Harry still couldn't believe Snape's kiss! Damn that man could French! That night, all he dreamt of was wet dreams...of Snape's hands...of his tongue. He went around the next day grinning like a fool…even Draco Malfoy's sneers and insults couldn't bring him down!

Potions was decent since he managed to make a good Calming potion, History of Magic was boring but he spent the time writing notes to Hermione and Ron, and the meals were…full of daydreams. Those daydreams were filled with "inappropriate conduct with a certain teacher."

Today was Friday, meaning no Occlumency…Boy was he grateful! As he munched on dinner, something along the lines of chicken and gravy, he found a note flutter before him. That got his friends attentions, which were just fighting about homework…again.

Opening it, he blushed to see. "Hogsmeade tonight, at the lake. S."

Scribbling down a yes, he sent it back and watched it disappear. Granger and Weasley tried to see where it went but it seemed to vanish…only Harry saw that Snape grabbed something out of the air before hiding it in his lap, making shifty eyes.

! It was at least eight when he walked to the lake, waiting eagerly for Severus. He'd be able to kiss him, to hold him, to hug him, to love him! A smile was plastered on his face!

"Mr. Potter, detention for loitering!" Umbridge.

Yeah, really short I know…don't complain because it's annoying. I'm having SERIOUS writers block for this story as well as Silent. Next chapter will involve Umbridge's attention and how close she is to finding out about Snape…etc.