"Wait a minute, our names are Jack and Marcus now? O.o" The blue cop asked. He actually ended the sentence with "Uppercase O period lower case o", just to get the point across.

"Apparently" said an author who long ago got bored with the entire premise. Like, after the first chapter had been submitted.

"Well, that's kinda cool" said the blue cop. Was this cop meant to be the smart one or the crazy one? I don't remember anymore, and I don't plan to re-read my work to find out.

"Agreed" agreed the author, who just re-read enough to learn I was referring to the cops by number, not color. Shame, now I don't know what I'm talking about. Uh.... don't know what I'm talking about even more-so, I wasn't sure of the point here in the first place.

"Wait, it was the red cop who was meant to be intelligent, this is a continuality error!" Said the blue cop.

The author then got bored. I wonder what's on TV.