Heavens gun


The sound echoes in my ears. I watch as they fall one by one. Each pleading for their lives.

The first one is he who always smiles. It gets on my last nerve. It's creepy.

I watch as he explodes in a shower of blood. I feel no sympathy this time. My limits are passed.

The next is his female counter part. She's irritating in the same way he is. Always polite. Always demure manner aggravates me to the core.

She is followed by the brother of one of my crew. He's just so laid back I kill him just for the sport of it.

The two horribly annoying, noisy, ravenous brats are next. I take pleasure in these kills. The blind devotion makes my skin crawl. It's all I can do not stand in scalding hot water and scrub till I bleed.

Just a few more to go. I've already taken the lives of nearly all who've had the misfortune to piss me off one too many times. Including those delusional fools who call them selves holy men. Complete imbeciles.

I can no longer look at those faces. Seeing the fear in their eyes is intoxicating, better than any drunken stupor. To have them plead for mercy when there is none is amusing.

This next one is hard to get a good shot at. He's quick. That stupid long open jacket is a great target. And the wide open area on his chest is just inviting a bullet to be placed there. He finally falls like the rest. Blood spraying from his head in a glorious red fountain.

Here comes the last pulling me into his arms pleading, crying for me to stop. His red hair tickles my face as he grips me tight.

I raise my hand and stroke those silky locks that I love. And whisper that it will be fine. It will be all over soon enough. I hold him close, placing my head next to his in perfect alignment.


>> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

I bolt up screaming at the top of my voice. Tears and sweat running down my face.

Strong arms surround me and I fall into the embrace.

"My god, are you alright?" he asks.

I can only shake my head.

"Come on Sanzo let me make you feel better." Gojyo pulls me back to the pillows.

I surrender to his wishes and revel in the warmth of his affection.

What a horrible dream.