FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 002- Middles

Fortune Cookies



Her eyes lingered upon the copy of Transfiguration Today that she was scanning through until she had finished the sentence she was reading. Minerva, not at all annoyed by the interruption of the silence, looked over her paper at Albus.

"Have one?" he offered, presenting her with a bowl of what, to her, resembled tiny golden, oddly-shaped inflated pairs of pants.

"What are those?" she asked, gawking at them as one would a quickly spreading infestation.

"These are Muggle treats," here Minerva rolled her eyes, "called fortune cookies. It is a tradition created by Americans to enjoy these after eating Chinese food," he answered. "You simply break open the cookie, and a note bearing a few words of wisdom or fortune is found inside," Albus explained fondly. "I've had the house elves to make some for me."

Minerva sniffed disdainfully. This sounded far too much like something from the useless subject of Divination for her liking.

"Go on and take one," he urged, his sparkling blue eyes perfectly accenting his soft smile.

"Oh, okay," Minerva said reluctantly, placing the copy of Transfiguration Today upon her lap and cautiously taking a cookie from the bowl.

"Now break it open like this," he said, demonstrating.

Minerva half expected the cookie to deflate as he broke it, as it appeared to be filled with air, though the shell was firm. She broke her own cookie in half and removed the slip of paper. The sloppy letters simply formed two words:

Albus Dumbledore

Minerva, taking this as a misunderstanding by the house elves of the concept of the fortune cookie, laughed to herself.

"It seems as though you're in my future, Albus," she said with a grin, holding up the strip of paper. "What does yours say?" she asked, wondering if the remainder of the cookies in the bowl all bore Albus's name as a small tribute from the house elves to the Headmaster.

Minerva thought she noticed a slight blush on Albus's cheeks as he cleared his throat and handed her his own fortune paper. She turned it over in her hand, fully expecting the same words to be on his paper as was on hers.

Minerva McGonagall

Minerva's eyes narrowed as she stared at her own name.

"I don't understand," she said.

In truth, she was not sure she even wanted to understand, but she never suspected that the house elves were aware of her feelings for Albus. Perhaps, though, they weren't aware... Maybe Minerva was allowing her emotions get ahead of her...

"I think," Albus began, now fighting to surpress a grin of his own, "that the house elves are trying to tell us something."

Full realization of Albus's words left butterflies in Minerva's stomach, but he did not seem to disapprove of the house elves' ideas or methods, as Albus was smiling openly now.

"Albus?" she said, her lips curving into a sly smile.

"Yes, my dear?"

Minerva, still clutching both of their fortune papers in her hand, leaned across the desk and gave Albus a sweet kiss on the cheek.

"I do hope my fortune comes true."