War Of Magic

Author: Randy's Dark Angel

I don't own anything but the poems not the songs so I love you all if you read this. I know it hurts to see Remus bullied but it has to be done

Chapter One:

I wish to have friends

But I am full of sins

To have love

But I'm no pure dove

(My Poem)

Remus walked through the library looking for a special book when he saw his crush Sirius Black. But Sirius just liked bullying him. That's when James spotted him.

"Hey sissy what are ya doing?" James said coming towards him

"Please leave me be" Remus said backing away

"You sissy quit begging and take your beating" James said grabbing Remus by the shirt.

Sirius stood behind James with his arms crossed.

"Not now James we need to go to practice" Sirius said

James nodded and spit in Remus' face.

"Scum…" James said throwing Remus down and they walked off leaving Remus on the floor.

Remus stood and whipped his face off.

'Well it could have been worse' he thought.

Since it was a free day he went to a tree in front of the lake to read. Remus didn't see anyone near so he sat down and began to read. Remus got up and stretched just before dark the sun was setting beautifully when a 7th year walked up.

"You should be getting into the rooms" he said his short red hair and blue eyes looking Remus over.

"I am" Remus said picking up the book quickly and began walking towards the castle.

"Who are you?" the 7th year asked softly walking beside Remus

"Remus Lupin and you?" Remus asked looking up.

"Axel Kinder" he said bowing slightly

"Oh" Remus said he had been expecting the upperclassmen to hurt him just like his fellow classmates.

Axel walked Remus to the Gryffindor dorms. Then he bowed to the portrait and walked away. Remus smiled and walked to the common room. He sat in front of the fire and did his homework. No one was in the common room because it was early so he didn't get any harassment. He was trying to be careful because it was only a week till the full moon and he could feel the effects already. He wished he could have some friends to share his pain with but that was a wish he would never have fulfilled because his parents even thought he was weird and strange. Sure they tried to understand but they couldn't. Remus sighed and yawned. He went up to the dorm rooms and crashed onto his bed that was near the windows and far away from any bullies.

He didn't see Axel coming up with a plan to get him to himself.

Well I know its short but come on it's a good plot I mean help would be good or ideas for any of my stories so well have fun and read and review