Half a Year Later:

Harry ducked and a spell flew pass him. He quickly threw a spell at the Death Eater. It was the final battle. Everyone knew it. Neither can live as the other survive. Harry was currently looking for either his father or Voldemort. He wanted to end this once and for all, but he wanted to make sure his father was alright.

For the past few weeks now, Harry had been secretly calling Remus 'father' in his head. He never told anyone about that; perfectly fine with people not knowing Remus was his father right now. He knew all the hassle they would get once the information was out to the public. They would be asking the same questions he did, the how and why questions. There were a few times when people pointed out his physical differences like the color of his hair and lack of glasses, but he merely said he dyed his hair and got contacts. So far, he was able to avoid difficult questions like his skin tone or his face structure. Luckily, there wasn't much change to his face. Remus said he got his round nose and chin from his mother.

As he was running through the battle field on Hogwarts ground, he dodged spells and bodies alike. It was a bloody battle, their side wasn't just stunning the Death Eaters, they were throwing dangerous spells that could kill them. It was war; they couldn't let their morals get in the way. It was in the middle of the afternoon, but the sky was dark with smoke and the air was extremely chilly, but within the heat of battle nobody noticed nor cared.

A body dressed in black, a Death Eater, flew back just centimeters from Harry's face. Harry stepped back quickly and watched the Death Eater bang on the ground with a loud crack. He looked in the direction the body came from and saw Draven, his father's right hand man. Because of Remus, most of the werewolves were now fighting on their side. He ran towards him, if anyone knew where his father was, he should. "Draven!" He yelled out over the cries of the battle.

Draven pouched a Death in his face, knocking him out, before turning to him. "What, pup?!" He growled, more tuned into his wolf side because of the wolf's survivor instinct. He had a bleeding scar just above his glowing ember eye and he was extremely dirty, like most of the people there. Dirt and dust were flying everywhere from spells being blasted to the ground and bodies falling, causing dust to fly. Harry was also very dirty and had a huge bleeding scar on his cheek and above his eye, ember in color as well. He ignored the pain.

"Where's Remus? Have you seen him?" Harry yelled to be heard.

"Last I saw him; he was fighting that crazy Bella chick by the outskirts of the forest! Be careful, pup." Draven said before going back to the battle. Harry wasn't offended, knowing there wasn't much time to chit-chat.

Harry started to rush towards the Forbidden Forest. It took a while, but he eventually made it through to the forest, but he couldn't see Remus anywhere. He saw Malfoy fighting a large Death Eater and the Death Eater had him backed against a tree. He quickly sent a stunner at the Death Eater. It hit him in the back and he fell forward. Malfoy jumped out of the way before he fell on top of him. He gave Harry an annoyed look for damaging his pride by helping, but Harry ignored it.

"Have you seen Remus?" Harry asked.

Malfoy nodded and pointed behind him. "Last I saw him; he was fighting my insane aunt that way, closer towards the lake."

"Thanks." Harry said as he started to run pass Malfoy, but Malfoy grabbed his arm.

"You seen my father?" Malfoy asked emotionlessly. As he tried not to show how worried he was about his father, but Harry could see it in the way Malfoy remained motionless, like a stone.

Harry shook his head. "No, but I'm sure he is fine." Mr. Malfoy never completely changed sides, but everyone in the Order now knew he wasn't pleased with Voldemort and wanted him dead just as much, or more, then the Order.

Malfoy opened his month to respond, but a yellow curse blasted the tree next to them. Harry and Malfoy ducked as the splinters went flying through the air. They turned and saw a Death Eater heading towards them with his wand raised.

"Find you father, Potter. I'll handle this." Malfoy said, pushing Harry towards the lake.

Harry nodded this thanks, knowing it wasn't the time to argue and he desperately wanted to find his father. He ran along the tree line of the forest towards where the forest met up with the lake. He dodged and threw spells as he ran. He was lucky not to get hit, since he wasn't fully focused on those around him, but having partial werewolf traits came in handy at a time like the battle. He trusted his wolf-ish instinct to sense any danger heading towards him and dodge it, no matter if it wasn't as strong as a full werewolf like Draven or his father.

It didn't take long to reach the lake nor did it take long to find Remus still fighting with Bellatrix Lestrange extremely close to the lake. They had moved away from the forest and closer to Hogwarts. Harry rushed over to help him, but another Death Eater cut him off. It didn't take long to stun the man, but it was long enough for something horrible to happen. When Harry was finishing off his opponent, Voldemort had shown up behind Remus without him noticing. Where Voldemort showed up from, Harry had no idea. He had thought Dumbledore was distracting him.

Harry had just stunned the Death Eater and looked up to see Voldemort raise his wand. "Remus!" Harry yelled. "Behind you! Remus!" He screamed desperately as he pushed people aside in order to get to his father. He could hear Bellatrix's shrill laughter in the air as she noticed her master behind her opponent. "Dad!" He yelled, notice realizing he had called Remus 'dad' for the first time. Harry shoved someone out of his way, not caring who it was as he tried to make it to Remus. There were too many people in the way; too many bodies. He was able to see but not do anything.

Remus turned slowly, realizing someone was behind him. It seemed to happen in slow motion. Harry yelled, "Dad!" not realizing being called dad for the first time would distract Remus.

Remus turned to Harry's direction just briefly in surprise wonder and Voldemort took that chance to throw a curse at Remus while he was distracted.

"DAD!" Harry yelled. All he could do was watch as the curse hit Remus in the chest and his body flying backwards.


Yesterday afternoon, the boy-who-lived stood up against You-Know-Who for the last time. With the surprising help from a few packs of werewolves and the so called Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter was able to blast his way through Death Eaters to get to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The battle started…

Harry threw the paper down on the nightstand by the bed. The Infirmary was packed with those who were injured, dead, and family members. With so many people, it was surprising how quiet it was. Many were mourning over their losses. Harry felt the pain in his chest, thinking about all those he would never see again. He couldn't believe he was dead. That hole in his chest felt like it would never be filled again. He would miss him so much. They had their differences for sure, but he still cared for him, deeply, and he knew he cared for him just as deeply. He felt the tears begging to be free from his eyes, but he refuse to let them fall, not here, where anyone could see. He shifted in the hard wooden chair beside the bed.

Hermione came up beside him, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Harry quickly stood up and embraced her. She leaned into his chest and let out a few muffled sobs. She gently pulled away after a few minutes. She wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve. "I'm…I'm sorry, Harry."

Harry shook his head. "Don't be. I miss him too, but I can imagine what he would say." He said with a soft smile that reminded Hermione so much of Remus. "He would tell us, 'don't mourn me, for death is the next big adventure'. Professor Dumbledore would want us to be glad that he is having his next adventure."

Hermione nodded and chuckle. "Yes. I could imagine him saying that too." She said with a watery smile. "And...and Professor McGonagall will make a wonderful Headmistress." She said. Harry nodded his agreement. She looked towards the bed and the body on it. "How is he?"

Harry followed her sight to the bed. "Asleep. Madame Pomfrey said he'll be just fine. He was lucky the curse didn't hit his heart, another centimeter and it would have."

Hermione nodded. "That's good." They stood in silence. "I'm going to see to Ron. He would want to know how he is doing as well." Harry nodded and sat back down when she left.

"That was a comforting thing to say to her."

Harry jumped at the sudden voice and looked over to the bed. Blue-ish amber eyes stared at him. "Remus! I didn't know you were up." He didn't look so well. His skin was a very pale and ill-looking. He looked weak, like he would be unable to lift up his arm. However, he didn't sound weak. His voice was soft and spoke in a whisper, but it didn't sound like he should be in an infirmary bed.

Remus gazed around the Infirmary, making note of who was there. The bed near Poppy's office caught his attention. Molly Weasley had her arms around Draco Malfoy's shoulders, an odd sight for a Weasley and a Malfoy. "What happened?" He asked in a whisper, indicating where he was looking.

Harry looked over and sighed. "We found Lucius Malfoy's body. He had, apparently, switch sides at the last moments of his life. He was protecting some Slytherin students when he was killed and Professor Snape is still unconscious from a powerful blow to his head. Mrs. Weasley seems to have taken Malfoy under her wing until his godfather wakes up. We can't seem to find his mother anywhere." Harry bowed his eyes, hating to be the bearer of bad news, but Remus needed to know. "Professor Dumbledore died. He was fighting Voldemort and…he didn't make it out of the fight alive."

Remus nodded sadly. "I know. I saw a part of what happened." There was a moment of silence as he stared at Harry thoughtfully. "You called me dad." He whispered almost to himself like he had just remembered or realized.

Harry's face flushed in embarrassment. "I…I was just…it was…" He stumbled over his words. He didn't have an excuse to give Remus to explain why he had called him that. "I was…I don't…didn't mean…I…I'm sorry." He finally said.

Remus shook his head. "Don't be sorry."

"It distracted you! I should have called you…that."

"Harold." He whispered seriously, using his birth name to show how serious he was being. Harry looked up at him with wide eyes. He had never been called Harold before and it caught his attention. "I was up against Voldemort. Calling me dad may have…caught my attention, but that may have just saved my life." He continued on before Harry could interrupt. "If you hadn't said anything I would have been caught in a dual with Voldemort and he could have easily killed me. I'm no match to him. I'm not that powerful or strong. Besides, I could never die because of you, Harold. I would have died for you. Just as I should have done in James' place all those years ago."

"I'm glad you didn't…Dad." He finished hesitantly. Remus eyes snapped up to him. Harry gave him a shy, accepting smile, letting his father know he was fully okay with their relationship now. The next step would be to tell the public.

Harry Potter…Lupin?

The story of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, is well known to the wizarding world. The love story of his parents, James and Lily Potter, is a fairy tale came true and equally well known. However, it has been recently discovered that their romantic fairy tale is just that, a fairy tale. The real story isn't about the hate-to-love tale James Potter and Lily Evans had, but tale of the most beautiful girl in school falling in love with a werewolf. Yes, that is right readers, a social rejected werewolf.

Remus John Lupin, a war hero and werewolf, is the father of Harry James Potter or Harold Romulus Lupin, as his real birth certificate states. This surprising turn of news changes the love story…

Remus threw the Daily Prophet down on the kitchen table. He leaned back in his chair and looked at Harry sitting across from him. "The story is out now."

Harry pushed his unfinished breakfast plate away from him. "How do you think people would react?" He asked.

Remus shrugged. "People have started to change their views on werewolves since the last battle, but it takes longer than a few weeks to completely change their ideas and beliefs." He picked up the newspaper and skimmed through it again. "The article puts me in a favorable light, though. Nothing too negative about me or werewolves in general." He placed the paper down again and picked up his tea. He took a sip and nodded thoughtfully. "I don't think I have to worry about being chased out of the country." He smiled. His eyes sparkled with humor.

Harry rolled his eyes. "We're not going to get a single moment of peace until this dies down and that won't happen for months!" He complained. Remus couldn't help but chuckle at his son's distress.

Harry glared at him. "You wouldn't be laughing in a week!"

Remus set his tea down. "Maybe not, but I am laughing now and that is all that matters at the moment." He said before chuckling again.

"Dad…" Harry whined.

Remus stared at his son in thoughtful wonderment. He would never get tired of hearing the word 'dad' being uttered from his son's lips. Every time he heard it, it caused his heart to stop for a moment and place Harry into an extraordinary, different light. That single, tiny three letter word had almost instantly inspired a faint warm feeling deep in his chest, and a moment later a wash of protectiveness. This was his child, his son...his. He had never thought he would hear that word be uttered pass his lips, ever. It was such a gift to hear it now.

Remus chuckled as he stood up, picking up the breakfast plates. "Go clean up, Harold. Arthur Weasley would be here soon." Arthur was picking up all the kids to take to the train station for their last year. The term had already started a week ago, but because of the war and recovery, they were allowed to stay an extra week at their respected homes.

Remus was the only person who called him Harold. He started calling him that once Harry got comfortable enough to call him dad. It was either 'Harold', 'son', or 'cub'. Harry didn't mind. It was like his father's special name for him; a term of endearment. It gave Harry a warm feeling each time Remus called him that, a feeling of being loved, of being wanted. It gave Harry a feeling he never felt before at the Dursely's. The feeling of being safe and relaxed in his home.

Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Remus opened in and greeted the group standing in the doorway. "Morning, Arthur, children." He greeted them all. "Come in." He stepped aside and allowed Arthur and a line of seventeen and sixteen year old children to enter the cabin. "He would be down in a moment." He explained.

Arthur shook Remus' hand. "How are you this morning, Remus? I saw the paper."

Remus chuckled. "Harold isn't looking forward to the publicity." He smiled. He looked at the children with Arthur who were still crowded in the hall, by the door. Ron still had a cut above his eyebrow, but he didn't seem to care as he chatted with Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom, who was holding himself more confidently. Luna Lovegood was smiling as Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley laughed at something funny. "Are you sure you're okay with taking them all to the station alone, Arthur? It's quite a big group." He asked his older friend.

Arthur chuckled. "But they're a good big group. I don't mind at all. It makes me feel young again." Remus chuckled with him.

Just then Harry came running down the stairs with his suitcase in hand. "Hey, guys." He happily greeted his friends.

"Hey, mate" "Morning, Harry." They greeted.

"Alright, children. Let's go before we miss the train." Arthur called out as he herded them out of the cabin.

Harry paused before stepping out the door. He turned back to his father. "What are you going to do while I'm gone?" He asked concerned.

Remus leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He gave his son a small smile. "Don't worry about me, cub. I'll be visiting the pack for a few weeks. Draven wanted to pass some ideas off of me. I think he would have been a better Alpha then I." He sighed. "You enjoy your last year at school. There's no Voldemort to distract you from having fun this year."

Harry smiled before running at him and wrapped his arms around his body. His face buried itself into his chest. He never felt so reluctant to go to school until now. He felt the warmth of the hug fill him. "I'll miss you, Dad."

Remus had quickly wrapped his arms around his boy and kissed the top of his light brown-ish red hair. "I'll miss you too, son. Owl me once and a while." They pulled apart and Harry headed back to the opened door. "Cub!" Remus called out before Harry had walked across the threshold. Harry turned. Remus smiled at him, tenderly, an expression in his eye that Harry had rarely seen in his life. "I love you, son. Don't you forget that."

Harry smiled back. "I won't and…I love you too, Dad." He said before closing the door behind him.