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Beginning of New Moon, and the Order of the Pheonix.

Sometimes things happen in a lifetime that shake you for the rest of your existence. Things you can't explain, or that don't have a rhym or reason. These things happen to me often, given my living style. You see, i'm friend with vampires and werewolves, and that has something to do with this story that I'm about to tell you. My boyfriend is a vampire, and that is how I got dragged, most willingly, into this series of unfortunate events. Although, it is very lucky that i've got him, other wise I'd probobly trip in front of a bus and die. I'm not the most well coordinated person on earth, you see.

And, as this story begins, another continues. The story of the Boy Who Lived, or 'The Chosen One', and I have most recently found out he's called. Strange, isn't it? Sounds like something out of Star Wars. His story started thirteen years before mine, as he was only a year old, and I was 17. He is now fifteen. And, let us venture into our small narrative, shall we?

It was dark, severely dark. I don't think i'd ever seen it get so dark in Forks, Washington. I hadn't the slightest idea as to where I was off to, but it was Forks. It was nearly impossible to get lost in this village. But, as simple as it is said, I got lost, and didn't know where I was until I saw several shining lights. I thought that maybe it was a road, and I could hitch a ride back home, but when I heard voices, I knew I was terribly mistaken.

"No, no, Master. Of course not." The raspy, weakened voice belonged to a short man. He had the features of a rat, and what looked like a silver left hand. The man he was talking to was conciderably taller with a balled head. His face interested me, for it was not that of a normal man. He looked very much like a snake, as the other man had a very large well fed rat. The snake-like man drew his wand and tapped the rat man's normal hand, then his silver one. The silver turned to flesh. The short man flexed it experimentally, a gitty grin spreading across his face. He dropped to his knees, gripping the snake-like man's cloak in his pudgy hands. "Thank you, master!" he sobbed. "Thank you!" The tall man nudged him away with the toe of his boot.

"Get off of me, you silly boy." He hissed. His voice, coincidentally, sounded very much like a snake's. The short man scurried a few feet away, and climbed to his feet again, stretching out his newly recovered hand.

As I watched this, I let out a frightened gasp. Unfortunatly, it was heard by the two men, and the tall one literally flew toward me. I stumbled backward, tripping over a bush root, and fell flat on my rear. When I looked up, the man was crouching over me.

"How much have you heard?" The men were British, and I had trouble answering him because I was trying to figure out what they were doing in Forks, Washington.

"N-not much." I squeaked.

"Then, too much, i'm sorry to say." He raised a wooden object, and all I had time to think was 'Not wizards, too!' when a blinding green light shot from the end of what I guessed was a wand. I felt strange, like an electric shock was flowing through my body. I drew in a shuttering breath, and then everything was dark.

My right collerbone was throbbing so badly it felt as though it may have been broken. I was still outside, lieing on the cold, dew covered grass. It was morning now, the sun had bairly risen above the trees.

"Bella?" Oh no...Please don't let Edward find me like this...please. I heard the worried calls of my vampire boyfriend, and groaned deeply. "Oh, no. Bella. Oh, no!" I felt his cold fingers press against the soft tissue of my chest, just beneath my collerbone. I groaned in pain. "Can you hear me, Bella, sweetheart? Are you with me?" I nodded vaguely.

"Yes." I breathed, and heard his relieved exhale. He scooped me up easily, supporting all of my weight as though it were nothing. He craddled me gingerly againt his chest.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Edward asked me as the slow rocking movement is his footsteps began to lull me back to sleep. I shook my head mechanically. He growled softly, holding me tightly against his chest as he walked.

"Where are we going?" I asked. Even though my voice was bairly audible, I knew he could hear me.

"I'm taking you to Carlisle." He responded gruffly. "I should have stayed with you tonight..." There was clear self blame in his voice, and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"It's not your fault, Edward. I was the stupid one. I went out when I shouldn't have."

"Even so, I'll feel better when Carlisle looks you over." Carlisle is Edward's father, so to speak. He, like Edward and the rest of the Cullens, is a vampire. He took Edward in after he saved him from the Spanish Enfluenza in 1918. Edward's mother and father died of the disease.

I fell asleep only a few minutes into the walk back to Edward's home. I woke when I heard the door open and close behind him. I began to speak, but Edward dumped me onto the couch and shooshed me softly. I looked up into his face; His features were hard and cold. He still blamed himself for what happened.