OK I will say this now whenever I have a new idea I will either write it down and post it and this fic will be a Naruto/One piece. It will take place during the Alabasta Arc. Naruto and his apprentice (OC) will be meeting Luffy and his crew during the Jaya Arc. Now I will tell you now in almost every story I write about Naruto is going to learn the Goken (Strong Fist) Rock lee taijutsu style so now you know. Why this will be in almost every story is because I like that taijutsu style and Naruto with it makes it look even better. I will also be creating some new taijutsu as well in the near future.


Konoha's Hokage Office

"Let's see food scrolls?" asked a boy of seventeen with blond spiky hair and blue slitted cerulean eyes. He had fox like whiskers marks on his cheeks he was Uzumaki Naruto accomplish sealing and ninjutsu master.

"Check," stated a girl of thirteen in a very lazy way. She had black spiky hair in a ponytail pineapple hair style. She had black slitted eyes that held a lazy gleam to them. Her name was Nara Rei last of the Nara clan.

"Naruto's Food Scrolls?"

"Check Sensei,"

"Shinobi clothes?"


"Rei's Clothes?"

"I got it sensei,"

"Alright calm down just a few more to go," "Rei's Food Scrolls?"

"Check," 'Damn it why does he have to be so troublesome,' "Don't know but I think he likes making you mad Rei," 'I know Kira that's why I called him troublesome,'

"Weapons scroll,"


"Rubies and Diamond scrolls,"

"Check damn it can we just go sensei staying here is do depressing," the girl named Rei said in a very lazy with a slight edge to her tone. Currently she was sitting down in a chair in the old Hokages office checking off a list of scrolls. Why she was doing it? You may ask because currently only her and her sensei were the only few survivors left in a war between Konoha and Suna against Iwa, Sound, Kumo, Kiri, Kusa and Ame. They were currently on the brink of destruction with the Hokage dead and all the major clans wiped out there was no reason to stay so she and her sensei were traveling to another world with the help of their respectable demons. Her sensei Uzumaki or should I say Kazama Uzumaki Naruto was the host of the Kyuubi the nine tail fox demon who attacked Konoha seventeen years ago. His father the Yondaime sealed the fox into his own son hoping the villagers will see him as a hero but things don't always go as plan. The village hated him and when he became a shinobi for the village they hated him even more but could do nothing about it since now he was shinobi for their village. Nara Rei was a reincarnation of the Gobi the five tai phoenix. She had all of Gobi abilities to control flames and bend it to her will. She also found out that she could talk to the Gobi who name was Kira. A beautiful red head and green eye girl. Rei became Naruto's apprentice one day when she found out that he was seal master and was trained by the legendary Jiraiya the Gama-sennin or Jiraiya of the Sannin. They connected easily because they both had something in common they both had something to do with demons so he took her as his apprentice. Naruto found out a year later when she was twelve that she was his close friend Shikamaru's sister.

Naruto also found out he had a bloodline called the Darkness eye it allows him to control the power of the darkness flame and also the dragon of the darkness flame. His eye becomes black with three white tomoe marks surrounding the iris. The darkness dragon is located into Naruto's right arm and it's wrapped in white bandages that are right under his black bandages that he has on them. The dragon is also a very seductive one who is always trying to get Naruto to come into her domain and have sex with her but Kyuubi stops that only because she wants to take him first. The dragon's name is Shia and is always helpful when she needs to be by letting Naruto use her son's for the darkness dragon technique. This eye also allow him to track fast moving objects like the sharingan but unlike it he is able to have perfect chakra control. When he found out who his father was and what he did to him he wouldn't talk to anybody for days. After he finally talked it out he understood why he did it. He couldn't ask any other parent to give up their child when he had one of his own plus he was the Hokage so it was his duty to do it. So they stuck together for a long time teacher and student through thick and thin even though she wondered why she had such a troublesome sensei

Now they were both going to a new world because everyone they know and love was gone. Naruto lost his girlfriend Temari about a year ago when the war started and the only thing that he has to remember her by is the giant fan she gave him with a picture of a black fox with nine tails that made mini circles with it's tail. Rei lost everything her father, mother, brother, the clan and all her friends. Since they both had nothing left Kyuubi and Kira made them a deal. Kyuubi or Mai told him that if he rip up half of the seal so she could see the things he see and feel the things he feel she would take him to another world along with his apprentice. The only down side to it is that he becomes a half demon nothing bad like tails or anything just heighten senses, power over nine elements thanks to Kyuubi's tails, and the ability to mark his mate and also turn her into a half demon so they could live out their lives together. Rei basically had to go through the same thing just with mastery over five elements. Now here they are both packing up the last of their things. They were both dressed and ready to go.

Naruto wore white trench coat with a black flame that had a black dragon wrapping around the flame. He also had the darkness flame written in kanji right below his shoulders. He wore a black undershirt with black shinobi pants and black ninja sandals. He wore his forehead protector around his waist in a black cloth like a belt. Rei wore similar clothing. She had on a black trench coat with a white phoenix on the back with five tails. The words phoenix written in white kanji letters. She wore a white undershirt with black flames at the bottom of her shirt. She wore black shinobi pants with black ninja sandals she wore her forehead protector that was in a black cloth around her left arm.

"Forbidden Scroll of Seals?" Naruto asked jumping to his feet from his spot on the floor with his fan strapped to his back.

"Check and Naruto family scrolls also check now can we go?" she asked in her same lazy tone but with a hint of eagerness in them.

"Yeah sure make sure you have a tight grip on me when Kyuubi starts the jutsu," he told her right before he contacted Kyuubi. 'Kyuubi were ready,' he told the demon queen. Naruto blue slit eyes soon turn into red slitted eyes indicating that Kyuubi was in control. "Right now hold Rei-chan while I do this jutsu," she told the girl and when she thought that Rei was on tight enough she started her jutsu. The jutsu itself took about ten minutes to do and Kyuubi had done over a thousand seals. After about five more minutes Kyuubi was done with the jutsu and called out "Universal Transport no jutsu," and then they both vanish leaving there old world behind and going to a new one where they could start over.


When they arrived in the new world they both knew they made it. They took in their surroundings they were at loading dock. Twenty ships with the word Marine on them with hundreds of people on each one. Soon they got bored and started walking around when a marine walked up behind them and tapped Rei on the shoulder. Acting on reflex, she kick the poor marine in the face making him crash into some nearby wine barrels. When the others saw this they dropped what they were doing and turn towards Naruto and Rei. While said girl rubbed the back of her head like her sensei does when he does something embarrassing.

"Sorry I hope I didn't hurt you too bad," she told the Marine lazily. This only riled up the other Marines saying things like 'You can't apologize talking like that' or 'She struck a marine that's against the law' while they were talking both Naruto and Rei walked away talking about other things.

"You know you should really work on that reflex of yours it's going to get us in trouble one day," Naruto lectured her while walking down the road continue to ignore the complaining marines that is until a group of them surrounded them. "Why are you morons bothering us we had a long day and we just want to go rest," Naruto complained while rubbing his temples.

"Where going to make you pay for striking a marine. A solider of the World Government," called out one cocky Marine before he charged at Naruto. Before he could even reached him he was silenced by a kunai at his neck by one Nara Rei.

"Make any move and you die," she said losing the laziness in her voice and replaced it with a cold one that sent shivers down the surrounding marines spine then she pointed at the frighten marines. "You guys make any moves and he's dead," she said pointing at the now whimpering Marine. Taking the now whimpering Marine then shoving him down to ground she turns and walk away only to be grabbed by a cloud of smoke. She turns and looks at her assailant and sees it a man with white hair a with black eyes who was smoking a cigar. He had on a white jacket with the words justice written on the back in kanji. He also had a big jutti strapped to his back. He wore no shirt and had many cigars on his jacket. He wore green pants with a pair of black shoes.

"Now Smoker-kun why don't you let me handle her for threatening my men," said a women with light pink hair that went to her back with black eyes. She had red lipstick on with a cigarette in her mouth. She wore a blood red suit with black dress shoes.

"Now why don't you tell Captain Hina your name little girl," Captain Hina asked Rei who was still being held by Smoker.

"Nara Rei," she said simply and lazily with a small smirk on her face that infuriated the Captain but she held it back and save it for the bashing she was going to give the little girl.

"And you are?" Smoker demanded from Naruto. Said boy only looked at him with an annoyed expression on his face before reaching for the fan on his back and slamming on the ground making a number of Marines jump. "Uzumaki Naruto," he said with a smirk on his face. "Now that the introductions are done why don't you let go of my apprentice before I make you smokey man," he finished with an even bigger smirk than before but on the inside he was thinking different thoughts. 'HOLY SHIT IS HE MADE OUT OF SMOKE OR SOMETHING?' causing Kyuubi to sweat drop at her containers response.

Smoker said nothing only held her tighter and pulled her towards him. Seeing this Naruto picked up his fan and open it up showing his black fox with it's nine tails in all its glory. Many stared at it in confusion and awe while the captains stared at it with an eyebrow raised.

"What are you going to do with that swing it?" one of the Marines yelled causing a course of laughter to fill the air. Naruto looked at them with annoyance before shutting them up with a massive amount of killing intent. Many of the Marines wet themselves while the others were shaking and seeing there deaths before there eyes. The Captains were also shaking and scared but they wouldn't show it. 'Who is this kid' both Captains thought simultaneously.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm going to do," he told them "Rei get ready," When he heard a 'Yes Sensei,' he started his attack. He brought the fan back and swung then yelled out "Kamaitachi no jutsu," then a giant gust of slicing whirlwinds made there way to the Marines. When the attack reached Rei she used a simple kamawari to replace herself with a Marine who wasn't in the line of the attack making him and everyone else get caught in the attack. Smoker got hit the worse he was bleeding all over his body. 'Damn who is this guy did he eat the kaze kaze no mi. I really shouldn't have underestimated him,' he thought before his world went dark. Captain Hina hid behind one of the buildings and called for some reinforcements.

'That guy he just took out Smoker and about two hundred of my soldiers Hina is not happy,' she thought angrily right before she rushed out of her hiding place towards Rei direction.

Scene Change: With Rei

Meanwhile Rei was fighting the incoming reinforcements. She was cutting through the soldiers with such swift movement with her kunai it was as if she was dancing. She jump back a long distance when she saw a about hundred soldiers rushing towards her. Going through some hand seals she called out "Kagemane no jutsu success," she had captured them all in her shadow she dug in her pocket and took a solider pill then pop it into her mouth blasting her chakra levels to new heights. She then made another hand seal and says "Kage Kubi Shibari no jutsu," and started choking them all with her shadow until they went unconscious. She turn her backs to the Marines who were barely awake to see her white phoenix in all it's glory that was on her black trench coat. She then took off to find her sensei. What she didn't notice was that there was a certain Marine who didn't fight who took a picture of her when she first did the Kagemane who also took off to follow after her.

Before she could get to her sensei she stopped in her tracks when she saw who was in front of her. Captain Hina was there with her hands on her hips with a pissed off expression on her face. "Hina is really pissed," she said coldly before rushing at Rei with speeds that said girl could barely keep up with. She suddenly felt an intense pain go through her head before she was sent crashing through one of the Marine ships. Picking herself up holding her bleeding head she finds herself surrounded by more Marines with Captain Hina jumping through the recently made hole in the ship.

'Damn shes fast,' Rei thought looking up at Hina's smirking face. "What are you going to do Rei let her beat you," Kira snarled speaking up giving a mental glare at Rei from her cage. 'No I'm not Kira let me use some of your chakra they are going to feel the full force of my power over the shadows,' Rei told Kira smirking at the surrounding Marines.

"I told you once before it's your chakra not mine," Kira told her while feeding Rei some of her chakra. 'I know but as long as your spirit is inside of me it is still your chakra,' she told her grimly knowing what would become of her friend's spirit one day. As soon as she finished her thought she felt the effects of Kira's chakra flowing through her making her appearance change slightly. Her black hair soon had highlights of red and yellow going through them. Her eyes changed from black slits to gold ones with a tinge of red in them. She was now showing a small fang sticking out the corner of her mouth. Her nails turn into claws and was covered in flames. Her whole body was giving off a golden and red aura. When she sees the reaction of the Marines she gives a small smirk before disappearing and reappearing in front of Hina giving her solid punch in her gut with her right flaming fist. Making Hina scream out in pain while clutching her scorching stomach. Before she could get over her pain she felt a kick connecting with her chin sending her out of the ship making her crash into another one station right next to it. Coughing up blood she stared at the girl who was giving her so much pain dealing with all of her men like they were new recruits fresh into the marines. She was fighting about fifty of her men on land with her appearance return to normal glaring fiercely at them.

Rei soon rushed at the group of Marines that were trying to block her way from going to her sensei. Thinking she had enough of this she flared some of her chakra and started making hand seals. After she went through about fifty seals she shouted her jutsu "Kagenuma no jutsu," she said slamming her hands on the ground. The shadows of the nearby buildings and ships gathered under the marines. Soon the shadows began dragging in the now screaming marines one by one until none where left. Giving one last look at the now gawking Hina she turn and left to search for her sensei. When she was almost out of ear shot she heard Hina yell out at her.

"DAMN YOU NARA, HINA WILL CAPTURE YOU," Hina screamed at the retreating form of Rei who she now dubbed as 'Shadow Phoenix' before going into the world of unconsciousness.

Scene Change: With Naruto

When Rei found her sensei she saw him knocking out another wave of Marines with his Kamaitachi no jutsu. She soon join him using her shadow to choke most of her victims. All the while the cameraman was taking pictures of them, while they battle the onslaught of Marines. When Naruto let lose another Kamaitachi he accidentally hit a Marine ship that was holding a special captive. One of the Shichibukai Sir Crocodile and he was pissed. When he got out of the ship he found the cause of why the ship had blown up. He saw a blond swinging a huge fan making huge whirlwinds taking down hundreds of Marine soldiers he looked to his right and found a girl using her shadow to strangle the Marines making them fall unconscious.

'Yes,' he thought 'I could use them to destroy Straw hat Luffy,' he thought with a craze smile before he rushed to the are using the powers of the Suna Suna no Mi. When he appeared everyone stopped their fighting. Crocodile points over to Naruto and Rei who also stop fighting and glared at the newcomer.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked in an icy tone. 'I don't trust the guy there's something wrong with him just like that Smoker guy I have a feeling that he wasn't using jutsu when he used that smoke attack to capture Rei. I had no time to think about then but now...' Naruto thought never taking his eyes off of Crocodile.

"Me? Everybody knows me I'm Sir Crocodile one of the Shichibukai and I'm here to recruit you two to help me get my revenge on a pirate known as Monkey D. Luffy. Will you help me? So what do you say?" he asked with a cocky smile knowing that he would accept since he now knew his name.

Naruto puts his fan down and raises his hand to Crocodile engulfing it in a dark fire with his Darkness eye flaring. Earning a few gasp of surprise for all who could see it. "Sorry but I never fight for revenge," he says with a cold smile on his lips. "Plus I don't like you now take this," Naruto yelled rushing towards Crocodile at speeds that he couldn't keep up with. He cocked his fist back as soon as he had reached him he yelled out "Jao Ensatsu Rengoku Shou," and started delivering fast punches to Crocodile sand body turning it into hot glass making it so he couldn't move. Naruto stared at him with cold eyes before getting an idea he jumps back towards his fan. He look back at Rei to see her fighting off more Marines.

"REI," he shouts at her to get her attention on him when he does he points at Crocodile who's glaring at Naruto with pure hatred.

"What are you? Did you eat the Mera Mera no Mi?" Crocodile snarled at him still trying to move his body but was unable to due to Naruto's previous attack. Naruto looks at him with confusion and tells him no. Crocodile laughs at him with a laugh that some people would call insane.

"Do know what a devil fruit is?" when he sees Naruto shake his head no he explains.

"You see there are people just like me all over the Grand Line who had eaten one of the fruits that gives us special abilities like me. My body is made out of sand because I ate the Suna Suna no Mi," he told him seeing his confusion gone place with another one. "Let me show you," he stated making his arms turn to sand but his body stay at the spot and sending it at Naruto who swiftly dodge Crocodiles attack. Sending another jao ensatsu rengoku shou at the sand and turning them into glass as well so he couldn't move his arms Naruto asks Crocodile an important question.

"What's the Grand Line?" when he says this looks a disbelief come all over the people in the area.

"YOUR IN THE GRAND LINE YOU IDIOT," shouted half the people there making Naruto clutch his ears.

"OK I don't care, ready for a combination attack?," when he finds that Rei was right next to him.

"Yes sensei," she replied lazily.

"OK I need you to do your strongest fire jutsu alright," he tells her and glaring at her slightly when he hears her say something along the lines of 'Troublesome blonds' she then preform her jutsu "Katon: Karyu Endan," she shouted shooting a stream of fire from her mouth while she's doing this Naruto grabs his fan and call out his jutsu

"Futon: Daitoppa," when the powerful air blast collided with the fire jutsu it turned in a giant firestorm heading right at Crocodile who was staring at the storm in fear. When the firestorm hit they called out "Faiasutoomu no jutsu," they shouted in unison turning Crocodile sand body into a glass one. They turn to see the many Marine boats lined up at dock. Looking at one another they came to a silent agreement. Going through some hand seals they call out there jutsus.

"Suiton: Daibakufu no jutsu," Naruto shouted destroying half of the Marine ships with large water blast from his mouth.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu," Rei called out creating a water dragon and destroying most of the other Marine ships. They see three Marine ships remaining and rushed towards one of them. Naruto uses a few Kage Bunshin to get the ship to start moving and they soon headed out to sea leaving the defeated Marines and one very pissed off Captain Smoker who just regain consciousness to make his report to the World Government leaders.

Scene Change: Marine Headquarters

"Did you all hear Smoker's report," said one of the men in the shadows holding a cane.

"Yes i did but I find it hard to believe that only two people too out two of our best and their men," replied another man running his hand through his long beard.

"I also find it hard to believe but, we all know that Smoker would not lie to us about something so important," an old woman said tapping her fingers on the desk in front of her.

"Yes and also he said that they had strange abilities not connected to the devil fruits," said another one of the men with brass knuckles on his hands.

"Yes an ability to use shadows to bind and choke people and who knows what else this girl could do with them," said the woman looking at a picture of Rei performing the Kage Kubi Shibari no jutsu on a dozen Marines.

"Also reports say that she killed a few dozen soldiers by engulfing them in her shadow," said the man with the cane now passing the picture with Naruto on it with his giant fan in his hand performing the Kamaitachi no jutsu.

"This boy Uzumaki Naruto is also a dangerous one," said the same man with the cane.

"Smoker tells me that he is the girl's sensei," said the woman also looking at Naruto's picture.

"The reports says that he is able to summon fierce winds with them and is capable of taking down a hundred Marines with one swing," another woman says this time a lot younger than the other one.

"Hina reports that some of her Marines saw him use some kind of darkness flame attack to turn Crocodile's sand torso into glass one," the woman finishes with a sadistic smirk on her face.

"Yes these two are dangerous indeed to be able to take down him without much trouble these two may become a problem not even Monkey D. Luffy was able to take him down without getting seriously injured from what my men tell me," the same young woman said with an even bigger smirk on her face then before.

"These two will be getting an higher bounty than that of Straw hat Luffy," said the man with the cane.

"I agree but what has me interested is the reports saying the strange transformation the two went through," one of the more silent members said out of the blue who was slightly older than the young woman. She was also in the shadows the only thing you could see of her was her black nail polish nails that were on the table in view for all to see.

"What transformation?" said the old woman glaring at the younger woman who just spoke. She never really liked the younger generation being in on their meetings.

"When Hina confronted this girl Nara Rei on one of the Marine ships she said that she went through a transformation. Her normal black hair gain red and yellow highlights in them. Her black slit eyes turn into a gold version with a tinge of red in them. Her normal hands turn into claws pretty much giving her a feral look," the woman explain rubbing her temples.

"What about the boy? Explain Shana," the old man with the cane demanded from the woman now known as Shana.

"Uzumaki's eyes become black with three white tomoe like markings surrounding the iris," she tells them passing around pictures of their transform appearances.

"I've decided on what bounty to give these two. Right now they are a threat to the World Government as is Straw hat Luffy but these two may pose more of a problem here is there bounty," the man with the cane said passing a paper around with the bounties they read as following.

"Uzumaki Naruto of the Darkness Flame - 125,000,000 beli,"

"Nara Rei The Shadow Phoenix - 110,000,000 beli,"

"They have an even higher bounty then Monkey D. Luffy did he defeated Crocodile," the man with the brass knuckles said in shock.

"Yes they do pose an even bigger threat then him so we must have them taken out as soon as possible," the man with the cane said in a tone that meant that he was completely serious.

"Yes they are a threat send out there bounty posters immmediately," the younger woman said hiding a grin in the shadows but was felt by the surrounding people.

"What do you find so amusing Elsa?" the man with the cane told her in a emotionless voice but held a demanding tone to it.

"Nothing really it's just that these two are going to make the hunt very interesting," she said before she got up from her chair then silently walked out the room with their pictures and bounty in her hands.

"If there is not anything else to be discuss this meeting is over," the man with the cane said who also left the room with the other members following all expect one who was still sitting tapping her black nails on the table.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Rei, and Monkey D. Luffy these three will pose a big problem for my plans in the future I just know it," Shana said quietly before also leaving the room to think over ways to get rid of those three pirates.

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