Once upon a time, a bunch of homeless guys were doing drugs since that's what homeless guys generally do. Then, a red car drove past and killed most of them. Then a cop jumped out of the car and the drugged up homeless guys were all like "Oh noz! It da coppers!". Then the cop pulled out a gun and started shooting at the druggies and the druggies all pulled out guns and started shooting at the cop but the cop just got down on his knees and kept shooting caus all the druggies bullets went over his head and they were too stupid to aim down. Then all the druggies died caus of too much lead passing through their crotches and they dropped all their drugs. The cop picked up all the drugs and said "lolz, these give me points! I wuv points. Wuv them like some sort of drug!". Then a clown jumped out of nowhere and stabbed him so he shot the clown but the clown had a friend who the cop shot to just because but all the shooting attracted more druggies who wanted to shoot stuff too so the cop shot them but then a druglord showed up and he was all like "Oh noz! U Killed ma customers! I'ma gona shoota you in da face 4 dat!" Then the druglord shot at the cop and the cop shot at the druglord but the druglord died and turned into a 10 foot tall statue of his own head that could shoot lazers n' stuff out of it's eyes but the cop shot that so it died too.

Then the cop walked into the druglord's bedroom and it was full of gold, so he was all like "lolz! I'ma gona take dis gold and buy a giraffe n' stuff!" so he did and was happy.

Then another cop showed up and was all like "Dude, this story sucks!" and the author was all like "oh well, no-one is going to read this anyways". "That's good" The second cop said, "I've only played the 1988 version, if anyone read this it might make no sense"! "I know," The author replied, "And since no-one is ever going to read this, we can do anything we want!". "Yay" said the cop, "That means I could make a fortune selling all the drugs I just confiscated from those hobos!". "Actualy, I'm looking up the wikipedia thing for the new NARC, cops can do that anyways now". "Realy!". "Yep, you can use them too, if you want". "But then what good would it do us that no-one will ever read this?". "Well, since this will never see the light of day, I can ignore basic punctuation rules. NO MORE PARAGRAPH STRUCTRE FOR ME! MUHAHAHA! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNREADABLE AND THERE IS NOUTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT CAUS YOU DIDN'T READ THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!"