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The beginning

Lauren Elizabeth Adrianna was the youngest person to perform an unforgivable curse. Lauren's mother died in childbirth and her father could barely support the two of them. He hired a nurse who took care of Lauren. One day Lauren was sitting on the living room floor flipping through the Daily Prophet lazily when her nurse approached her. Lauren had never liked her nurse very much and she "accidentally" picked up her fathers wand, pointed it at her nurse, and cast a spell-"imperio!" Her nurse was disappeared the next day. Lauren was only 2 years old.

After that Lauren's father could no longer support them and Lauren was sent to an orphanage. A year later she was adopted by a family: The Potter's. Soon Lauren Elizabeth Adrianna was Lauren Elizabeth Adrianna Potter. The Potter's wanted to protect their little girl so they told no one about her, not even their best friend, Sirius Black. They signed her up for school under the name of Lauren Adrianna so no one would be able to find her. She lived with them for a short time when Lily Potter became pregnant with a little boy. When he was born they named him Harry James Potter. Another year passed and Lauren was 4 years old. On Halloween of that year Lauren was at a sleep away school when her parents were killed. No one knew they were Lauren's parents, no one knew that Lauren was now an orphan again.

Lauren took herself to the orphanage and was adopted only a month after her 5th birthday. Lauren Elizabeth Adrianna Potter was now Lauren Elizabeth Adrianna Potter Heltings.