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It's a crazy, crazy night having you here right by my side…

Harry was bored. Looking around his room he found a pile of Ron's candy. Harry looked around the room no one was in site… One candy wouldn't hurt anybody…

He grabbed a light blue candy that looked quite yummy. Popping it into his mouth, it tasted juicy. Just how he liked his candy. After munching on the small treat he felt kind of… tired. So he jumped into his bed and decided on a nap. It was the weekend after all.

Waking up he looked around… why did his bed look so big? Why did the room look so big? Why did he have fur all over him? Jumping from his bed he ran to the mirror. No bloody way! He was a kitten! A kitten! What kind of man was turned into a kitten! He groaned… or tried, but all that came out was a distressed 'mew'.

Harry saw the door was open a crack, so he clambered over the stacks of dirty clothes and made it to the door. Crawling through, he descended the staircases, almost tripping halfway.

Hermione was leaving the common room, so taking his chance at being rescued he followed her. She looked down at the furry ball of fluff. "Aw! Aren't you just the cutest?"

Harry scowled, but she didn't stop at cute. "You have such tiny little paws. AW! Who do you belong to little guy?"

If I could tell you, do you think I'd still be a cat? He reached out and scratched Hermione's hand. "Ouch. Sorry I must've hurt you."

Harry glared at her, mentally begging to be put down. "Well, I have to go study, you stay here; I doubt your owner wouldn't want you hurt."

Harry sighed, if Hermione couldn't get it, what were his chances with Ron. Harry walked out the common room the next chance he got. As he wandered through the hallways, a blonde figure walked around a corner. It was Draco Malfoy. Hottest guy at Hogwarts and prick to boot, he was the perfect guy! Not.

Harry meowed and hid behind a statue. Draco looked down at the statue. "Did you just meow at me?" He asked the statue.

Harry looked out. Maybe Malfoy could help him… Merlin knows he needs it.

"Ooh. It was just a cat." Draco turned about to walk away, but another mew brought him back. "What? Don't look at me like that. I'm leaving. I don't like animals." He took another glance at the black kitten. "Ugh, fine, come cat. I don't carry animals." Harry mewed again. "Gah! Fine, get over here.

Harry smiled and ran over to the disgustingly handsome bastard. "Did you just smile at me?" Draco asked astonished. Harry meowed innocently. Draco's mask fell and he picked Harry up. "Aw. I always have had a soft spot for kitties."

Harry's eyes widened as Draco lifted him in front of him, and started inspecting his BITS! Harry scrambled around, but it was futile. Draco finished looking and held Harry normally again. "Thank god you're not tiny. If you were anything less than you are, I'd get rid of you."

Harry shrunk into Draco robes.


Pansy looked over the table. "Hey nugget, what have you got there." She asked her gay friend.

Draco looked down at the kitten. "He's my kitten. I found him a little while ago. I decided to name him Hugo, Hugo Armani Malfoy."

"Hun, aren't those brands?"

Draco nodded. "I know, but isn't he so cute!"

Pansy laughed and reached over the table to pet the kitten. Harry purred and let her pet him. Draco looked at Pansy, then his kitty. "Hey, hey, hey. No getting friendly with my cat." Draco swatted her hand away.

"Okay Mr. Ruler of the cats." She turned away and started eating.

Harry looked up at Draco and mewed. Why he was being so friendly to the Slytherins, he had no idea, but there was something about them…

Draco took a piece of cake off his plate and gave Harry a bit. Then he pet Harry's head. Thus causing Harry to roll onto his belly. Then causing Harry to like the way Malfoy's hand pet him delicately. Harry purred contently. He wouldn't mind staying a cat forever.

"Hmm…what kinds of food do cats like, Hugo?" Draco asked looking at all the food piled on the table.

Harry looked up with a face that said 'seriously?' But Draco interpreted it as, 'cake' and proceeded to give him cake…


The next morning Harry woke up in the Slytherin dorms… still a cat.

Draco was sound asleep, his perfect blonde hair still that, perfect. Harry looked at the angelic figure, a malicious smile on his kitty features. And pounced, right onto Draco's face.

"GAH! HUGO ARMANI MALFOY! What do you think you're doing?" Draco had Harry by the gruff of his neck.

Harry mewed innocently. Draco's resolve crushed and he kissed the little kitty's head, making Harry blush. Thank god for fur! "I'm sorry for yelling Hugo, but you woke me up…on a Sunday. I need my beauty sleep."

Harry meowed. Clearly saying that Draco didn't need beauty sleep. But he just pet Harry thinking that's what he wanted. If you're ever turned into a cat, don't go looking for the dumbest blonde in the salon.


After sleeping in till noon, Draco had grabbed some clothes, a towel and his other such necessities and started for the bathroom. Harry seeing it as the perfect time to exploit the Slytherin's small bits followed. At least that's the reason he told himself.

Draco looked down at Hugo. "You want to take a shower too?" He asked Harry.

Harry shook his head yes. Draco grabbed him and jumped into the shower. Surprisingly the water was warm. Whoever thought Draco Malfoy bathed in cold water was wrong. Stupid gits.

Harry after effectively finding out Draco didn't have small bits was rather light headed. And his face was burning in embarrassment. No way was Draco going to find out that 'Hugo' was actually Harry.

Harry was turning more red by the second the more he thought about it.

In the shower that morning

Harry had been playing with a bar of soap, making it slide along the shower, and then it happened. He slipped. Draco slipped on the slick soap and falling right in front of Harry, spread eagled. Now Harry definitely had an answer to the whole small bits thing. Oh they weren't small, no, no, no. Not small at all.

Back to present musings

Harry was sitting, waiting for Draco to dry him off. His head was working over time. Did he like Malfoy? If so, why?

Because, it's just…him

Harry scowled. That wasn't a really a good answer.

Draco then finished with his hair, clothes, etc… "Would Hugo like to be dried off?" He asked Harry.

Obviously he wasn't waiting for an answer because he started drying the poor kitten.

Once he was finished he gave one look at Harry and burst into laughter. His fur was very…Afro like. His eyes tiny and beady, Draco looked at Harry and Harry mewed. This caused Draco to laugh more.

Harry huffed indignantly and left the bathroom. At the site of Draco's new kitten, everyone started laughing.


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