway, I always wanted to be a…step dad." They all chuckled at his attempt to bring humor in this serous moment.

"Thank you so much, my friend."

A few weeks later

"…I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

The red haired women kissed the messy black hair man as the crowd behind them cheered. You could hear a bark like laughter and a small squeaky laughter come from their side, but there was one man who was not enjoying this.

The sandy blond man watched sadly as his one love married his best friend. Oh, how he wish he wasn't a werewolf.

A few months later

"What do you want on his real birth certificate, love?" The red head woman asked the werewolf.

"Harold for his first name and Romulus for his middle name, but have a different name for him, for the public. Does that sound alright to you, my dear?"

The lady nodded her head in agreement.

They waited for their friend to come in to do the appearance charm on the boy. Once he came in they started the charm and the baby's emeralds amber eyes became pure emeralds and his sandy blond hair that was streaked with red became messy black hair.

A year later

"How's the little birthday boy?" The sandy blond hair man came into the kitchen holding a stuff animal.

The red headed lady smiled at the man, her eyes sparkling at the sight of him. "That boy hasn't stopped calling his daddy Prongs."

A bark like laughter was heard. Turning the man saw his other best friend laughing with ice cream still in his mouth.

"Can you for once, eat with your mouth close?" The lady scowled at him.

The long black haired man just grinned at her then turn his attention to the sandy blond hair man. "You should have seen the scene I walked in on. My little godson was throwing milk all over Prongs, yelling at him. Saying something about wanting daddy and…" He started laughing. "…and Prongs kept trying to saying 'daddy's here', but couldn't because milk would fly into his mouth. It was hilarious!" His bark like laughter filled the kitchen, not noticing the uneasy smile his friend sent the red haired lady.

"Addy! Addy!" A boy came running into the kitchen, clapping his hands together and ran into the sandy blond hair man's arms. The man with the messy black hair came in followed by a small pumped rat like man.

The sandy blond hair man sat down on a chair by the kitchen table and pulled the boy onto his lap. "I'm your Uncle Moony, not your daddy." The boy looked up at him, clearly confused.

To ease the tension, Moony held the stuff animal out to the boy. "Happy Birthday, cub." The boy took the stuff wolf, happily.

"Oony!" The boy said to the stuff wolf, before hugging it to him tightly. "Me of Oony."

"Me of Oony?" The man with the long black hair asked, trying to figure out what the one-year old said.

"He said, 'I love Moony', you prick." The lady hit the man across his head.

"Owe, that hurt."

The man ignored them and turned his attention back to the boy on his lap. "Will you keep, Moony safe for me?" The boy nodded enthusiastically.

He kissed the boy on his forehead and whispered in his ear. "I love you, my son. Don't you ever forget that." He put his chin on top of the boy's head and sighed sadly. "Don't you ever forget that." He repeated quietly to himself.

That was the last time he saw his son, because the day after that they went into hiding.

Day after Halloween.

"Let me take him! Please!" The sandy blond man begged.

"I already put him at his aunt's house. Anyway, you know the Ministry wouldn't allow you to take a fifteen-month year old baby. With the blood protection, he's safe." An old man with a long white beard and sparkling blue eyes said gently, but firmly.

"I don't care what the Ministry thinks nor do I care about the blood protections. I know those…those Muggles." He said with venom in his voice. "They won't take care of him. They'll starve him and maybe even beat him. He's not as safe as you think he is, sir." He said as the tears threaten to fall, clearly remember all that his love had told him about her sister.

"His aunt took him in. If she didn't want him she would have sent a message or something. Plus, I highly doubt his own flesh and blood would harm him. He's safe. Now, I do believe you have other things to do."

He walked away in defeat, but that didn't stop him from going back year after year to try and get custody of his son.

Present Day

Far away in a little shack, the sandy blond man pulled himself out of his Pensieve. He couldn't stop his sobs as he knelt there thinking of what could have been.