Well, here's the first chapter of the sequel.

Warnings: Shonen ai as usual. Also, this is a SEQUEL. You're gonna be kind of lost if you haven't read A Wizard's Lament. Just thought you'd like to know.

Notes: (X) is pov and or time jump

Chapter, 1: Starting Over Summer

Harry growled sitting up in bed and glared at his door. His uncle was banging on it loudly trying to wake him up, which he'd achieved easily, no doubt along with the entire neighborhood at the rate he was going. He closed his eyes tightly, counted to three and wished his uncle was still too scared to get near him. That fear however, had ebbed away soon enough after he'd arrived back at Privet Drive, no order members to back him up. He did however have some kind of backup, of course.

"YOU," he screamed and Draco sat up beside the Gryffindor rubbing his eyes. He grabbed the potion bottle on Harry's nightstand and took a small sip of it, his entire body becoming ghost like. "I'M COMING IN!"

"No kidding," Harry muttered and he pulled his glasses on as the door burst opened. Uncle Vernon stomped in scowling his face quite red. He looked at the two boys in the bed, his eyes narrowing even more.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" His voice rang out so loud, Harry looked to see if the window glass had shattered. Upon seeing that it hadn't he jerked back around to look at his uncle so he wouldn't get into more trouble than he already supposedly was in. His uncle hadn't noticed his movements Harry realized, his eyes fixed on the two of them in bed, the two boys.

"I was sleeping," he said, leaning back slightly, trying to look tired, it wasn't hard, his uncle had been doing this all night and he barely had any sleep under him.

"WITH THIS OTHER! …I WILL NOT HAVE THIS IN MY HOUSE!" His finger was inches from Harry's face and he was so tempted to bite it, but he thought better of it. There was no need for him to be thrown out of the house when Dumbledore would be retrieving him so soon.

"What are you talking about?" He yawned again and looked around pretending that he only saw Hedwig. "You always let Hedwig stay here, she's my pet."

"NOT YOUR BLASTED OWL BOY! THAT!" He jerked his finger away from Harry's nose to Draco, who was just sitting there, already halfway back asleep. "NO ONE SAID YOU COULD BRING HOME ANY FRIENDS!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, are you seeing things," he asked, forcing a fake look of alarm on his face.

"YOU!" His uncle was so enraged at the thought of something thinking him nuts, especially that something being Harry. He moved to grab Draco around the neck only to have his hand go right through him. "WH-what?"

"I really don't know what you're talking about…" He looked to where his uncle's hand had shot out and shrugged looking back at him. "Really… are you okay?"

"Fi, fine…" His uncle managed before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Gods, every morning," Harry sighed as he lay back down. He took his glasses off and put them back down on the nightstand. He took the potion bottle from Draco, placed it there as well and put the pillow over his head. "I'm really getting sick of him, regardless of how priceless the look on his face is every time he tries to catch us off guard."

"Yeah, he's probably after me, because I knocked that fat pig onto his arse before we went to bed," Draco sneered, he was obviously happy with his work.

"When did you do that?"

"Last night about ten," he laughed, lying back down. "He tried to slam my head into a wall so I pushed him down the staircase." Harry instantly started laughing along with him. "He was okay. That personal padding he's got back there was more than enough to keep him safe." Harry nodded under the pillow his muffled laughter still flowing out.

"Alright… we said we'd rest a bit today. Can't do anything until I get that time turner," Harry said depression tugging at him. He wasn't going to let it get to him, though. He'd waited this long now he had just a bit longer. Just a few more days and his boyfriend would once again be in his arms.


Protecting your home and family against the dark forces


1. You are advised not to leave the house alone.

Harry and Draco made their way up the small hill leading to the park near the Dursley's home. They walked over to the swings, sitting on them quietly. It was safer to talk there than at the house and here Draco didn't need to consume a ghostly visage potion every time someone opened the door. There was only so much of it after all. So the park had quickly become their refuge from the house. It also allowed for them a bit of fresh air and room, the bedroom wasn't exactly huge with two teens living in it.

"So he's going to bring the time turner with him on Friday," Draco asked staring up at the sky.

"Yeah, that's what he said," Harry replied, his eyes also on the sky. The thought of having Tom back made him so happy and yet he wondered if he was going to have to keep a secret what had happened. Surely if he told Tom he'd accidentally got him killed, his boyfriend would just break up with him. Even if that was the case, though, Harry had long ago decided he'd rather not have him than have him dead.

"Right." Draco stretched out and let himself start swinging as Harry had taught him. "Think everything will go as planned then?"

"Has so far," Harry, replied. He closed his eyes resting his head against the cold chain, between it and the wind blowing it felt very calming. He hoped things would remain this peaceful, so he could share it with his boyfriend. "Dudley's friend is staying the night tonight; friend's parents are running off somewhere or something."

"Can I destroy it?"


2. Particular care should be taken during the hours of darkness. Whenever possible, arrange to complete journeys before night has fallen.

The sun, now setting the two boys began heading back to number four Privet Drive. Draco took a sip of the potion he kept with him at all times and followed Harry into the house. Without even waiting for someone to get after them, they ran upstairs into Harry's room and shut the door. Grinning Harry pulled out a bag of hamburgers and handed some to Draco. The boy had only taken a small sip of the potion, just enough to keep him ghostly until he was back in Harry's room. He grabbed the bag quite solid again.

"The people in this house really need a house elf," he muttered. "This is ridiculous. No wonder you were so screwed up when you first came to Hogwarts."

"Watch it," Harry warned, taking a bite of his burger. Lupin had switched some of Harry's money into Muggle's money so Draco and he could obtain food without running into problems with the Dursleys.

"And if I won't?"

"I'll let Dudley rape you," he smirked. Draco chucked the burger wrapper at him, both laughing. Rape by Dudley had been their favorite threat since they'd arrived at the house.

"You're a sick boy Harry! I order you to snap your wand and become… what were those things called?"

"Accountant," Harry asked, laughing. Draco had been curious as to what one was when Ron had mentioned he had a cousin who was doing that for a living.

"Yeah, that thing, accountent."

"Tant," Harry snickered correcting him. Draco jumped him then and they started wrestling. Harry had to admit that any feelings of despair he had, had fast faded after they'd arrived here. Draco had somehow managed to cheer Harry up and their plot to obtain what they'd lost was quickly coming together. All that was left was the time turner, which Dumbledore was bringing to him that very week. There was a loud noise from downstairs and they both jerked up smirking. "His friend's here," Harry said with a grin.


3. Review the security arrangements around your house, making sure that all family members are aware of emergency measures such as shields, disillusionment charms, and, in the case of underage family members, side-along-apparitions.

Emerald green flames shot up in the fireplace and Lupin took a step back a box clutched tightly in his hands.

"Tonks, was Buckbeak okay," he asked as she stepped out of the fireplace. She dusted herself off, nodding to him a noticeably fake grin on her face.

"Back at Hogwarts and as happy as can be," she sighed, sounding like she wished she could be that happy. "You should have seen him and Hagrid; they were both so happy… What's in the box?" She walked over to look inside, but he pulled it away before she could see anything.

"Just a few things from my room," he muttered and Tonks looked away quickly. Both of them had been having issues coming to terms with Sirius' death. In the end, the only ones being able to comfort one another was themselves. They tried again and again to assure one another, they'd see him after they finished their time up here on earth, but it wasn't enough.

"S, Sorry, I didn't. Oh boy," she started laughing nervously. "I'm gonna… yeah, fix the Umm… charms," she ran off. Lupin smiled, shaking his head and set the box down.

'Only two more left,' he thought to himself as he headed back up the stairs sighing. Things just hadn't been the same without his lover and he doubted they ever would be. There had been so many things he'd wanted to do with Sirius once the war was over. It seemed unfair that Sirius' name had been cleared, but he wasn't around to enjoy it. "We could have finally gone on that date," he said quietly a slight smile on his face.

4. Agree on security questions with close friends and family as to detect Death Eaters masquerading as others by use of the Polyjuice potion.

Lupin knew standing there being depressed would do him no good. He grabbed the two boxes left from within his bedroom taking one last look around. He'd shared this room with Sirius the past year and a half once he'd finally managed to convince his boyfriend to stay in one place. They might have only had some time together afterwards, but he treasured every single second of those memories, which this room held a great deal of.

"I guess this is goodbye," he said quietly into the room. His eyes swept across the now barren room. He'd removed everything Sirius and him had brought into the house and shoved them into the many boxes he'd left out in the living room. Seeing his once beloved sanctuary stripped of all signs of life…of Sirius…There was no body to bury, no ceremony held for Sirius, just a grave marker near the Potters' own grave, so this was as close to a closure as he could get.

He allowed himself one last look, closed the door, and then headed back down the hall. He took the steps down and froze, hearing all the magical locks on the front door click. He'd been warned to hurry, that the Malfoy's could possibly come and take number twelve at any time. He set the boxes down and pulled his wand out immediately, eyes narrowed. Slowly, he took a step around the stairs expecting to be facing the end of a death eater's wand, when instead he barely had time to react as he hit the floor hard. He winced scrambling to find his wand when something heavy was dropped down onto his chest. The breath shot out of Lupin and he started coughing, trying to scream for help.

He threw his arms to the side, his hands searching for anything that could be used for a weapon. His hand eventually closed over the boxes he'd dropped and gaining some of his breath back screamed, bringing the object down to connect with the death eater's head. His movement was stopped short, the death eater grabbing him by the wrist, stopping him from achieving his goal.

"I promised, Sirius, I'd protect Harry!" He wrestled the death eater to the ground, flipping him over so that Lupin was now on top of him, pulled his fist back and punched him just as Tonks came in to see what all the commotion was. She gasped and pulled her wand out and shot a paralyzing spell at the death eater.

"Th-thanks," Lupin stuttered getting up and then froze. This death eater had a dog's tail. "Tonks undo the spell," he screamed quickly and Tonks not understanding what was going on just stared. Lupin located his own wand and quickly muttered the counter curse. The death eater's form shifted to its full human capacity and Remus shoved back the hood. Sitting in front of him covered in so much blood Lupin swore it was an inferius. "How in the world…" Despite common sense Lupin threw his arms around Sirius' neck tightly bringing both of them back onto the floor. "HOW ARE YOU HERE? DUMBLEDORE SAID YOU DIED!" When Lupin got no answer, he eased up on his embrace, Sirius sucked in a breath.

"Welcome back," Tonk screamed suddenly cheerful. "I knew you couldn't be killed! I'm so sorry we ever thought you were dead!"

"Should really be asking for the password moony," Sirius grinned seeming to be enjoying all the attention regardless of the blood pouring out of his wounds.

"Like a death eater impersonating you would be stupid enough to come in here wearing a death eater's outfit. Not to mention posing as a dead man." Lupin sighed. He closed his eyes taking in Sirius' scent, tears streaming freely down his face now. As a werewolf the scent alone coming from Sirius was enough to tell him that this was indeed his lover.

"Well, I'm only here, because of Harry's…" He made an odd noise, then before finally saying, "Boyfriend."

"He's still alive then," Lupin asked eagerly. "We have to tell Dumbledore." Of course Harry would have to be informed as well, but Dumbledore needed to know, since that was likely where Aderes would be headed first.

"That kid is already at Hogwarts… let's do something else… like go out to eat. I see my name has been cleared," his grin widened. Both Tonks and Lupin couldn't help, but start laughing, tears streaming down both their faces now.

"Whatever you want… for tonight," Lupin added, knowing how crazy Sirius could be. He couldn't, however, deny his lover anything at the moment. He was just too happy to see him alive and moving. It was as if the world had suddenly been set right for him. He'd never dreamt he'd feel so happy again and yet he was. "And you have to tell us how you suddenly got back," he laughed. He moved to wipe his tears away, but Sirius beat him to it, Lupin blushing. "And why you were dressed like a death eater…"

"Well I'll need to change then," he explained before he seemed to notice all the boxes on the floor. "Are we moving?"

"We were," Remus said. "Since we were told you were dead…ownership would have reverted to the Malfoy's…"

"No it wouldn't," Sirius grinned patting Remus on the head like a dog as he did sometimes. He got to his feet pulling both Tonks and Lupin up with him, Remus had almost forgotten how strong his boyfriend was. "Which box has my clothes in it?" Lupin pointed to a box near the stairs and he grabbed it. "I made it where the house would instantly transfer over to Harry if I died."

"And didn't tell anyone?" Tonks asked, her and Luping staring at him.

"And…didn't tell anyone," Sirius agreed earning a glare from his boyfriend. "Just let me change. Think of the best, most fun place to eat," he told Tonk's grabbing Remus' hand and leading him back to their room.

"Are you sure I didn't die?" Lupin asked quietly. Sirius shut the door and grinned at his lover kissing him deeply. He forced his tongue into Remus' mouth, the werewolf letting out a soft moan.

"Don't think you'd do that if you were dead," he grinned at him. He pulled away, dropped the box onto the floor and ripped it open. He started going through it as Remus remained against the wall watching, his face flushed, his mind telling him this must be some sick joke. He'd just tried to give himself some sort of closure and now here was his lover standing in front of him. "Hmph, all of my good clothes must be somewhere else," he muttered.

"That's not fair…" Remus whined watching him, his eyes threatening to tear up again.

"Then come help me," he offered the werewolf. "I need to change I can't exactly go out looking like this and I still need to wash all this blood off…" He raised an eyebrow as Remus shoved him down hard onto the stripped mattress. "Hey. Tonks is waiting and I don't like wearing this thing."

"Then take it off," Remus dared him his eyes dancing wildly.

"Someone missed me," Sirius snickered running a hand down Remus side and stopping at his waist. "I'm not wearing anything underneath this cloak you know. I was a dog until a block or so from here." It was all the provoking Lupin seemed to need. He locked lips with his lover again all the emotions he'd been trying to hide and hold back pouring into the kiss. "Tonks can wait," Sirius replied in a haggard breath as he pulled the werewolf down.


5. Should you feel that a family member, colleague, friend, or neighbor is acting in a strange manner, contact the Magical Law Enforcement Squad at once. They may have been put under the Imperius Curse.

Dumbledore's office door swung open and closed again. The headmaster didn't bother to look up from the letter he was reading. He'd been expecting a visitor anyway and he was sure they could wait a moment until he was done.

"One moment Dobby, I've almost finished," he said quietly. He knew the house elf would not get angry with him.

"Oh, I look like a house elf now," the figure growled. "Might I suggest you look like one as well with that nose of yours?" Dumbledore sat the piece of long parchment down and stared at the tall, sinister figure standing in front of him. He sighed, his door opened again, which at this time was Dobby, who took one look at the figure, gave a loud yelp and ran back down the staircase.

"Well, you've scared Dobby," Dumbledore sighed and pulled out a small bag containing a yellow jelly bean type of candy. "Lemon Drop, Tom?" Said boy growled sitting down in the chair across from Dumbledore twitching. He folded his arms across his chest, looking highly annoyed, which he was, and Dumbledore took the piece of candy for himself. "Tom, you know I cannot allow you to leave Hogwarts yet. Your body is in no condition for such a thing."

"Harry's scared, he's having nightmares daily," he screamed. "I was useless to him in the ministry, but I'm at least good at comforting him!"

"Useless? The only things that kept him from being possessed were Sirius and yourself," Dumbledore countered. It seemed to Tom he was annoyed now as well.

"I just want to see Harry," he finally whispered in a defeated tone. Dumbledore and he had been going at it for weeks about this. He'd thought the fool had just been holding him captive here until he'd gotten Sirius in working form, but even having done that, he still seemed to be stuck in this cursed school.

"Listen, I've already spoken to a few people, you'll be going to the Weasley's in a few days. Upon such, they will help care for you during that day, Harry will arrive there that night and the two of you shall be reunited." He smiled. "Before his sixteenth birthday, which they are already planning a surprise party for him." Tom thought for a moment before finally nodding, his surrender making Dumbledore's smile grow. "I must advise you two, not to harm one another too much for the first week or so, less you feel like sewing your body parts back on," Dumbledore added.

"Fine, as long as I get to see him soon… if he'll forgive me that is." Of course the Slytherin had other things on his mind by this point, such as sneaking out of Hogwarts, or ditching the person who'd be taking him to the Weasley's to go to Harry. He'd have left already if Dumbledore hadn't threatened to lock him in Snape's dungeon the rest of the summer and not see Harry until school started.

"Tom, because of you and the others, Harry has matured a great deal. With all the mistakes I made, he forgave me. He said, and these are his words, not mine, 'humans make mistakes… However, how we fix these mistakes or react to make things better as a result of them… that's what really matters,' and I must say, with you having saved Sirius and getting enough energy to bring yourself back as well you have clearly fixed the problem."

"I said I'd obey," he sighed standing up. He felt too tired to really fight anyway. It almost made him want to agree with Dumbledore and not go after Harry as he had said he'd do, but then love never seemed to follow common sense.

"Just do me a favor," he asked, stopping halfway through the door.

"Yes Tom?"

"Let me send him a letter."


"I just want the nightmares to stop! Let me tell him I'm alright," the Slytherin said, doing his best not to let his anger show. Why was the headmaster so bent on making Harry wait to find out that both Sirius and he were alive? They were healed enough now to walk. That should count for something.

"You know I can't allow that."

"You've never explained why though," the heir said finally giving in to his temper and narrowing his eyes. "I want to see him, but you keep me here. He's miserable, why are you driving him mad?" He demanded.

"I am merely keeping him there so the protection spell will remain in place," Dumbledore said, his own voice rising in anger. "If he were to find out you and Sirius were alive, he'd leave home immediately and he would not have stayed in his home long enough for the protection spell to keep working. As for why you can't go, your body would be destroyed before you ever made it there. It still needs time to recuperate."

The logic seemed sound enough, even if Tom didn't want to believe it. He knew Harry would run off, which wouldn't be a good thing. He was sure his body wouldn't be completely destroyed, but it wasn't exactly at full health either. He sighed, then his shoulders slumping. For now this was the best way to handle the situation.

"Then take Sirius with you when go to get him. His body healed faster than mine." As much as Tom would rather Harry see him first, something had to be done, some way to slightly ease his boyfriend's pain.

"He'd be seeing you the same day, but I do like the idea. I'll request Sirius to come with. Oh, Tom…" The Slytherin stopped and looked back at the headmaster with mild annoyance shown on his face. "I have a request for you… one I really need you to do." He sighed. He should have known he wasn't going to get out of the office easily once he'd stepped into it.

"What is it?"

"I need you to help a certain ghost learn to take solid form… are you up to the task?"

"Will you owe me if I do?"

"Yes, I'm quite sure I'd be in your debt for a bit of time," the headmaster smiled. Tom thought about this for another moment and then nodded slowly. He knew exactly how he could use that debt for his own use and soon too.

"I do this; you're to come to Harry's surprise party." Tom was sure the headmaster thought this request odd, but given how much Harry enjoyed Dumbledore's company and held him in such high regard he figured having the old man around would probably improve his boyfriend's spirits, that Dumbledore had actually taken the time out of his busy day and showed up for his birthday. At least, that's what he wanted Dumbledore to believe. His real request would come later when the headmaster wasn't looking.

"Alright, that sounds fair, though I have to say I'd have come if merely asked."

"Shut up or I'll make you do that and something else," Tom said with a scowl on his face and made his way out of the room. He headed for the hospital wing, he was not feeling good at all despite the plan he'd just managed to piece together in a matter of minutes in Dumbledore's office. Still, even with all his show of being healthy, the truth was his body really wasn't in any condition for much of anything. He allowed his eyes to drift around the empty castle. The end of the week couldn't come soon enough for him.


6. Should the dark mark appear over any dwelling place or building, DO NOT ENTER, but contact the Auror office immediately.

Harry was currently lying on the floor playing wizard chess with Draco, who was in Harry's bed. It was well past midnight, nearing almost two, both of them having spent the rest of their night ruining Dudley's. Between small sips of the potion and the invisibility cloak, they had managed to take a good amount of snacks, mess around with Dudley's computer, and took every video the two muggles had decided to watch and hide them in places Harry knew Dudley was known to leave things at.

"Ah, it's been a good night," Draco sighed happily. He took another handful of popcorn staring at it before shrugging and shoving it into his mouth. Draco's fascination with muggle food amused Harry to no ends, especially since someone had told him muggles sometimes ate other muggles and so he was scared any food he might be eating was actually human.

"Yeah," Harry agreed yawning. "Dumbledore comes the night after tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah." They continued their game both of them muttering at times to the chess pieces. Another hour went by and Harry looked up hearing a pecking noise against his window. He ran over to it and threw it open, Hedwig flying in hooting, she was soaked. "Sorry Hedwig, I didn't know-" Harry's words were cut off as he felt his shirt become soaked from behind.

Growling, he turned to the window and looked down. Sure enough refilling their super soakers with the hose was Dudley and his stupid friend Piers. He thought for a moment and nodded to Draco grabbing Hedwig's cage. He hadn't cleaned it yet tonight, so there were a few owl pellets from when she'd last eaten. Smirking, he opened the window all the way and dumped the owl throw up all over them. The water mixed with the pellets quickly and soon the two boys were screaming about small bones and having dung thrown at them.

"Idiots," Harry muttered, pulling the cage back into his room and shutting the window. He placed the cage back on the dresser smiling at Hedwig. "All clean," he said suddenly happy. Draco had to put his face in his pillow so no one could hear him laugh. Harry knew what was going to happen next. He shut the window, flipped his lights off, threw his wet shirt in the closet and pulled on a new one as quietly as he could. He then proceeded to shove the wizard chess game under his bed and got himself into his bed and into a perfect fake sleeping pose, his glasses on the nightstand, when the two yelling from outside woke up his uncle Vernon.

The giant man screamed expecting to have heard Harry's owl, but when he stomped into his nephews' room no one was awake, not even the owl as Hedwig had perfected the act of 'sleeping' herself over the summer. He kept hearing the screams and so crossed the room Harry and Draco watching silently. He opened the window to see what all the commotion was when he was met with a direct hit to the face with a blast of water. The two boys in the room fought back their laughter, they could see the old man shaking and heard Dudley say 'uh-oh' before Harry's uncle had, had enough.

"DUDLEY!" It was the first time Harry had seen Dudley get in trouble, but it was well worth the wait. "INSIDE NOW!" His Aunt ran in a few seconds later, Harry knew he had to play along so he sat up looking tired. He faked scrambling for his glasses and put them on frowning.

"Why are you in my room," he asked, not even having to fake the yawn that came out of his mouth.

"Keep your window shut boy," his uncle screamed and stormed out, his aunt gave him a glaring look before she followed her husband.

"What did that kid do," he heard her ask.

"Boy didn't do anything, Dudley sprayed me with that confound water gun thing," he screamed stomping down the stairs.

"Come on," Harry whispered. Anytime Harry and Draco needed to hear something in the house, or they were just bored, they would set into action of sneaking around. This was achieved by Harry pulling the invisible cloak over them and going on to drink the potion Snape had made in order to do whatever they wished. Now the both of them no longer solid or visible upon grabbing both things, they proceeded down the stairs quietly to watch the conversation that was taking place.

Dudley already looked quite frightened, not that Harry could blame him. He'd been at the end of Uncle Vernon's anger many of times, one of the reasons he refused to miss the scene playing out before him now. He and Draco crossed over to the parlor where Uncle Vernon had sat the two boys down. He looked so angered that it looked like he might finally explode, which Harry was sure his Aunt noticed too, because she was sitting to the side in her usual chair shaking and kept looking at the two boys nervously.



"NO! Petunia! He needs to be punished!" He tried to think of something to say, some kind of punishment, but he didn't seem to know any, at least not one to use against Dudley. Uncle Vernon, who had never punished his own child before could think of no way to actually punish Dudley. In the end, he just ordered Dudley back to his room and made Piers sleep in the guest room.

Draco and Harry quickly moved out of the way to avoid being smashed by Dudley's feet. Piers followed a few moments later. They waited near the cupboard sitting silently until they were sure it was safe for them to inch over towards the front door and listen better to what the two adults in the room were whispering about.

"Vernon, what are we going to do," he heard his aunt ask in a quivering voice. Though this conversation seemed to interest Harry he felt the sudden urge to go back into his bedroom. Without explaining it to Draco, he tapped the boy on the shoulder and they both crawled back up the steps into Harry's room. He removed the cloak and looked around frowning.

"What's wrong," Draco asked curiously, but Harry could only shrug. He had no idea what had called him back up here until he noticed the necklace he usually had around his neck on the nightstand.

"Guess I got a bit uneasy," he muttered, pulling the necklace back on. He hadn't realized it'd been off in the first place, nor had he remembered taking it off. "I wonder why it wasn't around my neck though…" Draco returned his shrug and lay down on the bed. Harry sat down on it staring at the necklace taking in its details for a few moments before sighing. "I wonder if this plan is going to really work."

"Of course it's going to work, we've planned just about every move to make sure it will," Draco reminded him. Harry nodded, but he wasn't so sure anymore what was going through his mind. He got up, paced the bedroom, and then returned to where he'd been sitting. He removed the necklace stared at it again and then handed it to Draco. "What?"

"It's not as broken as before," he blurted out and Draco looked at him like he was nuts. He looked back at the necklace examining it and handed it back to Harry who looked like he was going to jump him at any given moment.

"I guess it has…" Harry got the feeling that Malfoy was just saying this to make him feel better, but it really looked to him like a few of the cracks had vanished.

"Maybe we should send another letter to Dumbledore… he might know right," he asked hopefully, but Draco just shook his head at him looking like he was going to hit him. He sat up a small scowl on his face.

"Listen Potter, he'll be here Friday. Take a breath, pretend you're not losing your mind and be good," he glared. Harry glared back at him, but he couldn't completely ignore what Draco was saying. He may be losing his mind, he'd been wishing so hard for the necklace to fix itself, for him to walk into the room and see Tom lying on the bed glaring at him and demanding to know where he'd been for so long.

"Alright, fine," he sighed. "I might be going mad or something, I just want to see…" His voice trailed off as he saw an owl at the window. He looked over to where Hedwig was asleep in her cage, blinked and walked over to the window allowing it in.

"Kane!" Malfoy got up and held his arm out for the owl. It gave him an affectionate bite before holding its leg up with the letter attached to it. He sat down, pulling the letter off, the owl hopping onto his shoulder. "It's from Ron," he said when Harry hadn't said anything. "Said he's expecting us Friday and to watch out… something is…" He frowned and handed the letter to Harry. He took it and scanned over it himself.

"Well… that can't be right… can it?"

"I don't know…" Draco replied. "I didn't think so… but I guess it's possible…"

"Well, I guess our trip to the Burrow just got a bit more interesting hasn't it," Harry asked. He set the letter down.

"Guess so," Malfoy muttered. He looked back to his owl happily the letter being ignored and Harry watched them. He hadn't expected Draco to be so nice to his owl, considering the kind of attitude he seemed to have toward house-elves, but he was glad. If he'd of mistreated it, he'd of probably had Hedwig eat him.

While Draco sat there petting his owl, his attention completely taken, Harry put his focus on the necklace. He was sure that some of the cracks had vanished from it. Perhaps Tom's soul was attached to the necklace? If that was the case, then even if his physical form was destroyed, he would still be with the necklace. An idea came into his mind then and he dared a quick look to Draco before getting up.

"Be right back," he muttered, leaving the room before Draco could question him. He slipped into the bathroom, locked the door tightly and waited. He had to do this, but was more worried that nothing would happen once he did. The lights already off, he lifted the necklace up in his hands so it could hear him. "Are you allowed to talk yet?" He asked. "Can you show me Tom?" He waited for a few minutes hoping beyond anything that the necklace would at least glow green, but nothing.

Letting out a small groan, he placed the necklace back in his shirt and made his way back to his room. So much for that.

7. Unconfirmed sightings suggest that the Death Eaters may now be using Inferi. Any sighting of an Inferius, or encounter with same, should be reported to the Ministry IMMEDIATELY.


The brunette laid the letter down on her desk. The tall owl was perched on her window sill looking down at the piece of parchament she had discarded there. She chewed her lip eyeing the letter before finally settling down into the oak chair. Usually sitting there brought her some source of comfort. A sense of sturdiness and routine, because sitting at her desk meant she had something to do.

This time however the comfort evaded her. She let her eyes dart once more to the paper, her teeth nearly ripping into her bottom lip. There was no doubt about it, this wasn't right. Agreeing to help out would go against so many of the things she believed it. Saying no would be just as bad.

"Oh…" she let out a sigh and snatched the letter back up so she could make sure she'd read it properly.

Dear Miss. Granger;

I hope your summer is proving to be most enjoyable. While I do not wish to dampen any of my student's holiday, I find I am in dire need of your help. You see, within the next few months you will be the first to come of age. While this is a most exciting time, I wondered it it would be possible for you to not bring the subject of your birthday up. You see, Aderes has already returned to Hogwarts and will be of age himself this year. It Is my hope that you will help me secretly keep him in check throughout the year. He will not see you as a threat if he is unaware that you are a full fledged witch. I'm not asking this with the intent of driving him mad, but merely to keep him out of trouble.

It has come to my attention that you have managed to form quite the friendship with Aderes. It would be in the best interest of everyone to have his moves monitored so things do not go so drastically wrong as they did the previous year…in fact it would not hurt to keep an eye on Harry as well. Again, I ask this of you not as a means of betraying either of them, but as a worried father who does not wish to see his son end up in Azkaban. The teachers of course are always on the lookout. However, it is quite obvious that, that alone will not keep them in order.

I know this may seem unfair and wrong, but I assure you, I will not interfere unless the possible actions require such. …Should you agree I ask one favor of you from the start. This may seem strange, but I would like for you to ignore your birthday. This is so Aderes believes he is capable of doing anything he wants, but you may actually step in and stop him. The truth is, with the way things are now, he could easily use his magic without the ministry tracking him. He is far pass his mark of age, but I have gone out of my way to make him believe otherwise until he looks of proper age. Forgive me for asking so much of you, but this would be of great help….

Please reply the first chance you get.


Albus Dumbledore

No matter how many times she read it, she couldn't believe what was written.

She turned to the owl when it let out a soft hoot. She knew she'd have to reply before it left, but that didn't make the decision any easier. Ignoring her birthday was one thing, spying on Aderes though? They'd been good friends, he trusted her….on the other hand he had done some very questionable things the previous year and if not held in check he might very well end up in Azkaban, which was the last thing she wanted. Worse yet, if she was caught….she didn't trust Aderes enough to not kill her.

She ended up letting out a long sigh and grabbed a quill. On the same parchment as the letter so there would be no evidence in her house, she wrote her reply.

Dear Headmaster;

While I am clearly against what you are asking of me…I do understand the situation. While Aderes is indeed a good student…he's a very questionable person. I'll help out as much as can, but only if he seems to be doing something illegal. I don't want to ruin our friendship…but I don't want to see him in Azkaban either. Nor do I wish to end up at the end of his wand….

She didn't sign the letter. Instead she folded it up, placed it back in the envelope it'd come in and retied it to the owl's leg. The owl flew off instantly and Hermione let out a breath watching the owl disappear from sight. She felt guilty for agreeing, but she did agree with Dumbledore. Aderes needed to be watched, friend or not. She tried to tell herself that she was being a good friend by watching him and she'd only report to Dumbledore if Aderes was going to do something horrible. Despite all that, she still felt bad.

"This will be a long school year," she muttered looking back to her desk. Suddenly she no longer wished to return to the school she loved so much.