Summary: All he'd wanted was a mug of his favourite coffee. Was that so much to ask for? AU SasuHina

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Black Coffee

Sinking into her seat, she took a small sip from the mug and let out a contented sigh. Setting it down on the table, she took the opportunity to scan her surroundings as she dug through her bag.

Although she'd only been coming to "Satoshi and Arisa's Coffee House" for three weeks, this was the busiest she'd ever seen it. She'd been so relieved to see that her usual spot near the corner (close enough to the window to look outside, yet still veiled from passing, gawking eyes) remained unoccupied that she'd rushed to the table forgetting that she still held a very full, steaming cup. It was a miracle that she hadn't spilled anything!

After retrieving her desired supplies, she let them rest precariously on her lap before indulging herself to some more of her beverage.

Inhaling its invigorating scent, she set it aside once more and turned to her laps contents.

Most of it joined the mug on the table; only a sketchbook and pencil remained.

With the utmost care she prised her beloved book open to look at one of her earlier works; a self-portrait. She had sketched it about six months ago though most of the details were still accurate regardless of the passage of time.

Her pearly eyes were striking, able to showcase tints of the entire rainbow given the correct lighting, holding great kindness within their depths yet also a determined sheen that made them glitter – despite her gentle demeanour she was not one to be toyed with.

On anyone else her pale complexion would look unhealthy, but the (semi-permanent) slight flush that adorned her cheeks brought it to life; delicate yet refined.

Flowing midnight blue locks cascaded down her back to contrast with her other features, a small fringe framing her eyes perfectly.

Presently Hinata tried to refrain from biting the end of her pencil as she analysed her work… it could be improved; the shading on the material of her top was slightly off and her hair was drawn in clumps rather than strands – to the untrained eye they would seem like characteristics hardly worth correcting but to her it mattered a great deal.

Turning to a new page, she gulped down more of her drink. Dark, warm and bitter; each mouthful left her feeling refreshed. The strong taste lingered in her mouth leaving her savouring the flavour and wanting more. Black coffee: it was Hinata's anti-drug.

Steeling herself not to down the rest of her addiction, she put her pencil to the edge of her lip in speculation. What to draw, what to draw?

Somewhere above her, someone cleared their throat. To say that Hinata jumped would be an understatement. Looking up apologetically, she met the obsidian glare of a disapproving young man. His raven hair stood up at angles yet still surrounded his pale face. He held a frothy mug of his own and it seemed as though his patience was waning.

"U-uh, can I help you?" she was still shaken by the interruption of her thoughts and couldn't help but ponder the reason.

The man raked a hand through his hair and a grimace set itself upon his lips.

"My usual table's been taken and there aren't any other free ones."

Hinata blinked and waited for him to continue.

When he did so, it was with a sigh and said slowly "May I take this seat?"

Realisation dawned on her and she felt like banging her head against the table – she could be so simple-minded sometimes!

Shrugging, she said "Go ahead" before turning back to her blank page and trying not to chew her pencil in thought.

What should she draw?

Glancing back up at the man (who had taken the seat in front of her and was staring intently at his notebook, twirling his pen between his fingers in deep speculation) she smiled.



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