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"What about this shirt, try this shirt!"

"Flowered pattern, are you kidding?"

"But Inoue likes flower pattern!"

"She won't mind, we're just going to the movies! Sheesh!"

"Well, you can't wear that shirt with a skull! Are you mad?"

"Nee-san, Nee-san! Ichigo has such bushy eyebrows. There's a razor blade here."

"Get away from my eyebrows, Kon! Rukia, keep him away from me!"

"My son, on a date! Oh mother, if only you were here to witness our son's introduction to the wonderful world of teenage dating. Now hopefully he'll stop buying all those dirty mags I saw the last time!"

"Stay out of my room, dad! Dad!! Get out! And I already told you, I don't have any dirty mags, the ones you found were Keigo's!! Are you deaf?!"

"Here, try this substance Chizuru got me. It's label says mascara!"


My first date with Inoue...

Ichigo walked down the street in a simple red shirt, black jeans and red sneakers. The weather had finally become normal and the skies were blue, dotted with the occasional puffy white of a cloud. People walked by hurriedly, with places to go and people to meet. The streets were a little crowded. A typical Saturday morning.

People sure are in a hurry. If you ask me, they need to slow down. Life passes by so quickly. And when you go along with its pace, you put all sorts of unimportant things first. And're replaced by the very thing you think you despise. Yamamoto taught me that.

"Ichigo!", he heard his name called. He followed the voice with his eyes till he spotted Inoue by the ticket counter. She was wearing a simple sleeveless grass green blouse and a white flower patterned knee-length skirt with brown thick sole sandals. As usual, she looked lovely.

In a hurried life you miss out on life's most important things. You're cheated out of experiences like true satisfaction, inner peace and of course...falling in love.

"Ichigo, look. Can we see this movie?"

Ichigo turned from the samurai movie advertisement to what Inoue was pointing out. The poster showed a handsome young man on his knees proposing to a really nerdy looking girl whilst a much prettier one watched from behind in disbelief. The title below said: Hearts Asunder-The Movie.

Taking the time to experience these isn't such a big sacrifice

"Ichigo? We don't have to see it if you don't want to."

"Do you want to see it?"

"...Well, I've read all 120 editions. So I was hoping..."

"Then we see it." Ichigo interrupted with a pleasant smile.

Inoue kissed him, "Thank you."

After all...

Their hands searched for each other in the darkness of the cinema and held on as the hero and heroine in the movie kissed at the final scene.

...some things are worth fighting for.

The End


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