Hiya people! I'm back! How's your summer going? If you are like me than I think you'll like this story 'cause I'm totally bored out of my mind and I want to go back to school…yea weird I know. I'm not sure if you call this a sequel or not because it's not so much GaaraXoc anymore but oh well…if you want you can if you don't…whateva! So this is taking place after a romantic Christmas night (If you read my other story: Do You Know Where You Are) and the Konoha genins are going back home after their 2 week vacation to Suna to visit their friends. (If you didn't read the other story this is a summary) Coincidentally, their friend, Kikimi Natsuri, also know their other friends, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. Natsuri is somewhat like Naruto, whoever met her became her friend, including our beloved Sabaku no Gaara. Oh and me no own Naruto I'm only saying this once. Because it's summer, this story is gonna be mostly summer themes!

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Chapter One: Kazekage-sama


After a nice and sweet 2 weeks' vacation to Sunagakure, (Hidden Sand Village) the Konoha genins are preparing to head home. The friends wished each others luck and a safe trip.

"Yo Gaara!" cried the loud blond. "You better take care of your wife when we're not around!"

"Urusai!" (Shut up) The red head said annoyed-ly. "She's not my wife!!!"

"Yeah! I'm not his wife!" Natsuri shouted with a red face, either from anger or embarrassment we couldn't tell.

"Then what are you?" asked the white-eyed genius, "You are all lovey dovey and holding hands!" That got Natsuri…

"Shut up Hyuuga Neji!" Natsuri, the light brown haired kunoichi yelled, punching her ex-crush, Neji, to the ground.

She punched.


She bit.


She stabbed.


And she kicked…at a certain spot…

-insert painful moaning sound- "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Then the Hyuuga genius got up holding his balls.

"Oi oi Neji…you ok?" Tenten asked, half concerned, half giggling. Because Neji was swinging back and forth, he 'accidentally' touched Tenten's 'you know what.'

"Hyuuga. Neji. You. Are. Gonna. PAY!!!" Slap. Throw. BOOM!!!

"Natsuri, you better heal me…" Neji said weakly.

"Hyuuga watch your mouth." Gaara said angrily.

"What did I say wrong!?"

"Ne ne…Neji…you really want her you touch your 'you know what' and heal you?" Naruto said, holding back a laugher. (Me gone perverted –blush blush-)

-On the way back Neji kinda fainted and Lee had to carry him resulting in Lee getting beaten up by our Hyuuga genius.-


After they Konoha now 12 headed home (Oh yea…Sasuke is gonna have a LOT of explaining to do to Tsunade obaa-chan) Gaara spoke up.

"Then what are we?"

"Shut up Gaara." Natsuri huffed and Gaara lightly chuckled and rest a hand oh her shoulder.

"Gawd Gaara! You make it so hard to hate you! I hate you! Oh no wait I can't…tch!" Again Gaara chuckled and Natsuri glared playfully.

"Stop glaring." Gaara whispered sweetly in her ear, resulting in Natsuri tackling him on the hot sandy desert. "Get off!"

"Meanie." Natsuri pouted cutely and kissed our favorite red haired sand nin and received a gentle hug in return. (Calm down fangirls…it's just a story, control yourselves, knives and bombs and hammers and whatever weapons you have down!!!)

"Ohhhh!!! Can you see the love today The kiss our Natsuri brings Suna for once, in perfect harmony With all its living souls Can you see the love today You needn't think to much Looking through, the sand's uncertainness Love is where they are" Kankuro and Temari harmonized.

"Shut up Temari and Kankuro!" Gaara said with murderous intent and stood up after pushing Natsuri off him.

"Oww Gaara that hurts!" Natsuri whined from below.

"Sorry." Gaara murmured and offer her a hand which Natsuri happily grabbed and support herself up.

Just at the couple turned back to the annoying siblings they were already long gone… back to the main idea of the song, Gaara did improve gradually and is a lot nicer than what he used to be.


A year later…

"Gaara! Kankuro! Get down!" Temari shouted from down stairs. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD HURRY AND GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE!!!" The boys rushed down stairs and ran to their sister.


"A letter for Gaara!!!" Temari jumped nonstop as the boys read the letter.


Because of Orochimaru's tricks and the Chuunin exams, our Kazekage's life was taken away. After seeing how much you've changed, we've decided to give you a chance. However, if something bad happens, your Kazekage's position will be given to another person. Please take care of the village.

We wish you the best of luck, Godaime Kazekage-sama,

Suna council.

Gaara dropped the letter with his jaw dropped.

"Seriously!?" Kankuro said shakily.

"YES!!!" Temari jumped. "Oh my Natsuri!!! thank you!!! Ahhh!!!"

Temari and Kankuro looked at Gaara and then back at each other a few time, not believing what's happening to their little brother. Then 3… 2... 1… HUG!!! They both jumped on Gaara and tackled him happily. Surprisingly when they got off him they aren't dead! Yet…


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAARA!!!!! I'M SOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The sand sibs were standing in front of Natsuri's house while Natsuri glomped her love.

"You-gasp- are-cough- choking –gasp- me!!!"

"Heehee…sorry!" Natsuri said. "When's the ceremony?"

"I don't know…" Gaara said.

"Well then what are you waiting for!?" Natsuri yelled and ran off to the Kazekage's tower, grabbing Gaara with one hand and Temari with the other.

"Don't leave me behind!!!"


"Tomorrow!?" Gaara said loudly. "What about the people? Will they accept me as the Kazekage?"

"Why not!?" Natsuri said, hugging his arm. "You're very sweet!"

The council stayed silent and Gaara looked down, sighing.

"Gaara…" Natsuri whispered and hugged him tightly. "You're not a-a monster…don't worry."

"But Natsuri I-"

"I know…shhh it's okay. We'll see what happens." Gaara just sat there deep in thought while his sweetheart softly comfort him.


The very next day our Sabaku no Gaara became the Godaime Kazekage. Although some still hate him, some now respected him.

As a celebration, the Konoha nins invited them to celebrate in Konoha as well.

But as we all know, Konoha is an evil village. So evil parties will await the Sand shinobis…

First thing after they arrived Konoha, they were shown into 2 room in a 5 star hotel one for Temari and Kankuro and one for Gaara and Natsuri. They were FULL of flowers and clothes and food and balloons. Then they received a letter saying to dress up for a ball room party. OMG!!! Gaara looked so cute/funny in a red suit and matching pants with a freaking crown (forced by Tsunade) on his head. Natsuri on the other hand, had to wear a freaking white dress, do her hair, and that was about it because she threatened Sakura and Ino not to touch her or they die.

However it didn't go as smooth for Temari. She had to put her hair down, wear a freaking gown, high heels, make-up, and lotion. (Oh and her fan stolen by Tenten) Kankuro's puppet was held hostage by Akamaru or he'd chew them up unless Kankuro wears a suit and wash off his eye liners. (Kankuro: It's called Kabuki paint!!! Me: Shut up or I'll…Akamaru… Kankuro: NOOO YOU EVIL WOMEN!!! Me: Snickers)

When the party started, the 3 siblings stood there embarrassedly, expect for Gaara who was pretty angry at the moment. I mean, who wouldn't after being force to wearing a crown and gourd taken away and wear a freaking suit!? Ok maybe only Gaara.

"Gaara, can you dance with me?" Asked a small, shy voice.

Gaara turned to see Naru-I-I mean Natsuri with her fingers pressed against each other in a Hinata fashion.


"Please?" Gawd, she did look gorgeous and how the heck could her refuse her?


"I love you!" Natsuri cried and hugged him. They danced beautifully and soon everyone one was watching them (while I video tape them for blackmail heehee)

Soon the first dance was over and they have to switch partners.

"Now Gaara, you have to dance with another girl ok? And in the third dance we'll switch back." Natsuri said, fixing his suit a bit.

"Then who are you gonna dance with? Better not be that Hyuuga jerk." Natsuri laughed.

"Of course not Gaara! Of couse not…" And then she left as a blonde haired girl in an orange dress with 2 long pigtails (and whiskers) came up to Gaara.

"A-Ano…Are you Gaara-sama? Can I dance with you please!?" (Laughing my head off)

Gaara gulped. Who the heck is this girl? He didn't even know her yet she looks so familiar with those big innocent (or not so innocent) blue eyes.

Somewhere out there Natsuri was dancing with none other than a certain so called 'Hyuuga jerk.'

"No way you serious!? You saw Naruto henged into a girl!?" Natsuri cried.

"Yea and he walked right over to you and Gaara I think." Neji explained.

"Haha –gasp- no way –gasp- hahahahahaha –hic- you mean Gaara is…"

"I think he is. Oh look, the 'girl' is going to kiss-"


"WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Lol that's the first chapter! I know, kinda sort.