How Does It Feel?

Summary: America…motorcycles, magical bridges that transport you five hundred years into the past, halfway across the world, crazy witches, perverted dog demons. What could be better?

Pairings: Kagome/Sesshomaru; InuTashio/Foxx; Sango/Miroku; Kikyo/InuYasha

Koga/Ayame Rin/Kohaku

Rated: Mature, VERY BAD LANGUAGE, perverted demons, and some sexual situations!!

Genre: Humor/Romance

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Chapter One: OO… Integrity

The sun was just above the horizon as she grabbed her messenger bag and her two guitars. Her parents were kicking her out of their house! This sucked! She strapped her messenger bag to the back of her Harley Davidson Chopper. Her parents were still asleep and she decided to leave before they woke up. It was better that way. It always was better than saying goodbye.

She started her engine and waited for her motorcycle to heat up before she pulled out of the drive way. She was very happy her street led to a highway! Riding in silence people looked over to see her sporting her work uniform that looked a lot like a private school outfit. She designed leather sock-like boots to go along with her uniform, mainly because the black leather showed off her leg's muscles and went up to her mid-thigh, she was conservative but not the cover-up-every-inch-of-her-body-type. (I have the picture on my profile JSUK! Her weapon is there too!)

The outfit consisted of a plated-skirt, and a collared top that had sleeves that went to her forearm. It was a very soft ivory color and had slate blue and mauve on the whole outfit. A long black ribbon was tied in her head, holding up some of her dark brown/red waist-length hair in a half ponytail. The rest of her hair free to blow in the wind. Her soft, emerald green eyes shone in the rising sun, her thick eyelashes enhancing their beauty. She had a body that would make most women glow green with jealousy.

She chuckled as she spotted her exit, veering to the right with caution. (There are very crazy drivers nowadays. You can never be too safe!) She exited the highway and spotted a dirt road that had never been there before.

'Odd.' She thought and turned onto it, curiosity getting the best of her. Curiosity was her biggest weakness, it always got her into situations that she barely escaped without consequence. But she was a wolf, what could she do about it? Up ahead a huge wooden bridge came into view. It looked sturdy enough… She revved the engine, speeding up considerably. But just as she got halfway across a bright blue light engulfed her.

Unlike most girls, she did not panic in these situations, she was calm and collected. Cracking an eyes open she squeaked. In front of her was a giant army of samurai, demon, and many other things, the important thing was that they were all men. There were thousands of men.

She remembered her Chopper was still on and swore. She then noticed the attention she was attracting.

"Wow! What a woman! She's gorgeous! What's that object she's on?" A demon with red eyes exclaimed in awe, standing up. Her wolf tail twitched and bristled as his voice drew even more attention to her. 'I'm in JAPAN?!'

"I've never seen her before, not in all of Japan." An ogre demon said as others rose from their positions.

"Pretty lady! Can you help Rin find her lord? Rin lost herself while foraging for food, these nice men took me to their group and fed me! I've been here for a while." A young girl in a yellow and orange checkered kimono asked. She was adorable! How could she resist those puppy eyes!

"Um…Oh! S-sure?" She said unsure. 'I can talk Japanese?! WTF?'

"Yay! Rin will find her Lord Sesshomaru with pretty lady!" Rin squealed and hugged her arm.

"Um, yeah? My friends and family call me Foxx, with two x's" Foxx said nervously. "Here…get on my lap and hold on, I don't want you falling off while this is in motion." Rin scrambled onto her lap and held onto her tightly, giggling in joy. "Um. I'm going to be taking off so if any of you have sensitive ears please cover them."

Rin put her hands over her ears and Foxx revved the engine, the sound made Rin squeal in surprise, the sound of the engine making some of the youkai jump in shock.

A young priestess looked off into the distance and heard an oddly familiar noise.

"That sounds like a motorcycle from my era." She said frowning and InuYasha took a defensive position. Foxx got to the top of the hill and was heading down it when she spotted them, coming to a halt a few feet away. She looked at the group and gasped at Kagome, whipping out a studded wallet and pulling out a picture, looking back and forth at least ten times. Kagome gasped as remembrance smacked her upside the head and she looked at Foxx in disbelief.

"Foxx? What are you doing here in the feudal era?" Kagome gasped noticing Rin perched in her lap. "And what is Lord Sesshomaru's ward doing in your lap? Did you steal her?"

"S-she asked me to find a lord by the name of Sesshomaru. She's lost. As for why I'm her, I saw a dirt road that wasn't there before on my way to Detroit and I was crossing a wooden bridge when a bright blue light engulfed me. This morning my parents gave me the boot, so I think I'll stay here. I like it here."

"Ooo!" Sango squealed spotting her tail. "It's so cute!"

"….Thank you?"

"HELL NO! I will not have a mangy wolf in this…group?" InuYasha paled when Foxx sent him a glare scarier than Sesshomaru's

"Don't. Call. Me. Names. If you want me to respect you, you need to respect me." Sango looked on in admiration and Kagome, Miroku, and Shippo shivered.

'Scary.' Miroku thought. A large breeze passed through the clearing and Foxx sniffed the air, nodding repeatedly.

"Yup. That's it." She said doing a double-check. "Yes I'm positive that's who I think it is."

"What?" InuYasha asked sniffing the air.

"You can't smell it? It's similar to your scent and it's the second most dominant scent on Rin. It must be the lord that takes care of this cutie." Foxx said as a figure clad in white waked out of the forest.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has missed you!" Rin squealed and hugged his legs. He patted her head and sniffed the air delicately, his gaze locking on the she-wolf. 'Rin's scent is most dominant on the she-wolf.' He walked over and saw her tail bristle lightly, uneasiness radiating off of her.

"Rin is safe. This Sesshomaru thanks you." Sesshomaru said in his trademark monotone voice and she smiled nervously.

"…You're welcome?" Foxx trailed off.

"Why the hell are you here you b-" InuYasha started.

"Sit boy! Sorry Lord Sesshomaru. Foxx will punish him later. She comes up with wicked punishments." Kagome said and Sesshomaru turned back to Foxx who was smiling at the grounded hanyou evilly. She rubbed her hands together and let out a soft maniacal laugh that sent shivers through most of the group.

"What should I do to him….Read an extremely boring book to him…no…sing in a high-pitched squeaky voice….nah too easy…pull on his ears until he looses consciousness? Yeah that'll work…hehehehehehe…" Foxx snickered, her tail wagging in anticipation.

"You have torturing methods?" Sesshomaru asked and Kagome smacked her forehead, she just put the deadliest killer ever with the best torturer alive. This was going to prove bad.

"Uh-huh. I have done many bad things…hehehe…and I got the evil mastermind award from the student class that I graduated from. Though I rarely used them…but when I did…Ohhoho, it was bad!" Foxx said grinning like a Cheshire cat. InuYasha's ears planted themselves against his head and he paled considerably.

"I believe I shall stay a while…Rin, go play with the kit." Sesshomaru said interested.

"Chill man. It's not like I'll chop your ears or any other vitals off if you know what I mean." Foxx said and held her hand out to Sesshomaru who took it and shook it. "My friends call me Foxx, with one more x than usual."

"But you are a wolf are you not?" Sesshomaru said arching a perfect eyebrow at her.

"Well…my personality is what earned me that name…so…yeah." She giggled.

"I never did get your real name…what is it?" Kagome asked.

"My real name is Melanie Rose. You can call me Mel-Mel if you want." Foxx said. "Melanie's in Greek, it means dark or dressed in black."

"'Greek'?" Sango echoed.

"It's a name for a certain people from a different land mass. They have a totally different appearance and that's why I look so different, I have no Japanese blood in me whatsoever. I have German, Italian, Greek, and Irish blood in my veins." Foxx said proudly hands on hips.

They heard the villagers talking and Foxx turned around, freaking out. "HEY! NO TOUCHY THE HARLEY!" The villagers scrambled away and settled for looking at it from a good distance. A shrill cackle rang through the air and Foxx growled in irritation.

"I have found you sons of InuTashio!"

"OMG" Indigo said softly looking at the ugly woman on the hill, covering her nose. "Three words lady! Soap and water!" Sango giggled at that. It was forward and to the point. The scent of ill will and magic was in the hair and InuYasha growled.

"A witch." He snarled and drew Tetsusaiga.

"The witch looks like Urasue!" Shippo shouted and Kagome gasped. He was right. But that means…is she here to bring someone back to life?!

"You're not getting Kagome!" InuYasha shouted and the witch laughed at him.

"I am not here for a pathetic miko! I am here for the black pearl!" The witch cackled and everyone took defensive positions around InuYasha. The witch disappeared and reappeared in front of InuYasha, behind the rest of the group. He was froze in shock and she chanted a short spell, making him scream in pain as the pearl came out of his eye. He fell to the ground holding his eyes and Sango took a swing at the witch.

The witch dodged and threw the pearl to the ground as it glowed yellow, the portal was now opened. She tensed and spotted someone standing in front of the portal smiling.

"You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?" Green eyes teased the witch and Kagome looked on in excitement.

"You have extraordinary power! You'll be perfect for the person to channel the soul back into his body!" The witch said and knocked her out with amazing speed.

"F-Foxx!" Kagome shouted and watched in horror as the witch took Foxx into the portal. She raced over and jumped in, determined to save her friend. Everyone followed, even Sesshomaru, because he would not let the witch defile his father's grave.

Everyone's eyes widened greatly as they heard the witch said.

"The great dog general shall live again!"