Author's Note: I thought I would repost this story for those who've seen the last movie and are feeling the loss of Snape deeply. You'd be surprised how much people are affected. I originally wrote this story after the release of the last book. I'm hoping reposting it might help ease the sorrow a little. After all, Snape will live forever in fanfiction. "_

A few more "Snape Lives" stories are:

Twice Bitten ~ Vampirism plays quite a role in this fantastical tale. XD

An Unlikely Savior: Snape not only survives but saves Hermione only to exact payment for the Life Debt she owes him. What a payment. It comes back to bite him and everyone in the arse. Non-romantic HG/SS

A Looping of the Scales: Not only does Snape survive, he has an accident that allows him to relive his life completely.

A Turn for the Better: Sort of a Time Turner story. Hermione warns Snape about Tom Riddle's treachery, and the entire timeline changes. There is no Voldemort in the Wizarding World, and relationships are different. For example, Harry has parents. But Snape is still Snape.

Through the Looking Glass: Most twisted story of all. Definitely for open-minded mature adults because of the graphic content. This is a story about two Hogwarts universes, with two versions of the same characters in almost opposite circumstances and with opposite personalities. In that world Snape is head of Gryffindor, Hermione is in Slytherin and the rules are far different. Oh, and Tom Riddle is the greatest Headmaster ever known. Of course, someone trades places for a bit. Not good.

So, if you need your "Snape Lives" fix, there's a few relatively DH compliant here. Relatively XD. There might be a few more, but I can't remember off the top of my head.