The first of many plot bunnies I hope to turn into stories after reading DH. This one is just a 100 word scene with, obviously, DH spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Eight Years Later

Minerva climbed up the spiral staircase so quickly that she was out of breath when she reached the top. This didn't stop her from immediately calling for her two predecessors.

"Albus! Severus!" she panted.

Grandfatherly blue eyes twinkled with glee. "What news, Minerva?"

"It's a boy! A beautiful baby boy. With Lily's eyes," she added, directing the last three words to the newest of the paintings. Even in portraiture, he retained his self-composure. A thinning of the lips was the only reaction betrayed.

"And they've named him Albus. Albus Severus." Finally, a single tear escaped from the black painted eyes.