I read a couple of these so I decided to do one of my own. Axel say the disclaimer for me.

Axel: Kita doesn't own Kingdom Hearts. Got it memorized?

Ways to get Xemnas to send you on a suicide mission.

1. Tell him the anagram of his name.

2. Refuse to call him by anything but Mansex.

3. Ask him if his cousin – Darth Vader – is in town.

4. Ask why he stole Darth Vader's light sabers.

5. When in a meeting and Xemnas is asking questions scream, "Oh! Pick me! Pick me!" while failing your arm around. Don't hesitate to hit anyone within arms length.

6. When he calls on you say, "I forgot…"

7. Repeat over and over again until he dismisses you from the meeting.

8. Every time he walks into the room ask him how he feels.

9. When he reminds you Nobodies can't feel ask again.

10. Follow him around with a megaphone and scream, "Xemmy and Saix sittin' in a tree."

11. Sing the entire song and make sure Saix is in the room at the same time as Xemnas.

12. Follow him around and repeat everything he says.

13. When he demands that you stop agree and stare at him but say nothing.

14. Remind Xemnas of all the members who were killed by the Keyblade Wielder and ask why he still calls the group Organization thirteen.

15. Post a banner on his door that reads, "Xemmy and Marluxia 4ever!"

16. Hand him a bouquet of flowers and say they're from Marluxia and then wink.

17. Flood the castle and blame it on Demyx.

18. Paint the Superior's bedroom pink and blame it on Marluxia.

19. When you're on a mission with him make sure he trips at every chance you get.

20. Make sure the mission accomplishes the exact opposite of what you set out to do.

21. Give him a Heartless for his birthday and tell him he's one step closer to Kingdom Hearts.

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I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one.