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City Lights


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Thesis Statement

We left JFK airport at four in the afternoon, two days after the New Year.

When the rest of the group had finally returned around three in the morning I was still awake, lying in bed. Otogi had cracked open the door quietly and whispered "Bakura-kun? Are you awake?"

I didn't reply. I hadn't moved for two hours. My body felt empty; I don't think I could have moved if I wanted to. I had little left in me.

Otogi left the lights off as he came in, shutting the door slowly and going straight to sleep. Eventually I did too. But only once I hit that point of exhausting numbness that left me no options but to fall into a deep but unsatisfying sleep.

I slept most of that day, and only woke up when my stomach decided that enough was enough. No one seemed surprised as I walked out grumbling for food. Everyone was still tired, and Jonouchi still hadn't woken.

As I ate Yugi and Otogi filled me in on what I'd missed. They had all had a great time, and there were plenty of adventures to relate. Jonouchi and Honda, of course, had gotten completely drunk (Mai bought the drinks). And while those two paraded around in goofy hats, blowing whistles and causing a disturbance in general, the rest of the group had enjoyed the music and the live news broadcast.

Otogi had even met some girls, and spent most of the evening flirting with them till they, like many of the women Otogi had flirted with, got so flustered they had to be carried off by their friends.

Those friends were lucky Otogi didn't move on to them next. I was beginning to wonder if he really was gay or if it was just my imagination.

I, of course, couldn't enjoy these stories as much as Otogi and Yugi had hoped. For the most part I hid my disinterest by focusing on my food, which wasn't too hard. I hadn't eaten last night or this morning, and it was now way past lunch. Then, after I finished lunch, and before they could get worried, I decided to go check out the pool.

Fortunately, no one else came with me. I found myself alone, floating on my back in the near-perfectly still water. The hollow sound that echoed beneath the water reinforced my emptiness. I alternated between letting the air leave my body, allowing myself to sink into the deep stillness, and then bursting back to the surface, gasping.

When I returned it was time for dinner, and I ate in silence before excusing myself to my bedroom to pack and then sleep.

Now, again seated in the window seat of row twelve, I was thinking about the long trip home.

The flight was mostly uneventful, unlike our trip here. After the requisite hassle of security and boarding we'd all settled into a tranquil silence. The plane wasn't nearly as packed this time. Both seats next to me were empty, a fact that I relished as it gave me plenty of room to relax my right arm against a pillow, entirely out of danger.

Our plane was flying into the sunset, so as the overhead lights flickered off, everything was lit with a warm, peachy glow that faded to a soft purple and then black. Light blue moonlight streamed through the windows, occasionally interrupted by the orange lights above those who continued to remain awake.

I watched all of this, half awake and half asleep, trying not to think. The clouds outside looked strange. They were so different when seen from above, like a big fluffy blanket instead of wispy streams or tiny puffs in a large blue sky.

The only blue one could see was the slight tinge of moonlight that reflected off their vapor surface. It was a deep, perfect blue, like his eyes.


Planes always amazed me. Whenever I saw one I wondered how something so huge, and so heavy, could possibly take flight. They were not like birds, as many people thought. They were bulky and awkward, not sleek and mobile as birds were.

They had no definition to them, all smooth rounded sheets of metal designed to push through the air at unbelievable speeds. Unless, that is, they were shaped like a Blue Eyes White Dragon.


The food we were served was typical for airplane fare. Small portions served in a cheap plastic tray. It wasn't bad, but it was too much like a microwave dinner with just a little too much preservative. I wouldn't have wanted to see the nutrition label on the box; it must have been atrocious.

I settled for picking at the rice and vegetables, avoiding the processed meat at all costs. They weren't so bad. Of course they didn't compare with the dinner he cooked at all.

Stop. Please.

I pushed myself out of my seat and practically ran back to the bathroom. There was no line, thank goodness, and I slammed the door behind me, feeling sick. But instead of throwing up, I just fell back against the wall and held my arms around my waist, leaning over slightly.

Tears began to fall down my cheeks and onto the floor before I was even conscious that I was crying. I choked on a sob, trying to hold it back, and ended up sucking in a harsh breath between clenched jaws. I was shaking, and my eyes were squeezed shut, so I didn't notice the door open until a voice shook me from my state.

"If you try and tell me you're okay this time, I will tell Otogi that you are in here crying, and then he'll murder Kaiba." Yami no Yugi spoke, calmly.

I didn't open my eyes, but I could hear him shut the door and lean against the sink so that he was facing me, a little to my left.

"Go ahead and do that." I muttered, seething. I suddenly felt an enormous anger well up inside me, and it made me even sicker. My legs were weak now, and my knees were locked so tight I had lost circulation.

"You don't mean that, do you?" The spirit's voice had an unbearable concern in it, and I finally collapsed to the floor, landing on my butt harshly.

I shook my head and pulled my knees up to my chest, burying my head in my arms. For a few moments I sat there, sucking in breaths and trying to calm myself down enough to tell him that I wanted to be alone.

"What happened?"

I bit my lip, realizing that no matter how much I wanted him to leave, I couldn't tell him to go. I clenched my hands into fists and began to sob as I told him.

"We were," my breath caught in one of those strange crying hiccups, and I paused for a moment. "He kissed me. We were kissing. And his arms were around me, and then we were inside, and on the couch. And his arms were so strong, and I didn't want to stop." I sobbed. "I liked it so much. The way his hands felt on me. And his kisses, too."

I was rambling now, almost incoherently, but Yami no Yugi continued to listen without interrupting.

"You wouldn't believe how much… I never knew I could want to be that…I just wanted to get closer and closer, I was never close enough. And then he answered his damn cell phone. Right before we-" I couldn't go on.

"And you expected something else?" I looked up at him, wide eyed.

"Of course I did! We were… He should have had the decency to wait! He could have waited till later!" I was mad again, although I knew I shouldn't be mad at Yami no Yugi.

"Later may have been quite a bit later, by the way things seemed to be going." He was entirely serious as he said this, but I couldn't help but blush.

Another long silence stretched between us, and I returned my gaze to the floor in front of me, awkwardly. Yami no Yugi sighed and sat down next to me, looking at the same spot on the floor as I was.

"You'll need to talk to Kaiba, you know, if you want to resolve this. He can't be expected to just drop everything whenever you want him to. That would be awfully selfish of you."

I wasn't angry this time, because I knew he was right.

"If he's going to be more attached to work than to me, then I don't want to be in a relationship at all." I felt like crying, again, as I said this. It hurt to think that this might be true.

"It's not a matter of loving work over you, Bakura. But you need to tell Kaiba how you feel so that you can compromise. We all have responsibilities, and sometimes those have to come before our desires. But that doesn't mean that we love those we must leave any less, or what we must do any more. Kaiba is dedicated to his company, for better or for worse. If he's even half as caring as you've told me he is, then I know that despite this, he still loves you more. But he cannot let go of his dream just for you. You both just need to figure out how to balance the two. Neither of you is perfect, you know."

I couldn't help but think that he'd wanted to say this for some time now. But, of course, I had been pushing him away from the start. Maybe if I'd just listened sooner none of this would have happened.

"I just…don't know what I want anymore." I replied.

"Fair enough. But Bakura…you'd better figure it out soon, before you can't get what you want back." He put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me with that expression that was serious and reprimanding, but somehow still caring – as though he was saying "I still have faith in you."

I nodded and took his hand as he helped me to my feet. And then, without warning, he just disappeared. I realized why I hadn't noticed the door open. He had used the shadow powers he still controlled, left over from his stay in the sennen puzzle, to materialize in the bathroom so no one else would notice he'd followed me.

I was grateful that I wouldn't have to explain why we'd been in there so long to Otogi, who was in the aisle seat across from my row. I could just tell him that I didn't feel well, and blame airsickness.

Of course Otogi wouldn't have assumed anything inappropriate, but he would have been curious nonetheless.

I twisted the knob for cold water and splashed some on my face, looking up to make sure the redness had left my face before I opened the door and returned to my seat.

"You okay, Bakura-kun?" Otogi asked as I sat back down. I nodded.

"I don't think the food agreed with me too well this time." He rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

"Yeah, it's gross, isn't it?" I nodded again and returned to staring out the window, feeling a little bit better. Or at least, I didn't feel like everything was crashing down all at once.


Seto's apartment was dark and empty as I stood there holding the small bag of stuff I'd left behind before the trip. My luggage was by the door, and I had been standing there for nearly ten minutes in the darkness, looking out the window and hoping unrealistically that Seto would walk in.

This was impossible, though. He wouldn't be back for at least another two hours. Yet I couldn't help but wish that he was here, and that everything was all better.

I sighed, remembering what Yami no Yugi had told me. This wasn't going to be easy. I needed to know what I wanted, and then I needed to talk to Seto, if that is what I decided on.

I made my way slowly down all seventeen flights of stairs, listening to the clank of my shoes on the metal.

And in my mind was the image of the spare key lying conspicuously on the counter. I didn't know how Seto would feel when he found it. In a way I hoped it would hurt him. I hoped it would hurt him as much as it hurt me to leave it there.

But then I felt horrible for thinking that, and only knowing that the door was locked stopped me from running back and taking the key with me.

The cab was waiting for me outside, and I told him the directions to Otogi's apartment before settling into the cheap leather seat and positioning my bags on my lap where I would hold them tightly. It was like a stuffed animal that you hugged when you wanted to feel safe, except less fluffy and lumpier.

As I looked out the window, still searching for a familiar pair of blue eyes, I realized this was the second time I was driving away from Seto, with tears blurring the view from a cab window.

When I reached Otogi's apartment I walked in, using the key he'd given me the week before. Dropping my bags on the couch, I walked over to his bedroom door and knocked, softly.

I heard a muffled curse from behind the door as Otogi scrambled around. "Is that you, Bakura-kun?" He muttered.

"Yeah," I replied, and eventually he opened the door. He was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of red boxers, explaining the previous scrambling. "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

"No, I was just getting ready to, but it's no big deal. Why aren't you at Kaiba-kun's?"

"I said I'd be coming over here after the trip…" I answered, confused

"But I thought…" He yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes then stepped out into the hallway, leaning against the doorframe. "It's okay, but I'd thought what with you and Kaiba-kun hooking up that you'd be going back there. Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." I lied. He knew. He stopped me from walking away by grabbing the back of my collar and yanking, gently.

"Oh no you don't." He replied, coolly, and then looked at me accusingly. "What are you doing here, Bakura-kun. Why aren't you waiting for Kaiba-kun so you two can make up?"

I flinched under his gaze then pulled myself out of his grip. "It's nothing." I replied, growing a little angry, and knowing that once again I was directing my anger at someone who didn't deserve it.

Otogi looked astounded.

"I'm…not fine. I'm going to go take a walk – clear my head… Alone."

"Okay, just be careful." He watched me as I walked out, still leaning against the doorway.

It was still relatively early in the evening, so the city was still bustling with life as I walked down the wide sidewalks. I was surround by bright lights and neon signs that flashed and glowed and sputtered and generally dazzled the eye. Crowds pushed past and with me, some large groups walking along cheerily, but few others like myself – alone.

Some people eyed me strangely, as though wondering why someone would be alone in the city this late at night. I didn't look like I was going anywhere in particular, and I didn't have the excited or anxious looked of one who was expecting to meet another.

I had fallen back into my comfortable distance. I wasn't a part of this crowd; I was a separate entity that was not affected by the lights, the sounds, or the feelings. And yet, no matter how much I tried to tell myself this, I knew it was untrue.

I was drowning in emotions right now, and I simply refused to acknowledge that, because it was what I had feared. I had known that if I let myself love Seto, this would happen. I would find myself overwhelmed by the pressures that came with just living.

I had thought that Seto would keep me from succumbing to this tidal wave, but in the end he hadn't. And that only made me angrier, and sadder, and more lost in this chaotic emotional overload.

Yami no Yugi's words came back to me. "Neither of you is perfect." I sighed, guiltily. Of course Seto hadn't been able to prevent this from happening. It wasn't his fault. He had held his hand out to me, and told me that it was to be alive. But I had not taken his hand.

Instead I had tried to wrap myself around him, clinging to him like a drowning man clings to a life vest, desperate and needy.

I had been selfish.

I should have realized that I didn't need someone – I couldn't have someone – be there solely to pull me out of my own emotional mess. What I needed what exactly was Seto had tried to give; I needed someone to say that I could do it myself, and to be there in case I forgot that.

Now I was lost, and confused, and entirely unsure of what I wanted. And that is where I had to begin as I rebuilt myself. I had to figure out what I wanted.

So I asked myself, why wouldn't I want to be with Seto?

I could never tell which Seto I was going to get. Would it be the Seto that coldly repelled all those around him and ignored the existence of anything that didn't conveniently fit into his little world? Or would it be the Seto who held me tight and made my heart race with desire and strength?

Would it be the Seto that wore a mask, or would it be the Seto whose eyes made me want to smile, and cry, and laugh all at once?

And then, what about his responsibilities? Could I take it? I had asked myself once already if I could understand that there were certain things he just needed to take care of. I had thought I could, but now I knew that I was too selfish. No matter how important his duties were, when I was with him I wanted him to be with me, and me only.

And then there was that small voice that had been nagging me for sometime, but I'd never acknowledged. Was this all too quick? What had it been, a week? I had only known of my feelings for him for a few days. So was I ready to live with him?

These were the issues I needed to figure out. I started with the first, and realized that I didn't care.

So what if Seto wasn't always warm and caring. I knew, and had known for some time, that even when he wasn't outwardly kind, he was still the Seto I loved on the inside. I didn't mind that he didn't always show this. It made me feel special, that I saw a side of him – that he let me see a side of him – that no on else, except maybe Mokuba, could see.

That Seto was my Seto. I didn't have to share him, and I could be selfish. He was letting me be selfish.

And actually, it would have been weird if Seto suddenly changed. Seeing him acting civil around Yugi-tachi had surprised me, and it had scared the living daylights out of them. If Seto started being nice, they might die!

A totally nice Seto would be creepy.

I laughed. That was settled, then. His inconsistency didn't bother me at all.

But his work… He had devoted nearly half his life to his job, and that wasn't going to change. And yet, as I'd told myself before, he'd taken breaks, and even whole days off, to be with me. That meant that I was still important, even more important.

Yami no Yugi was right, we needed to talk. I didn't need him to drop everything for me – or at least I couldn't ask him to drop everything for me. But I could expect us to learn to balance things. If he was busy, I wouldn't bother him. But that meant that when he took time off, he would need to actually take time off. There was no halfway.

I could be patient, and I didn't need him to always be there. I just needed to know that when he was ready, I would have him to myself. I was human, so I couldn't be entirely unselfish. I could only compromise.

This answered my last question. Obviously it wasn't too soon to move in with him. If I was going to deal with his insane work habits, then I would need to be there to see him and be with him as much as possible in between late nights and early mornings.

I would still have my own bedroom, so it would be more like living in the same building instead of living together.

I looked up for the first time, breathing in deeply and opening my eyes to the world around me. The first thing I saw as I looked into the stream of lights and windows was a huge video screen above a plaza flashing one word into my face.


Granted, it was actually the lyrics to a music video that was playing on the giant screen, advertising some new artist. But I couldn't help but smile at the irony.

Language is exactly what this had been all about. Just like the paintings, where only one word was perfect, Seto's little moments, his precisely chosen words, were just what I needed. They completed me, and gave me the strength to overcome my irrational fears, just as the words completed the paintings and revealed the deeper meaning behind them.

The words gave the pictures depth that simpler vocabulary couldn't give. Seto's strength let me reach into my own, deeper emotions in a way that no one else's presence could.

And, again, I had lost my ability to use or recognize language properly, just like I'd written in my essay. I hadn't talked to Seto, and I had assumed that my actions would speak for themselves.

But I had told Seto myself that it was language that gave actions and pictures power.

I was silly to think that everything would just fall perfectly into place. Relationships, like papers, needed revisions. You wrote a draft, and then you revised it, and then revised it again, until you had what you really meant to say.

Seto and I were bound to have our disagreements. But we needed to learn to work through that. Now all that was left was to revise, rewrite, and read over it again.

Language really did have power. It had the power to complete a person, to show them what they wanted – what they needed – and to allow them to enjoy it.

I turned around and started running back the way I came, heedless of the strange looks now. I raced by windows, parked cars, and fellow pedestrians smiling foolishly and wondering if they knew what they wanted as clearly as I did.

I knew.

I wanted Seto. Right now.

When I arrived at his door, I was out of breath and shivering with cold. I had been walking outside for over an hour. I knocked, softly at first, then louder when no one answered.

The door opened this time, and Seto's expression softened from a harsh glare to shock as our eyes met. I was too busy catching my breath to smile, and I had to hold onto the doorframe to stay standing, but my eyes were still locked with his.

"Ryou…" He whispered, still staring at me as though I would disappear any moment, and I nodded.

A few seconds passed before he stepped back, holding the door open. I stepped inside, still shaking.

Now that I was here, I realized that I didn't know what to say. Seto solved that for me, though. "You're freezing." He stated bluntly, and I nodded.

"I've been walking for about an hour." I replied. He sighed and shut the door behind me. I saw the spare key still lying on the counter, untouched.

"Go take a shower and warm up."

I thought about this, and then did as he said. I still needed to think about what to say. And besides, the hardest part was over. I was here.

I didn't spend too long in the shower, but I did turn the water as hot as I could stand it so that when I stepped out my whole body was pink. I toweled myself off quickly, and pulled on my jeans before looking at myself in the mirror. My skin was returning to a normal color, and I could see that I was actually quite pale.

The past few days – no, the past week – had been trying to say the least.

I heard Seto moving around in his bedroom, so I knocked on the door before stepping out. I had never been in his room before, so I'd never known how nice it was.

The overhead lights were off, but a small lamp illuminated the farthest corner of the room over by the bed.

The curving wall of windows continued directly across from me and ended against the to my right so that his room was shaped like a rectangle with one short side and a third of a long side cut off by the arc of windows.

Seto was leaning against them with his back to the city, looking off to the side and out through the glass panes. He turned to me as I came in, but didn't say anything. The expression on his face was a mixture of so many conflicting emotions: confusion, concern, frustration, and regret.

I wondered how much of this was because of me.

I walked over to and around the bed, which lay between us, and sat down on the side closest to him. As I looked up into his eyes with the towel still over my wet hair, he finally broke the silence.

"Why did you come here?" He wasn't resentful, just puzzled.

"I was wrong." I replied, maintaining eye contact and smiling softly. Was it wrong that, even though this conversation should have been serious or solemn, all I could think was how glad I was to be sitting here with him?

Seto frowned. "Why are you apologizing?"

He was frustrated for some reason, and I couldn't figure out why.

"I was being immature. I shouldn't have expected you to just ignore your work every time I was around. It was selfish of me to-"

"No, you're wrong!" I flinched, and he winced when he saw this. Lowering his voice he continued, "I was… a jerk." He covered his eyes with his hand and bowed his head. "At first I was mad at you, but it wasn't your fault." He paused a moment, and then more quietly he added, " I have been hating myself for the past two days."

Seto looked up now and let his hand fall down to his side, the other gripping his elbow. "You were completely right. If I'm going to spend time with you, I'll spend time with you. Not my cell phone, and not my computer."

My heart was racing again, and I looked down at the ground, trying to control my emotions. When I looked back up, Seto was watching me, waiting for an answer. I smiled. His shoulders relaxed.

He walked over so that he was standing in front of me and mussed up my hair under the towel with his hand. "Hey!" I whined. As he let go the towel fell to the floor and I glared up at him sulkily.

His hand moved down over my eyes, gently brushing the lids closed with his fingertips. The next thing I knew his hand had moved to my cheek and his lips were pressed to my own.

The kiss was long, and deep. I felt the need in his touch and responded with my own desire, gripping the front of his shirt with both hands. When we finally pulled apart we were gasping, and I fell back onto the bed, pulling him with me.

Seto had one knee on the bed beside me and the other leg still on the floor. His body was above mine, supported by his elbows. I scooted back a bit so that my legs were drawn up on the bed and there was about a foot between us.

He looked at me, hesitant, and I felt my breath catch in my throat. I reached out with my left hand and grabbed his right. Seto understood and twined his fingers though my own tightly. We paused a second, both looking at the other with a small smile caressing our lips.

Seto pushed himself up onto the bed and moved forward so that he was once again above me. As he settled his body down over mine, I let my knees relax and part so that his legs were between my own. I could tell as he ran his left hand through my hair, leaning slightly to his right, that he was being careful not to hurt my arm.

Our lips connected again in a series of soft kisses that left me breathless each time. I gripped the bedcovers with my right hand fiercely as the need in our kisses grew. He continued to stroke my hair, and we pulled away again, looking at each other with eyes clouded by passion.

He was asking my permission. So I closed my eyes and parted my lips, letting him enter my mouth and explore it as he chose. His legs shifted slightly as he pushed himself against me, and I could feel our bodies twisting together, starting with his hand through my hair and ending with my legs around his own.

He reached his free arm around my neck and pulled me upwards and over him so that we were reoriented correctly on the bed.

We were in the same position we'd left off at last time – my legs straddling his waist and his arms wrapped around my neck and back. I could see the recognition in his eyes. He slid his hands slowly, smoothly down my sides to my waist and let them linger on my bare skin.

I sat up slightly to unbutton his shirt. Anxiously, he leaned up for another kiss, and I struggled to work the buttons through their holes as he kissed my lips, my neck, and my shoulders. His hands explored my body just as eagerly as his lips, and I hurried to pull his sleeves down so I could feel the warmth of his skin against my own.

Where we touched I felt my body burning: Our hands, our lips, our thighs.

He shifted again so that he was laying on top of me, and now the whole length of our bodies was connected, his head tucked next to mine, kissing the back of my neck. My back curved upwards, pressing our hips together. We were both responding to each other with gasps and moans, and I wrapped my fingers through his pant loops, pulling down the zipper with one hand and running my fingers along the downward line of his hips with the other.

Suddenly he flinched and pushed himself onto his elbows, separating our bodies. His gaze was serious, and I felt my head clear a little, as I looked up at beautiful, midnight blue.

"We shouldn't do that." He said, quietly. My body said yes we should. But as I looked up I realized he was right. I nodded, and he resumed his kisses, starting with my forehead and working down in a straight line to my lips.

I thought, as he reached over and turned off the lamp, that I had finally simplified my thesis.


I woke the next morning spooned against Seto, one of his arms wrapped under and around my waist and the other gently laid over my arm, his hand cupping my shoulder. Sunlight was just beginning to stream through the windows; I realized that this is what woke me up.

I could feel Seto's gentle, even breath against my neck, tickling my ear.

I snuggled back against him, enjoying the warmth of his bare chest against my back, and feeling like a content little kitten. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Seto shifted behind me, and I heard his breathing quicken a little. He tightened his grip on my waist and pulled the blanket up over my shoulders, finding my hand with his own and wrapping his fingers around mine.

I turned around so that I was facing him, still holding his hand, and buried my face in his shoulder. "Suki desu," I whispered. (1)

He moved the arm around my waist so that it was over my neck and began to play with a lock of my hair, smiling in a way that left me more breathless than our kisses had last night. "Anata ga daisuki desu." He replied, softly. (2)

He blinked, suddenly, and placed his hand on my forehead, frowning slightly.

"You have a cold." He stated. I confirmed this with a small sneeze. He laughed and hugged me tightly. "I'm going to go get some medicine." He sat up and swung his legs off the bed, standing up quickly and walking towards the bathroom. I followed him with my eyes till he was gone then sat up myself and pulled my knees up to my chest.

My jeans were very wrinkled from having slept in them, and from the other activities last night. But it wasn't like I hadn't done that before. Slept in them, I mean. Last night was a first for the other things.

When Seto returned he was carefully balancing a spoonful of thick red liquid. He bent over and held it out for me, his hand cupped underneath to prevent it from spilling. I swallowed the medicine quickly then stuck out my tongue in disgust.

"Yuck." I wrinkled my nose.

Seto smiled and sat down next to me, holding my hand and letting me lean against his strong shoulders.

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was a little past eight.

"Weren't you supposed to meet that man with the accent today?" I remembered, randomly.

"The plane was delayed." He stated calmly.

"Again?" I asked, incredulous.

"My plane was delayed." I looked up at him, very confused. Then I realized what he meant and grinned broadly. He was going to stay with me, at least for this morning.

I let Seto pull me back down onto the bed next to him, our shoulders touching and our hands still linked.

He pushed himself up onto his side and reached over to play with my hair again – he seemed to like to do that – but before he could lean in further a cell phone started ringing.

My cell phone started ringing.

"Now who's too busy?" He asked, smirking. I let it flip to voicemail as we started to kiss, but it began to ring again immediately and I groaned.

"Go ahead," He muttered.

I sat up and grabbed the phone off the table where I'd set it last night somewhere between kisses. "Moshi moshi," I answered grumpily.

"Where the hell are you?" Otogi yelled angrily. I winced.

"Otogi-kun?" I replied to be sure.

"Are you at Kaiba-kun's?" There was a long silence.


"Did you have sex?" There was an even longer silence. I was blushing, and Seto laughed, obviously able to hear the conversation.

"Hey Yugi," I heard Otogi yell in the background. "They had sex."

"We did not!" I yelled back before hanging up.

Seto sat up and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing the back of my neck. "You're friends are insane." He murmured. I shrugged, unable to deny it. "So what now?" I turned to look at him, confused, and he leant down on one elbow, smirking.

"Hm?" I replied.

"We have the whole morning." He stated.

I smiled, then smiled bigger, then nearly tackled him into the pillows as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and started kissing him repeatedly.

I was so happy that it didn't matter that he was laughing instead of kissing me back. After all, there would be plenty of opportunities for him to kiss me now. But hearing him laugh would still be my rare treat.

I intended to enjoy that morning as much as I could.



(1) I like you in a loving way. Aishiteru means I love you but is used more between people who've been dating seriously for a while.

(2) I like/love you so much.


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