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Starry, Starry Night

By Kurai Hitokiri


'The Light of Hyrule,' 'The Savior, 'The Green Knight'… These are just a few of the various titles that Link of the Kokiri, the Hero of Time, has acquired over the vast many years that I have known him. However, to me he is Link, the friend… and love.

It's probably been close to two years since Link took up residence at the castle as my protector, and already so much has happened.

Link has stopped many attempts on my life, bested me various times at little contests with weapons, sassed the council and disbanded them after he uncovered a dirty scheme they tried to pull, and last but not least, won my heart.

Sometimes I cursed the fact that his smiles made my legs go weak, that his words would soothe my very soul, and that he alone could make me smile and laugh. I hated him because he left me for a few months to visit the newly established village called Ordon for a few months without telling me.

Oh, I hated the man so much, but I loved him more than I could bear.

However, no matter how much I loved him, that still didn't change the fact that Link was a prideful man who would rather have his stomach split open and be whipped half to death before confessing his emotions to me.

If he did love me, how was he able to hide his emotions? He acted perfectly normal around me, smiling and making rude and humorous remarks. I was barely able to contain my emotions when I was near him, staring at his handsome blue eyes and Goddess carved face not to mention-. Ah Goddesses, I sound like a lovesick pig, do I not?

Somehow I would drag the emotions that Link felt from me out into the open. How yet, I don't know.


"Whoa, Princess, are you trying to kill me?!" Link cried out as he dodged a particularly strong wipe of my blade. Throwing a few back flips, he looked up at me, cocking his eyebrows. "Jeez, if you're gonna be this violent, maybe I shouldn't have taught you!"

"Shut up and fight," I hissed between clenched teeth. I rushed at Link with my sword aloft, bringing it down to a totally unguarded side of his body, only to have his blade meet mine again in a shower of sparks. "I'm still mad at you."

"Why, what'd I do to make you want to lop off my head, Highness?" Link asked, shoving my blade from his and throwing a series of complex moves, all of which I dodged easily.

"For leaving Hyrule Castle for months without telling me," I replied, slamming my blade into his with force that made Link stagger on his feet.

"Yep, I'm definitely not going to be sparring with you for a while," Link muttered.

"I need a way to relieve my stress, Sir Link. You just happen to be the unfortunate soul that I express my rage on," I grinned. Wow, I was beginning to sound like Link! Still, I couldn't help but notice how elegantly he moved while handling a blade… something to really admire about the blonde hero.

In my dazed form, Link was able to jump over my petrified person and grabbed me in a bear hug so that I couldn't move my sword arm. Little did he know that he was unintentionally causing me to almost faint in his strong and warm arms. To be held so close to Link felt oddly right…

"I win… again," Link said, releasing me (to my disappointment) from his hold. He smiled that annoying little smirk that he cracked every time victory was his. That smirk used to make me incredibly mad, but now that I had seen it so many times, all I did was roll my eyes.

"Remember, Hero, that you only get the pleasure of such for a limited amount of time," I replied, sheathing my blade beginning to walk toward the weaponry to stow away my weapon and armor. "I'll eventually beat you, just as I did a few days ago in archery."

Link rolled his eyes and smiled. "That's what you would like to believe, Princess. But remember, I've been using swords since I was ten, and you, on the other hand, have only known for about a month. Seeing the gap between skill, My Lady?"

"There is a difference in having skill in numbers of years, Sir Link, and having natural talent," I smiled as I took the armor from my body, my sweat drenched tunic beginning to dry now exposed to air. "In this case, I have more talent than you do."

Link laughed aloud as he heard this, tapping his booted foot. My Lady, I hate to break it to you, but I didn't even wear armor during our little exercise, and look, I've hardly broken a sweat."

"The sweat probably dried as you were showing off with all those fancy moves," I replied. "Besides, it takes more energy to move in armor than it does without, or have you forgotten, Sir Link? I was able to keep up with you while I was wearing armor, which means that I must be faster." I had Link beaten this time for sure!

"How do you know I wasn't going easy on you, Highness?" Link asked, the annoying smirk taking up his features again. This time the anger came.

Darn, the man had me beaten! Was he taking it easy on me, or going all out on me? I would never know, only Link would. It's an incredible day when the bearer of the Triforce of Courage defeats the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom in a battle of cheeky remarks. Link usually doesn't display such… wisdom.

Link had watched as my normally pale face turned a very dark red. He had bent over to take a closer look at my face, totally unprepared for what I would do next.

I grabbed up my sword and lashed out at him with the ferocity of a lion, cutting his green tunic cleanly in two as he jumped back to get within a safe length of my blade.

A stunned and scared expression overtook Link's features as he looked at me, my chest heaving and my face angry. Usually I was the picture of calm and composed behavior, but now I looked as though I was ready to take on an army of a thousand and win.

"Princess, curb your anger!" Link yelped, dodging even more strikes as I unleashed my fury upon him. The poor man had no sword to defend himself with, only leaving him the option to dodge my strikes. He couldn't hit me with his fists since Link had a strict policy which he abided by to never use hand to hand combat on women. Well, fighting a woman with a sword isn't much better, is it?

"Stop being an arrogant, sneaky, low little-," I began, anger flashing through my eyes. I was cut off as Link tripped me on his boot and pinned me to the ground.

"I am not an arrogant, sneaky, low little whatever-you-were-going-to-call-me. Calm yourself, Highness, and regain your sense and realize what you are doing," Link said softly, looking into my fierce purple eyes.

For a moment he held my gaze in his gentle blue, and instantly my anger was calmed and I relaxed under his grip. We stayed in the position for a while when Link suddenly turned a bright cherry red.

It was then that I realized that we were in a very awkward position. He was on top of me, his arms pinning my own down, his legs straddling me to keep me from getting up. Indeed, if anyone had seen us this way, it would have meant major gossip about the castle and a stern talking to from my father.

In an instant Link was up and off me, looking anywhere but at me as I pulled myself to my feet, a bright red as well. His blonde bangs obscured his eyes from my own as I slowly regained my senses.

"I'm sorry about that," Link said, bowing his head, the blush never fading from his cheeks. Well, this was a bit of surprise. Link could actually be embarrassed? Wow, I thought that I knew everything there was to know about Link.

"It's… all right. I shouldn't have lost my temper that way," I said quickly. But you know what? To my shame, I actually enjoyed having him so close. I almost snapped and kissed him at that moment, it was lucky that Link was a lot more controlled than the Queen of Hyrule in terms of emotions. That was… if he had feelings for me at all.

Goddesses curse him! Why can't he show emotions?


Since the little episode earlier, Link has hardly spoken a word to me, and that's something because he follows me around all day, keeping me from trouble. His usually talkative personality has been replaced by a cold and silent person with the expression of a statue. Oddly, I find I miss his usual behavior of talking my ear off. At least I had someone to speak to!

So we drifted about the castle together going about my usual duties silently. Though when we passed by servants, they often greeted Link rather enthusiastically, to which Link would nod his head and smile a bit. Goddesses, I wish those smiles were directed towards me!

Link and I parted ways at lunch time, after which I had to speak to some advisors. I had called the guards to myself so that there would be no need to disturb Link. The last thing he probably wanted was to be reminded of what he had done by constantly being in the presence of myself.

Though later, when I retired to my chambers after dinner, a note was found sitting on the center of my bed.

'Princess Zelda-

I truly apologize for today's little scene. It was impolite and wrong for me to have restrained you in a manner that was awkward for you and for me.

However, I wish to ask you to come join me in the garden at night. I've seen the beautiful stars the last few nights, and I would like it very much if you should join me. However, if you feel that you do not wish to come, then I truly understand.


Sir Link

P.S. (I was NOT in your room, Highness. I had one of the servants place it here for me!)'

I laughed a bit at the little end note. Yes I would join him in the garden tonight, and if he would confess his feelings, that would be good. However, if he did nothing, I would speak out myself.


The night was dark, the moon high in the sky, and the stars twinkled brightly, winking down on me.

Wearing a simple dress I made my way toward the garden, thinking through my confession if Link did not speak. My every nerve was tensed and I was painfully aware of how I would feel if Link rejected my feelings…

I would die, a mindless doll that anyone could manipulate. My soul would utterly die, and while Link lived on, thinking only of his adventures, finding comfort in the arms of another woman, I would be some marionette for the man that would become my husband.

I had been staring at the stars for a moment when I heard the light crunching of the grass beneath boots.

"Good evening, Highness," Link said, joining me by my side. To my surprise he was wearing a light blue tunic, lacking his hat. He never usually went without them unless the servants flocked him and wouldn't leave him alone until he wore something different.

"Good evening, Sir Link," I said, smiling at him serenely. It was all I could not to throw myself on him and kiss him madly, muttering my undying love to him. He was so handsome, the way his golden hair fell across his face, his bright blue eyes peering out from behind his messy locks.

His eyes flickered from my face into the bright sky and he smiled. "Beautiful tonight, isn't it? I'm glad that you could join me."

"Yes, it certainly is," I agreed, letting my gaze linger on the stars for a brief moment before I realized that Link was moving away from me and toward a bench.

As he sat down, he motioned to his left, smiling brightly at me, his pearl white teeth flashing in the dark.

"Please sit, Highness. It is much more enjoyable to observe the stars from here," Link pointed out.

So I sat beside him, reveling in his close presence. I could feel the heat radiating from his body, and his hand rested on mine, the warmth spreading up the length of my arm and sending waves of pleasure and numbness through my body.

How could Link be so oblivious as to what his touch did to me?

"Stars look so close, as though I could reach out and grab them in my bare hand," Link said, reaching a hand out toward a star, "But in reality they are so far away. It just shows what a brilliant world the Goddesses have made for us." He slowly closed his fist and dropped his hand back down.

For a few moments the two of us remained silent, observing the beauty of the heavens.

"Link, is there someone that you love?"

At the question Link turned his gaze upon me, a confused expression playing on his face. "Someone I love? Well, there are very many people that I love, Highness. I love Saria, the Kokiri, Malon, Talon, Darunia and the Gorons, the Zora, the Hylians… Hyrule."

"I mean, as in romantic love," I said, biting my lip. Was my hinting at this enough, or was he really that dense? We would see at his reply.

"Romantic love?" Link questioned. For a few moments he pondered, his handsome face crinkling in thought. "Yes, there is someone I love very, very much. However, I am much too much of a coward to say anything to her. She's beautiful, kind, wise…"

My heart beat a thousand miles a minute. This was it, was he going to confess?

"But, I believe it is better if I admire from a distance," Link ended.

I turned my head away from him, my shoulders shaking violently as I struggled to keep my emotions within. Even though I didn't know how, tears began pouring from my eyes and I began to sob, my usually calm and composed countenance broken by the dangerous emotion called love.

Link must have heard me, because in an instant, he had his hands on my shoulders, looking at me with panic in his eyes. It would have been a funny sight had I not been angry and hurt by him.

"Please, please Highness, don't cry!" Link said quickly, his blue eyes begging, "I'm sorry, was it something I said?"

I shrugged away from his grasp, sniffling pitifully and glaring at him through me reddening eyes. "Are you really this stupid Link?"

Link looked taken back for a moment when all of a sudden anger melded into his features. "I am not stupid! What have I possibly done to offend you?"

"You never pick up any hints I leave you. I thought that you might have figured out my emotions for you far long ago, but you remain as oblivious as ever!" I shouted, causing Link to shrink slightly. My anger was really being released this time, and once again Link was the one who would suffer the wrath of my temper.

"Well I'm sorry, Princess, if I can't pick up any of your stupid hints," Link muttered, crossing his arms, "I'm not a woman! Why don't you just tell me what you want from me!"

"Link, you idiotic Hero! Are you so blind that you cannot see that I love you?!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Link looked taken aback. He stared wide-eyed at me in disbelief.

"Y-you… l-love m-me?" the Hero stuttered.

"Yes, and I've been trying so long to get you to say your feelings toward me," I said turning back to the castle. "But apparently you do not feel the same way. I'm sorry that I ever wasted my time upon a low, pathetic, idiotic, stupid, man such as yoursel-!!"

Before I could finish my sentence, Link had taken me into his arms and kissed me with such passion and force, I almost fainted with shock.

His left hand held the back of my head, pressing me to his mouth, while the left rested on me waist, pressing me into him. The Hero had me very well subdued, but I can't say that I was fighting his incredible touch.

It was with very much reluctance that he pushed himself away from me, staring directly into my eyes and seeing into the innermost depths of my soul. Those blue eyes that I had grown to love these past years that I had known him. The eyes that belonged to the savior of Hyrule, and to my love and friend.

"I never said that I didn't love you, did I, Highness?" Link asked, smiling.

My only response was to stare at him with the same astonished stare that had been on his face a while ago. The sound of his voice broke my shock.

"I've always loved you, Princess," Link whispered, "But I've always believed that you didn't feel the same way for me. No offense, My Lady, but you are not one who freely expresses emotions. You are rather well guarded in terms of emotion."

I was silent for a few moments before speaking up. "I was hoping that you would say something, and now that I've heard it…"

"Don't you have to marry a Prince though, Majesty?" Link asked, biting his lip and hatred burning in his eyes.

"No, to me, you are the only man I could ever bear to marry," I whispered, wrapping my arms around him in a tight embrace. "That is… if you truly, truly love me and wish to marry me. If you want to, you may leave and continue adventuring." The last bit sent a pang of pain to my heart and I automatically wished I could take those words back. What if he did leave, even though he claimed that he loved me. But would he be able to give up his freedom to do so?

Link simply smiled and shook his head. "I'm done leaving, Zelda. I resolved that after leaving you when I went to Ordon, I would never leave you again once I returned. I will be your eternal protector from this moment forward. None shall hurt you as long as you are mine."

I simply laughed and then suddenly I froze, realizing something extraordinary. "You said my name."

Link cocked an eyebrow. "Is that so surprising? Do you not like it, should I call you 'Your Highness' again? I will if you wish me to."

"No, I like it… It's just you usually call me by my title and not by my name," I whispered.

Link grinned that childish smile of his, "Then I'll call you your name as many times as you wish."

I put a finger to my chin, pondering a moment before breaking out in a large smile, the largest and most happy smile in my life. "No, for now I believe I would like you to kiss me as many times as I like."

"I humbly obey you, Your Majesty," Link said, smiling before pulling me into another kiss.


"Daddy, put me down!" a little girl screeched as Link took her up in his arms, tickling her with one hand and supporting her with the other.

"No, not until you fall to my power!" Link said, laughing madly.

"Mommy, help me!" the girl shouted in between laughs.

I smiled as I watched Link play with our little daughter, our frst child.

I remember how nervous Link was when I told him that we would be paretns, he almost fainted. Link was being extremely paranoid, reading every book about parenting that he could get his hands on, muttering doubts out loud. When the time finally came that I would have my baby, Link had worn a hole in the carpet from pacing so much, at least that was what Impa said. The brave Hero had trembled when his baby daughter was placed into his arms, so afraid he might crush the tiny life in his strong arms. However, in the end, Link would spend countless hours with our daughter, singing her to sleep with his deep voice, playing her sweet soft songs, and playing with her until he was sure she was satisfied. Yes, he was the best father and husband any woman could hope to have.

"Link," I said in a dangerous tone that usually meant he had taken things too far. Our daughter couldn't be too tired for the rest of the day's lessons, and so Link wearing her out could cause her to fall asleep.

Link froze and gave me a pouting glare before lifting himself off the ground, picking up our daughter in his arms and setting her upon his shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Navi, but Mommy's being a kill joy," Link said, grinning widely at me.

"Navi, your Daddy is at your feet, isn't he? I bet you could make him do what you want, now couldn't you, sweetheart?" I asked, smiling at my daughter.

"Yes!" Navi chirruped, her blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Alright, my little fairy, it's time for you to go to your lessons," Link said, placing our daughter on the ground.

She threw a pouting look to me and Link, one so heart wrenching that it could make ayone who didn't know her bend to her will. "Do I haaaave to go to lessons?"

"Why yes you do! Don't worry, after dinner when you're all done, we can go out back and play swordfight, all right?" Link said, smiling, then pointing to me, "Mommy will show you how she can wup Daddy time and time again."

At the sound of hearing the two of us fight, Navi gave each of us a quick hug and kiss before scampering off toward the inner workings of the castle to Impa for lessons.

"She grew up so quickly," I murmured as Link placed a hand on my shoulder. One moment she was a baby, now she's our two year old treasure and the light of our lives. It made me sad and proud that she was growing up so quickly.

"She sure did," Link murmured, looking after the place Navi had disappeared into. For a moment we just stood there before looking back at one another and smiling. "So, My Queen, shall we go about our daily job together?"

"I think we shall, My King, I think we shall," I said, linking arms with him, and giving him a little kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, that's not a proper kiss, Zelda! I thought that you would know by now what a proper kiss is," Link muttered as we went down the hall.

"You have to earn those, Link," I replied, laughing.

Now when I look back upon my life before Link and I were married, and ust simply friens, I laugh at each and every single moment. Still however, while some memories fade, the memory of that starry, starry night will always remain as new to me as the day it occured. Because that was the day our love was unvieled and our vow to remain together forever was sealed.


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