I'm sorry for what I'm about to do to poor George, but... we all know he and Fred were never right in the head to begin with. ...Fred! (cries) Enjoy...

"Hey, Fred?"

"Yes, George?"

"How do you reckon we break it to them?" The twins, as usual, had been up to something. And, as usual, they had gotten themselves into a bit of a situation. This time was no different, and everything would work out alright and they'd be themselves in a little while.

"I think... I think we should give them something to remember."

"George, is something wrong?" Fred's voice asked, concerned for his twin.

"Nothing, Fred, nothing at all." And Fred knew, if his twin said nothing was wrong, than indeed nothing would be wrong.

"We should make it big and bright," Fred suggested, looking back at an identical face. But that wasn't right-- he and George weren't identical anymore, George was missing an ear.

And as George looked to Fred, he knew the same thing-- that they weren't both missing an ear, so why did the two of them together only make one set of ears? George reached out to his brother, but something cold and hard stopped his hand. He banged on it lightly at first, frowning, then harder.

"Don't do that," Fred suggested, but he was banging on it, too. "It'll break and then mum will come up here and yell again." And as much as he protested George's treatment of the object, he banged his fist on it just as hard.

"Mum won't care if we can break it," George told his reflection, "Mum won't care if we can get to each other again."

"But we can't, you know that," Fred reminded him, "Not like this."

"You always were the pessimist," George sniffled, banging harder on the object. All of a sudden, his reflection cracked and shattered. Pieces of the mirror broke off and fell to the floor. George watched as his twin fell away, piece by piece, until only a few jagged edges of him remained. He collapsed numbly on the bed and closed his eyes tightly. Fred wouldn't want him crying, Fred would want him celebrating. Fred would never want him like this.

But Fred wasn't here.


Ron frowned as the sound of shattering glass could be heard upstairs. Next to him, Percy shook his head, "He's at it again."

Mrs. Weasly frowned the deepest, closing her eyes tightly and accepting the embrace which her husband offered. Bill and Charlie sat side by side on the couch, Fleur sitting in an armchair not too far away. Ginny had found a place on the steps and now hid her face from the rest of her family in an attempt to hide her tears from them. The Weasly family had never been quite the same since Fred's death.

Wah! I want Fred back. And poor George is insane now... I could see it happening... sadly... aw! (hugs George) I loved those two together so much.. damn you, Rowling! First Sirius, then Dumbledore, now Fred! And Lupin! And... gah! Voldemort and Snape's death was not enough to make me happy after that. Alright, I'm done ranting... Weasly twins forever!