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SUMMARY: "Dear Mum and Dad, It's me."


Dear Mum and Dad,

It's me.

I hope you're well. Is the afterlife treating you right?

I'm seventeen now. I wish you were here to see me graduate. Uncle says that he's surprised that I am graduating. Auntie says that Uncle is just jealous because he never got to.

I think they're both mental.

I miss you guys, which is strange, because I've never really known you. Auntie and Uncle are great and I love them, but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have real parents. Uncle says he understands. He must, because he's an orphan as well.

He says I remind him of you, Dad.

He and Auntie have told me all about you and Mum. About how you and Mum got together and how you died.

There are some things that Auntie wouldn't tell me. Uncle did. I think it was because no one ever told him anything, good or bad, about his parents when he was a kid. I can't imagine that.

I have your wolf, Dad.

Uncle said that when you found out that Mum was going to have me, you were terrified that I would be the same as you. That you were ashamed of what you might have given me.

I'm not.

I'm glad that I have my wolf. It's a part of me. A part of you.

I wish I could have run through a forest with you.

I'm a Metamorphmagus, Mum. Auntie says I got that from you. She also says that you liked your hair to be strange colors. I prefer turquiose. Auntie also says that I have your sense of humor.

I wish I could have laughed with you.

I want to be an Auror, Mum and Dad.

Voldemort is long gone, but there are still Dark wizards to capture.

Uncle says that they might not let me into Academy because of my wolf. I say that I don't care. I'll overcome the barrier that you tried so hard to break, Dad.

I better go now, Mum and Dad. The cemetary is getting dark. Auntie is probably worried sick. It's well past dinner. Uncle is probably telling her to stop being such a worry witch,

I'm going to go now, Mum and Dad.

Don't worry about me. I'm going to make you proud.

I love you.



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