Author's Note: I thought I would repost this story for those who've seen the last movie and are feeling the loss of Snape deeply. You'd be surprised how much people are affected. I originally wrote this story after the release of the last book. I'm hoping reposting it might help ease the sorrow a little. After all, Snape will live forever in fanfiction. "_

A New Beginning Possible Prologue to DH Compliant-fic (relatively)

"It'll be all right," said Hermione wildly. "Let's…let's get back to the castle, if he's gone to the forest we'll need to think of a new plan…"

She glanced at Snape's body, then hurried back to the tunnel entrance. Ron followed her. Harry gathered up the Invisibility Cloak, then looked down at Snape.

He did not know what to feel, except shock at the way Snape had been killed. He followed Hermione and Ron into the tunnel, glancing back one more time on the body of the Potions Master before disappearing.
Snape lay still in the darkness, his pale face even paler in death. He was left alone. Alone as in life…at last he had his freedom and Harry Potter would finally know the truth about him.

Suddenly, the body shuddered, the black booted foot trembling slightly. The wounds in the side of the wizard's neck slowly began to shrink, healing, the remnant of Nagini's venom finally drained completely. Soon, no marks remained to indicate he had suffered the cobra's deadly bite. The ruined jugular began to pulse, slowly at first but gaining strength as the wizard's pallor gave way to a more healthy, if still pale mien.

Again, Snape trembled, inhaled, then coughed violently, expelling a small, shriveled, kidney-shaped stone.

A bezoar.

The wizard's eyelids fluttered then opened, Snape gazing up at the ceiling as his vision cleared. He felt like shit, but didn't dare move…he didn't know who was about. His dark eyes shifted back and forth cautiously, then he slowly lifted his head to increase his field of vision. He was alone. Voldemort had gone as well as Harry Potter and his friends.

The wizard sat up and expelled a sigh. It was a good thing he entered Voldemort's presence prepared and the despot did not use the Killing curse. When Snape realized the sphere containing Nagini was upon him, he quickly reached into his robes pocket and stuck the bezoar stone in his mouth. He always kept one with him. He never trusted Nagini.

The basic property of the bezoar stone was it was a cure for most poisons…including King Cobra venom. This particular bezoar was magically altered and also had the power to heal and replenish. Snape was a Potions Master as well as an accomplished spellcaster. Not to mention a true believer in self-preservation at all costs. Some poisons could do bodily damage and so he made sure he was prepared for such a situation. Good thing he was so paranoid. The blood loss alone could have killed him.

The dark wizard rose up from the floor, brushed off his robes and took another deep cleansing breath. He had done what he intended to do and the final battle was firmly in the hands of the boy who lived. Now it was time to go.

Silently, Severus Snape, Potions Master, spy and one very lucky bastard, disappeared into the darkness…free at last.

As he cautiously made his way through the tunnel, then exited the castle grounds, the Potions Master couldn't help thinking that his representative animal should have been a cat rather than a serpent, he had so damn many lives.

A/N: Sorry JKR...I just couldn't let Snape go out like that. :)