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The echoes of a young girl's voice could be heard in the potion's classroom of Hogwarts during lunch. "Seven rose petals for the passionate love we shall share together, essence of violets for your faithfulness to me and only me, two lilacs for my first love," the girl threw in the ingredients for the potion she was making her jet black hair fell into her pale blue eyes watching the bubbling cauldron. "Yellow tulips so you will fall hopelessly in love with me" the young Isabella Keen threw in handfuls of the yellow tulips giggling giddily. Isabella grinned wickedly showing her straight white teeth mixing in the rest of the ingredients ending with, "Essence and image of the person." She brought out a picture that she had taken in secret of her smug blonde haired Slytherin. "Draco Malfoy you shall be mine!" She laughed madly dropping in a lock of hair she had gotten from Draco while he was sleeping.

With a loud boom, the potion emitted a large heart telling the love sick girl the love potion was done. She was dreaming about what she would do first with her love when she heard the familiar drawl of Draco Malfoy. The young fifth year Slytherin jumped as she covered the potion. "What are you doing in here?!"

The fifth year Slytherin felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment from being caught. "Well, you see I thought I would work on potions while Professor Snape was in lunch. Would you like to try my Calming Draft?"

Draco shrugs not being suspicious of her at all. "Why not I guess I trust you enough you are a Slytherin after all." Isabella smiled as he ladled some out. Holding her breath, she watched as he took the ladle to his lips. Before she knew what was happening, Pansy Parkinson was dragging from out of the classroom.

"Pansy! Where are you taking me! Lemme go, I have to see Draco!" She pulls away just as Harry Potter enters the classroom. Isabella glared at Pansy knowing she was just trying to get her away from Draco before she made a fool of herself.

Draco swallowed the whole ladle full staring at the doorway where his enemy stood. The blonde-haired Slytherin shook his head putting a pale hand to his forehead. He grins having new-found feelings for Potter. "Why Potter" he slinks forward snaking his arm to Harry's other shoulder then brought it back causing Harry to look at him "you look quite sexy standing in the door way. You know it's just me and you in this room with thick walls so nobody will hear you scream my name." Harry starts to back away slightly frighten by the way Draco was acting.

"What the hell have you done with the cruel, pathetic Draco that I know and detest?"

The boy just grins wickedly. "But I'm here all of me ready to obey your every whim, I'm your SLAVE!" Harry continues to back away afraid of what was coming next. "No, Harry, don't go!" The Slytherin jumps onto Harry pinning him to the ground.

Isabella suddenly ran into the classroom staring at the two on the ground. "Oh, look, Harry, we have an audience." The girl forced to watch as Draco started to unbutton Harry's shirt with his teeth. She just looked wide-eyed from Harry to Draco figuring out what had happened.

"No, Draco, you were supposed to fall for me the potion was meant for you to fall in love with me!"

Harry looked at Isabella exclaiming, "Potion? What Potion?!"

Draco held a finger to Harry's mouth. "Shh…don't speak just kiss me." Isabella held in tears watching her love kiss a confused Harry on the lips gently. Not being able to take anymore, Isabella ran from the room sobbing.

"Didn't you hear a word that girl said?" Harry stared at Draco trying to ignore the fact that he had just kissed a guy and had rather enjoyed it.

"I choose to ignore her words there's no way a potion could make me feel this way about you." Draco smiled and licked one of Harry's now hard nipples. Harry's face flushed red.

"Draco! Stop it!" Harry then tried to push Draco away only to realize how soft his hair was.

"Sorry, I can't stop, I know you want pleasure, and I'm going to give it to you." Draco pushed a hand down into Harry's pants and grabbed Harry's arousal. "Oh, you really are enjoying this." Harry now shocked at such contact grabbed his wand from his pocket and yelled,

"Expelliarmus!" Draco flew backwards from the force of the spell. Harry got up hurriedly stopping in the doorway to look back at Draco who was now lying on the floor.

"Please, my master, please don't leave me here wanting you." Draco begins to crawl towards him seductively.

"Time to go!" He runs out to catch Isabella. The young girl had run to the library to hide amongst the many shelves to bask in her misery.

Everyone stared as a flustered Harry Potter burst into the library shirt unbuttoned, tie loosened, and his robes not where they were supposed to be. "Where's Isabella?!" The whole library pointed to the back where she was peeking out from behind a shelf.

Harry didn't notice Ron and Ginny sitting on the other side of the library. Ron gets up following him prepared to ask him why he's half naked while enjoying his view of it. As Harry gets closer, Isabella draws her wand. "Don't get any closer!" She sees his shirt and the slight problem he had below the beltline. "He raped you, didn't he?! He was supposed to rape me not you!"

"Whoa! Don't jump to conclusions we haven't done anything anyway I came to ask you about this potion. I need to know because I don't want Malfoy violating me anymore!" He was lying he had enjoyed Malfoy's touch and would have enjoyed it better if it had gone further. Then he shook his head knowing they could never be.

Isabella grins wickedly noticing Ron hiding behind a shelf nearby. "Oh, yes, the potion, well, I made a love potion so that whoever Draco saw first he would fall madly in love with them."

Harry got a hurt look on his face. "So Draco doesn't really love me?" He knew it had to be fake Draco would have never done those things to him if he had been normal Draco.

"Nope, but…"She pauses seeing his face and felt a hint of jealously spring up in her, "you like him don't you?"

Harry's face flushed. "Of course not he's a guy and a Slytherin."

"That doesn't matter you still love him I can see it in your eyes." She could feel her grasp on Malfoy slipping her bottom lip trembled thinking about it.

Harry knew in his heart that he had strong feelings for the cruel Slytherin boy. Though he felt this way he would never act on those feelings for Malfoy.

"As much as it pains me to say this, there is a way you could make him fall in love with you on his own accord." She looks up at the Gryffindor. Harry's eyes brightened though his face remained the same.

Harry through gritted teeth asks, "How exactly?"

"It's easy just make him realize he's in love with you in five days or else. After the potion ends on the fifth day if he does not realize in his heart that he loved you then he will go back to being cruel to you and you'll have nothing."

"But how I am supposed to make him fall in love with me." Isabella sighed and put her wand away. Her heart was crushed but she would never show it in front of Potter.

"It's up to you isn't it obvious Draco is your slave devoted to…you and only you." She bit her lip almost drawing blood as she held back her sorrow.

"I could get use to this." Harry looked at Isabella seeing her sadness. "Look…" She turned away concocting her own.

"You should hurry; you only have five days to make Malfoy love you." The Gryffindor nodded and ran off to find his slave.

Ron came out of hiding sighing with hopelessness. "How could Harry like Draco?" Isabella picked a random book up skimming the pages.

"Very easily, Weasley, I mean Draco is charming and…"she trailed off thinking of the kiss she had to witness between her love and stupid Potter. "But there is a way to stop it." Isabella had a glint of mischief in her eyes.

Ron backed away "I can't do that not to Harry!" He watched the Slytherin shrug.

"Then find yourself a new mate because you just lost him to Malfoy." She started to walk away grinning, but Ron grabbed her arm pulling her back towards him.

"Alright, what do I need to do?"

"That's a good Weasley now here's what we are going to be doing." She whispered quietly telling Ron of her plan so that she could get her wonderful Draco and Ron could get back his beloved Potter.

So now Harry had five days to make Draco fall in love with him and Isabella with the help of Ron had five days to stop him.


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