"Hey Sakura! Hakumi!"

The two girls turned around. There was Ino and Naruto walking towards them.

"Hi Naruto! Ino-pig..." Sakura said teasingly.

"Forehead-girl." the long haired, pale blonde girl retorted.

"So," said Hakumi, ignoring the two other girls, "What is it Naruto? Why'd you call us?"

The tan chested blonde smiled, "We just wanted to know if you guys wanted to hang out with us. Since you don't have any missions."

Hakumi glanced at Sakura and Ino who were pulling each other's hair and screaming, and sighed, "Sure. There's nothing else to do."

His smile brightened, "Great! Let's go!" he trudged over to Ino, "Come on Ino, get off of Sakura!" when the two continued to scream he knelt down to Ino's ear and whispered, "Your boyfriend Shikamaru is waiting for you, remember?"

Ino quickly let go of Sakura who in turn looked really angry.

"Come on Sakura." said Hakumi, who was watching them from a safe distance, "Neji's probably going to be there too."

Sakura blushed and seized Naruto and Ino by the scruff of the neck, "Let's go."

Hakumi smirked and followed them.


"Took you troublesome people long enough." said Shikamaru laying on the grass. He pulled Ino down next to him and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Neji-kun!!!" screamed Sakura. She jumped on the Hyuuga who was leaning on the tree, as a result, they both ended up on the ground.

Hakumi resumed his spot and leaned on the tree.

"Hey, where did Sasuke go?" Naruto asked looking around.

"Right here dobe." Sasuke jumped swiftly down the tree and swept his blonde protectively in his arms. "Does that answer your question dobe?" he licked Naruto's earlobe.

"So what now?" asked Hakumi out loud. She looked quite disdainful and had her arms folded across her chest.

"You know you really should get yourself a boyfriend Hakumi." said Sakura who was in Neji's embrace, "I mean, you're not half bad. You should have no problem getting a boyfriend."

"I did." she replied staring at Sasuke who was snuggling his blonde very nicely, "Remember? We broke up. Besides, I have no reason to get a boyfriend."

"You mean there are no good boys out there to hook up with." said Ino, snickering.

Hakumi mumbled something like: "Not really true..." and "pig..."

"So what now?" asked Shikamaru, "Why'd you call us all here Naruto?"

The blonde smiled mischievously, "Do you guys believe in magic?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Sakura. Shikamaru muttered something about "troublesome".

"Well, there's this legend about a book that's only in Konoha. Romeo and Juliet?"

Hakumi smirked, "That book's not only in Konoha. It's a world-wide story, open to everyone."

Naruto shook his head, "True. But the Romeo Juliet here has a spell on it. A spell to transport everyone who opens it, into the story itself. People being sorted into the characters in the play. Lovers would play Romeos or Juliets. Additional characters can even be added to make things more interesting! But there's a catch,"

the fox's face turned serious, "it says that the people who go into the book have no memories of their real life. And play full time characters. If the Romeos in the story don't get married or united to their Juliets by the end of a week, everyone will get stuck in the book forever, and the tragedy in the book would uphold on the people from reality."

"So?" said Shikamaru.

"So, I was wondering if you guys wanted to actually go into the book and play out Romeo and Juliet!!" exclaimed Naruto.

After awhile, Sakura and Ino burst out laughing.

"Naruto!!... That story's... just a... legend!! It's not true!!!" giggled Ino.

Hakumi was desperately trying to keep her cool face on. A small smile crept on Neji's face, Shikamaru was muttering troublesome over and over again, and Sasuke was groaning.

Naruto looked really hurt, and almost close to tears, "Well, it could be true!!! I saw the book!! I know where it is!!!"

The two girls kept on laughing.

Hakumi shook herself and put an arm around Naruto, "Come on you guys. It wouldn't hurt to check if its a true story, and if it is, it could be interesting!"

Naruto looked grateful but the rest were staring in disbelief at the S-Rank ninja.

"You actually think it could be true?" asked Neji, his lip curling.

"Yes and no." she replied, "I mean, like I said, it wouldn't hurt to check! And Naruto says that he already found the book so who knows?"

Naruto hugged Hakumi happily, "Thanks Hakumi-chan!"

"Yeah, well," Sasuke roughly, sort of, pulled Hakumi away from Naruto, "let's go check." he smirked at Naruto, "I can't wait to see Naruto as Juliet."

Naruto growled, "What makes you think that I would be the uke?"

"Because of this." he dipped Naruto and kissed him gently on the lips. A small mewing erupted from Naruto.

"Please don't do that in front of me." scowled Hakumi.

"Why shouldn't they? I thought you were over Sasuke?" asked Ino.

She gave her a death glare, "I am. It's just that right after we break up, he rushes to Naruto and confesses undying love for him! It's, annoying, you know?"

"Sorry Hakumi-san." said Sasuke, releasing Naruto from his grip, "It's just, Naruto has always been my light." he gripped her shoulder.

Hakumi brushed his hand off, smiling, "Whatever. I was just over emotional right now. I'm just glad we're still all good friends." She turned to Naruto, "So, where is this, magical Romeo and Juliet book?"

Naruto nodded and gestured to everyone, "This way."

He led them into the woods. They kept going deeper, and deeper, and deeper until finally:

"What is that?" asked Sakura to Naruto.

They had reached a huge stone cavern with a average size hole in the front.

"How come I've never noticed this before...?" asked Sasuke to his blonde.

He just smiled, "You've never really looked for it."

"It's in the shape of a heart!" squealed Ino.

They all looked, and sure enough, it was an upside-down heart.

"Come on." said Naruto tugging on Hakumi's jacket.

They ventured into the dark cave, "Hey, Sasuke, Hakumi, some of your fire jutsus would be welcome now." yelled Sakura.

"Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique)!" yelled Hakumi.

"Katon, Karyuu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame)!" yelled Sasuke.

Their fire techniques lit the entire cave, but one was longer lasting...

"Look how long Hakumi's is lasting!" said Sakura.

Hakumi smirked at the frowning Uchiha, "You lose again Uchiha."

He scowled.

"Look! There it is!!!" exclaimed Ino, clutching Shikamaru's arm tightly.

There, at the back of the cave, was a book sitting on a stone pedestal, two lit candles next to it.

"It's not even scorched." breathed Sakura fingering the book.

"I told you!!! I told YOU!!!" yelled Naruto happily.

"I think you two owe somebody an apology." said Shikamaru, pointing at Sakura and his girlfriend.

Ino scowled at him then turned to Naruto, "Sorry Naruto."

"Yeah.." said Sakura, then her face brightened, "Let's go into the book now!!!"

They were all about to open it when Sasuke said stop.

"What Sasuke?" asked Naruto impatiently.

"What's going to happen to Hakumi in the story?" he asked.


"Remember what you said about the lovers turning into Romeos and Juliets? Well, what happens to a non-lover?"

Naruto shrugged, "I dunno, she might turn into one of the original characters in the story, or the book might invent a new character for her."

Hakumi grinned, "Sounds fun."

"Wait, you also said something about us not being able to come back if we don't 'get united' in a week or something. And that we'd lose all our memor---."

"---come on Sasuke!" said Hakumi, putting a hand over his mouth, "Learn to have some fun! For Naruto, at least?"

She turned his head so that he was looking at Naruto, and the blonde was currently making the adorable, irresistable puppy face, that had led Sasuke to do so many irrational things.

Sasuke scowled and moved Hakumi's hand away, "Fine. Let's go."

The girls, and Naruto, squealed. Neji was smiling, and Shikamaru was muttering troublesome.

"No more objections? Then let's go." Naruto slowly approached the book, and opened it. There was a blinding flash of white light, and there was no one left in the cave. Just a dusty book with the title: Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespeare play, on it.