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I didn't spend much time in the Hospital Wing. Fifteen minutes, maybe. My ankle had definatly broken, but Madame Pomfrey fixed it quickly with a (What she called) simple spell and a foul tasting potion. Harry stayed with me through the whole process, rolling his eyes when the medi-witch began telling stories of his unfortunate time spent on the very bed I was seated on.

"I'm sure this won't be my last time in here..." I assured her with a sigh. "But maybe this is a good place for me...I don't need to spend three weeks in the hospital every time I trip over something."

"It happens often?" Harry asked from behind me, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Oh, more than you will ever be able to count, I'm sure." I told him. I twisted my ankle. Left. Right. Up. Down. Circles. Opposite way. Everything felt as it should, and I couldn't suppress a grin.

"Thank you, Madame Pomfrey." I said and hopped down (Carefully...) from the bed. She smiled at me and told me to be careful.

"If I see you in here more than twice a week, I'll be forced to strap you to a board." Though her warning was good natured, I marked her words.

"Ready to go back to class?" Harry asked, pulling a face and grabbing my arm to steady me as I swayed slightly, trying to get my balance back.

"Uhm...no?" He laughed and we began the journey back to Professor Severus Snape's lair.

"So glad you've decided to grace us with your presense, Miss Swan." Snape said sarcastically. I resisted sticking my tongue out and was carefull not to trip again as I made it to my seat next to Edward. He smiled at me.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

"Mister Cullen, you will have time to socialize at a later date. Kindly pay attention." Edward quarked an eyebrow at the teacher's tone. As he began to speak again, a searing pain shot through my chest, originating from the scar. I hissed in pain and heard a similar sound next to me from Harry. He had clapped a hand to his forhead, as I had done to my chest, and had his face contorted in pain.

"Detention! Potter and Swan!" Snape growled, swooping toward us. "You may not know the rules here, Miss Swan, but in my class, I do not tolerate distractions." I could feel his breath hot on my face and shrunk back slightly, my hand still massaging the tender area below my collar bone. I glanced at Harry. He was mimicking my actions to his forehead and glaring daggers at the man only two inches away from me. Edward made a noise next to me and looked at Snape expectantly.

"Oh..." I groaned and feared for his existance. Snape looked as though he was contemplating whether or not to tear Edward into a million little pieces, but backed off.

"Tonight, you will be cleaning cauldrons and potions supplies. No protective gloves are needed..." Hary and I both shot him the dirtiest looks we could muster and set about cleaning the piles of phials and cauldrons that had accumulated themselves in the corner. Somehow, that pile seemed much smaller when I was in class.

Three hours later, and we had barely made a nick in the mountain. Harry was working on a large bottle with some sort of black supstance lodged inside. His hand wasn't small enough to fit inside the mouth, and Snape hadn't permitted us to use our wands. Not that it would have done me a lot of good anyway. The cloth I was using was quickly becoming the same color green as the potion residue left inside of the cauldron I was cleaning. The substance, though dilluted by the cleaning materials, began to burn my skin and I dropped it with a hiss of pain. The green potion splashed every where, landing on my bare hands and arms.

"Ow.." I mumbled. Then it started to burn terribly. "Ow! Ow! OW!" I lept up, dropping the cauldron on the floor where it couldn't cause me any more harm and jumped back. My back hit something hard and I spun around to face my teacher.

"Look what you've done, you stupid girl!" He shouted, and flicked his wand. The potion was gone, and the burning stopped. I sighed in relief and sank back down onto the ground. His criticism bounced off of me.

"Thank you, Professor..." I mumbled. He sneered at me and waved a hand. "Go. Get out of my site." I scurried to my feet and Harry and I rushed out of the classroom.

Thanks for reading. It's really short again, sorry. I'm working on more, though!