Sorry all it's been awhile since I've done anything on here. But here we are. I thought this little ditty would be interesting. I'll try and keep going with this one but it's been a challenge. As always please let me know what you think.

Chapter 6: A Cat's Tail

Before the school drama, I had a chance to find out why Toshio and his cat were so close or more so why Toshio acted like a

cat. Why I put myself in these positions I don't know. But I was curious when I heard him meow and saw him cleaning himself.

I asked Kayako as she passed me.

"Yeah, uh just a quick question. Is there a reason why Toshio meows?" I asked innocently.

She glared at me for a good few seconds and didn't bother to answer. I wasn't going to push the issue with her.

I went around asking the girls in turn and none of them seemed to have the answer. I was starting to really wonder if

it was some kind of secret between the undead. Oddly enough it was Toshio's cat who gave me the answer.

"I'm da kitty and da kitty is me. When we dies together my cat Mar's ghost took my body and my ghost takes Mar's body."

I stared for a minute with my mouth hanging open like some slack jawed yokel. And then it all made sense. It still had

me wondering a little. So I asked another question. Why? Oh Why?

"So why does the cat have your body and why?"

"Heh heh heh you funny. He has the body because I like this one better. He wants to..." Before he

could answer the Toshio body/cat soul cut him off with a rather nasty hiss. I stared at the pair and

some how I easily accepted the explanation. As I was leaving to talk to Sachiko about her recent dismemberment I thought

I heard cat body/Toshio soul say that he wouldn't tell anyone else about the other's plan to rule the world. Mar was an evil

spirit from the start. Interesting.