One day midea looked out her window and wished that she could see Link again when suddenyl a mand of a magic carpet came to her window!

"Prinbess we know that you desire to entre the lightsworld once so we invented a machine that lets you see into the lightworld without stepping into it and causing chaso!" Good Luck

Midna wished to see Link against because she wanted to see how he was doing so she took the machine and looked into it and was shocked at what she saw.

Midna saw teh funreal of the link; he was gead.

"I cant see anymore!" Midna cried morning at the Link.

"Princess allow me. Her servant took a look inside.

"But in the years after he left Midna he got married to a girl named iliad and had a baby."

Medina gasped. She new he did not forget her dew to the worldyl y barriarre but it was also impoissible do to the circumstinces!

Indeed in Ilia's arms were a crying baby girls.

Midna says, "it is my desire to help look over Link's offspring!

She ordered the servant to make a machine wear she can interact will the LightWorld. But if it fell into the rong hands...?