"Young Prince!"

The tan chested blonde rose his head, "Yes Cousin Ureshii?"

A teenage girl with black hair and purple streaks, wearing a twilight purple long sleeved shirt with gold designs, and a black short skirt came in, "Prince Naruto Capulet Uzumaki, your father the King requires you to come to the Royal Hall."

Naruto frowned, "Just me?"

Ureshii shook her head, "No, you and your two sisters as well."

His face brightened, "Well then, there shouldn't be a problem!" He stood up and smiled cheekily at his cousin, "Thanks Ureshii!"

She smiled brightly, "Just go Naruto!"

He nodded and ran to the Royal Hall. Occasionally bumping into servants and apologizing. He finally reached the Hall in ragged breaths.

"I'm here..." more huffs, "Father!"

"Ah. Naruto. Come join your sisters and parents in the Hall."

Naruto composed himself and walked in with a smile. His two half-sisters, Sakura and Ino, were already standing in front of the king and queen, wearing their new gowns.

"Hey Naruto!" squealed the cotton candy pink haired girl.

"About time Naruto." sneered the pale blonde.

He smiled brightly, "Sakura! Ino!"

He walked to the front of the throne chairs and bowed, "King Yondaime, Queen Tsunade."

The king and queen smiled at their only son.

"Naruto! It's wonderful to see you!" Tsunade strode down to him and embraced him.

Over his mother's shoulder, Naruto could see Sakura and Ino slightly distraught.

They had a right to be as well. The king had had three wives, Queen Yamanaka, Queen Haruno, and Queen Godaime, or Tsunade. Queen Yamanaka and Queen Haruno had both died during child birth. Queen Tsunade was the only one who made it through labor. She was Naruto's mother, that made Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka half-sisters of Naruto.

It was slightly obvious that Queen Tsunade favored Naruto above her children. But that didn't stop Sakura and Ino from loving Naruto dearly. Even if they wanted motherly attention too.

"Well," Naruto said after his mother's embrace. "Why did you call us here?"

King Yondaime sighed, staring at his son. He alone had inherited his azure blue eyes, "I summoned you all here, for information on the masquerade tonight."

"I don't want to go." interrupted Naruto, "I don't like parties."

"We have to go, Naruto. Since we are the Royal House of the Capulets, we must go. The Royal House of the Montagues will be attending as well."

At this, Queen Tsunade snorted.

King Yondaime turned to her, "I know how you feel about the Montague House dear, but could you try to be less anti-social toward them? There really shouldn't be prejudice against the two houses anymore."

Queen Tsunade just mumbled something like: "maybe" and "stupid Montagues".

"Anyway," said the king, "We have realized that at the masquerade, there might be some assassins there trying to kill off the Capulet and Montague houses. So we need to be on guard. I have received a letter from the Montagues saying that there will be guards at the Montague Manor, but just to be sure, I just wanted to let you three know about the security status. Be ready to meet at the this hall by eight at night. We will be leaving then. You may leave now."

Stunned by the sudden departure invitation, the three teens bowed (Sakura and Ino curtsying) and left.

"Looks like we're going to a party! Eh, Naruto?" said Sakura, nudging Naruto in the ribs.

Naruto just shrugged, "Yeah. You know I don't like parties..."

"And we still all fail to see the reason..." said Ino, hands on her hips. "Why is it that you don't like parties?"

He sighed, "I don't know... Just... don't like them I guess..."

Ino and Sakura just shrugged at each other, letting it go.

"Hey! I heard there we're supposed to be nobles coming that are our age!" Ino exclaimed. "Maybe we can hook up with some of the men! Huh, Naruto? Don't you like men?"

Ino and Sakura giggled at each other as Naruto blushed. They had just found out the other day about Naruto's sexual preference

xX flashback Xx

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled as she and Ino rushed into his room. "We got you a date with Lady Ten-ten tomorrow night!" they both squealed.

Naruto smiled, "Thanks, but I don't think I want to go."

Ino frowned, "Why not? I thought you liked her?"

"Well... I didn't and I don't..."


"I just don't, okay?"

"But why?"






Naruto huffed himself up while Ino and Sakura stared at him in shock.

"Oh..." Ino said quietly.

Sakura laughed, somewhat nervously, "Well, you could've just told us... Then we would've hooked you up with Gaara! He's gay too!"

"Yeah, but he's with Rock Lee," Ino pointed out.

"Oh... Oh yeah..."

xX end flashback Xx

"Be quiet Ino..." Naruto muttered.

Ino smiled, "It's all fun Naruto! Me and Sakura are gonna go check out some pwetty flowers at a place we just found yesterday, wanna come?"

Naruto pouted, "Hey! Just because I like guys, doesn't mean I like girly things!"

"I don't know Naruto..." Sakura said thoughtfully. "I think you'd be the uke in a relationship..."

"WHAT!!!???" he screamed.

Ino giggled and grabbed a smiling Sakura, "Bye Naruto! See you at eight!"

And they rushed down the hall to the doors.

Naruto trudged to his room muttering, "Me, the uke? As if..."

Then he took a nap.

In his dream, he dreamed of a raven-haired boy, a feminine figure in black clothing, and the Montague Manor.

The raven was staring at him, then the dreamed changed. He and Naruto were having sex.

And Naruto was the uke.