Authors Note = GRRR….! Guy all I can say is that I have LEARNED! I know I didnt make a lot of you happy and franky you cant never make anyone happy. I know it came ass a SHOCK but I wanted to do something different. I took a lot OF TIME to make the last few parts and so you'll get it but I made changes because of negative resluts in the reviews so this will be the last one REALLY! Again if you donkey like it then you dont have to READ it. This is my disclaimer.

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Midn's Cause

This is the Final Chapter

"There's more where that came from" said the occoo as it pointed its finger at the occaa known as epona but since Ocoo do not have hands she used her boobs.

"Epona becames a horse after the twilight reelm but she was a occaa of the twilit before that happened as well as my husband the father of occaa jr but after horsehood she become a women due to an accidental encounter. After stolen by the Lonlon Ranch she was taken care of as a horse of malon (see so malon is a sweet fairy gril after all and she made an unfortunately run into Ingo's pitch fork!

Epona was almost die. However foreseeing that this horse had a hand in the land's future and the split of the timeline (as well as Ganon's hips) Zelda the princess gathered the best of tinkerers in Hyrule land to reconstruct this horse to be stronger…faster…more able to survive coitus lick her vagitables.

Epona then know she lossed somethings in the opratation to which the engineers replied "…it was a female horse, right?" It was all organic except for convincing genitaliae automail thanks to the enginering. So you see epona was MAN"

Ganon was shotked, "Epona is thus the truth?" Epona saded but had to face up her consense, "Yes dorfie I was indeed a man but you see that part of me is dead and Dorfie you see I choose you and hey we brought light and shadow tohegher to this is our density right?"

Ganon is frown it behooves him to look at her and thus almost become mad tike the rage of a beast but instedd he looked deep in side his heart and realized she was epona and well he invest so much time and touch into her so he touch her breast.

"Oh" Epona sad very blushingly.

"Yes Epona you are Epona and I am Ganondorf asnd that is all that manners. Ganon took a prominent position and put Epona in front of him as he towered ever her as she flap her wings in embrace as she anticipaton and so Then Ganon leaned in and gave Epona a kiss!

"Mmmmf!" Epona muffed as she transformed inton a beast reflect in her true heart due to true hearts first kiss and instead became a horse as it was a form she was used to as she grew wigs and became a pegasis. Beastganon got a lot less uggly a well ands become a lion kentauros that is half lion half kentauros which was known as a lynel since (I did the research). Ganondorf wished for a moment he was more like a 'Man'ondorf but this alway happen since he triforce of power. "I must break my social condions" said Ganon with his now beautiful face and bulging chest and pound loins of a lion for indead he was reflect in the heart a true leader of the forces along with epona her companion. This is the pointer of no returned he knew it.

Ganon rode on Epna as she flew out the window into the silent night of no remorse.

Note: there was going to be more of bird Epona and Beat Ganon but I rewritten this because I don't think people liked this


Teh weddning exception was amazing as all of the unforgettingble cast characters of this adventure took residence such as Impazzz Malon and Tingle ( Ganonborg does NOT exist because that is a RETCON and DIDNT happen, also there is only one Epona so that is moat). All of Hyrule was transformed but even the people so was the land so it was all so happy though much was Hylian subterfugé and Ganondorf the former gerudo and current lynel and Epona the former horse and current pegasis waved and brught forthe a new golden land as ruller and gentle king.

Thier 'honey'mon was in Gerudo's desert. As for how it was well lets just say those were some strange sounds to here in the desert…

So the world was governed by the new true royality however there was an iffy comeuppance. Epona and Ganon's child named Schmidna was of eerily likeness to Midna the one who earlier becume one with Ganon's juices of seedlemon which is inconspicuous and odd and also there was much Nayru's loves in the world now and not enough Dinn's Power and Fairy's Courage.

Three Fates are imbalanced even in this paraside of a majestic realm. While the world is perfect and Midna may live something bad is BOUND to happen!