This I just thought of while reading volumes 11 & 12 (the ones with Yin and Yang and Tsubasa and Kazuma's relationship). And since there aren't many Yin and Yang stories, I decided to work on one.

Kazuma isn't actually introduced into the story until later on, so for now, he'll be the narrator.

Well, I think you already know who I am, Kazuma Shibahime, present day vocalist for the world famous band, Yin and Yang. I'm sure you already know the members of the band as well:

Ushio- The leader of Yin and Yang. He seems to care for me a lot more than any of the other members. He puts up with Atsuya and his daily drinking bouts and everything that goes along with it. He's the best bass guitar that I have ever seen (partially because he's the only one that I've seen…).

Atsuya- Both Atsuya and Ushio created the Yin and Yang band, they were the two starting members Ushio as the bass guitar and Atsuya as the guitar (not a good start). Atsuya likes to drink, whenever I see him, usually he is or getting ready to drink a can or bottle of alcohol. Atsuya is the comic relief of the band, he seems to like yelling and teasing me constantly before and after concerts.

Martin- The drummer of the band, he was in 'Visual Kei' before deciding that he wanted his fans to like his music, not his looks. His transformations always cause me to laugh; he looks totally different!

Joker- The youngest (apart from me) member of the Yin and Yang band. There is about a 6-year difference between Ushio (and Atsuya) and Joker (I don't know how much older Martin is). He plays the keyboard in the back with Martin. Like Atsuya, he likes to drink and is a bartender where I work now.

Well, the band members had a strange past that I didn't know about until recently. I guess Atsuya 'accidentally' let it slip that Ushio's ex-girlfriend was the one who made the band change the name to 'Yin and Yang'.

I didn't even think Ushio had a girlfriend. I mean, he did mention that he was in love once, but I didn't think he actually had a girlfriend. He just wasn't the type I guess.

Anyway, this was how the topic came up during one of our 'normal' practices.

"Alright! Let's get practicing!" Atsuya shouted in his own obnoxious way. Everyone except Kazuma ignored Atsuya and his orders. Ushio was tuning up his guitar; Martin was drinking with Joker on the table off the side. Kazuma had been talking to Ushio earlier.

"HEY, I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Atsuya roared, throwing a can of alcohol at the table. It missed both Joker and Martin by several feet, bounced off of the wall, and almost hit Ushio square in the head.

"Wow," Atsuya scratched his head. "I forgot how strong I really am…"

"You forgot?" Ushio picked up the can and Kazuma watched him, with interest, throw it straight back at Atsuya. It hit him on the forehead and fell the floor, where Kazuma picked it up and tossed it in the trash.

"YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A CONCUSSION!" Kazuma slapped his hands over his ears when Ushio started yelling. It wasn't often that the leader of Yin and Yang lost it, but when he did, it sounded like firecrackers.

The whole room erupted into chaos as alcohol cans were thrown every which way (Kazuma ducked twice), Joker and Martin were howling in laughter and banging the table. Martin fell of the table and started rolling on the floor.

It took several minutes for the entire group to calm down. By then, the room was a mess. Atsuya's hair was sticking up in different directions. Ushio's usually neatly tied hair had become an undone, tangled mess.

"Okay then, why don't we postpone this practice until tomorrow," Ushio coughed, slightly embarrassed that he had lost his own calm nature.

"Sounds good!" Atsuya waved another alcohol can in the air. Taking a huge swing, he looked over at Kazuma, "Hey Kazuma, did you ever get that cute little girl to like you?"

"Oh Tsubasa? Oh…well…yeah. We're engaged," Kazuma shrugged. Atsuya spit out the alcohol in his mouth, Ushio dropped his guitar case, Martin's mouth fell open, and Joker dropped an alcohol can.

"You're WHAT?" Kazuma covered his ears once more as all of the band members shouted.

"Well…uh…I'm happy for you," Ushio coughed again, his cheeks tinted pink. Atsuya elbowed him. "Uh, we're happy for you both."

"Thanks guys!" Kazuma grinned.

"Let's celebrate! With more alcohol!" Atsuya pulled out a whole new pack of alcohol from out of nowhere. They all took one, opened it and drank. Soon the room was filled with huge amounts of talking.

Kazuma immediately noticed that the leader wasn't paying attention or participating in the celebration. He was now sitting at the table that Martin and Joker abandoned.

"What's wrong with Ushio-san?" he asked the nearest member, which happened to be Atsuya.

"Oh, him? He's quiet. You know, he's just…uh…embarrassed," the member took another long drink.

"Of what?" the youngest member wondered, he didn't mean to pry, but he was curious to know why Ushio wasn't participating. Usually he would be in the group as well, not spaced out like now.

"Or he could be deeply ashamed," Atsuya wasn't paying attention to Kazuma anymore. The effect of the alcohol was finally taking its toll on the guitar player.

"He dumped his girlfriend a few years ago, I thought she was pretty gorgeous if I say so…made us lose three rounds in a row…"

"Huh?" Kazuma watched as Atsuya wandered over to his best friend and almost hit him on the head.

"Isn't that right, Ushio?" Atsuya grinned. "Kazuma beat you—". Kazuma blinked and missed what happened next,

Atsuya went flying and the door slammed shut, Ushio was gone.

"What happened to him?" Martin asked, untangling him from the mess of limbs. It seemed as if Atsuya had fallen on top of both Martin and Joker, only Joker was out cold.

"Atsuya," Kazuma immediately pointed at the beer-happy guitarist.

"Kazuma!" Atsuya wasn't totally drunk yet and he pointed at Kazuma. Both of them sweatdropped and looked at each other.

"Atsuya asked Ushio about his girlfriend!" Kazuma accused.

"Kazuma wanted to know!"

"Well, that is a touchy subject with our leader," Martin folded his arms. "Might as well tell Kazuma now, instead of trying to waste years trying to get it out of Ushio."

"What happened?" Kazuma sat on the ground in front of Martin, waiting to hear the story.

"Well, this happened about a year before you became an official member. It was around the time when Yin and Yang were unnamed…" Martin started droning on, his only audience was Kazuma. Atsuya was yawning, and Joker was still out cold.

So that's how I figured out that the Yin and Yang members had a lot more to hide than their appearance from the public.

I found Ushio later on that day. He was walking around the shopping district; his face clearly showed that he was lonely. It was kind of strange, seeing him walk around aimlessly. Actually, it was strange to see him wandering around a normal shopping district in the first place, seeing how he was always busy with Yin and Yang's concerts.

"Ushio-san!" Kazuma ran up to the lone band member. He found it unusual that the leader of Yin and Yang would wander around with his hair untied and flowing in the breeze.

Only when they went to the beach did Kazuma see Ushio untie his hair. But he wasn't near a beach at all, and he wasn't going to jump in the river, which meant that something was bothering the older man.

"Ushio-san!" he grabbed his sleeve. Ushio turned and looked down at Kazuma and opened his mouth to speak.

"Kazuma!" a familiar voice called out from behind. Kazuma turned and saw…Ushio walking up to him…his hair was tied up.

Instead of the look of sadness that the man Kazuma and grabbed, the Ushio behind him wore a look of concern, one that he usually reserved for Kazuma during his troubled times.

"What are you doing here?" Ushio put his hand on Kazuma's shoulder and looked down at him.

Kazuma didn't answer. Instead, he lifted his hand and pointed at the man in front of him.

Both men looked at each other, each daring the other to make their first move.

"Come on Kazuma," Ushio finally pulled Kazuma away. "Let's get back to the apartment."

"But—" Kazuma threw one last look over his shoulder at the other Ushio.

"What would you like to eat for dinner?" the Ushio leading him away quickly changed the subject, realizing that Kazuma was looking at the man they left behind over his shoulder.

The other Ushio still had an air of sadness around him. His long black hair blew in the breeze that the wind from the river had picked up. Kazuma watched him turn and look over the balcony over the river.

So that's how I found out about Ushio's well-kept secret. He had kept it a secret for many years; something must have made him ashamed of his previous girlfriend.

The next day, Ushio had left early to speak with the manager of the stadium where we were going to perform in, leaving me alone in the apartment with Atsuya.

Atsuya decided to fill me in with information regarding Ushio's strange behavior, obviously he had been trying to keep it a secret from me.

"Well Joker never would have known if I hadn't told him," Atsuya muttered, a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and his arms above his head. Kazuma was sitting attentively in front of him, waiting for him to continue on with the story.

"Back then, it was only Ushio, martin, and me," he murmured sleepily. "We were an unnamed band. We played in several contests regarding how well our music was to get a good record deal. But in every concert that we went to, we always lost to the same band: Rythmatics. They were the best band that we ever crossed."

"What does this have to do with Ushio-san?" Kazuma wondered, starting to get impatient.

"I'm getting there!" Atsuya busied himself by opening yet another can of beer.

"Anyway, the first time we played the Rythmatics band was in the same stadium where we're going to play tomorrow. The Rythmatics band plays dirty. One of the members took Ushio's place during the concert, messed up our rep. And we lost." He took a swing of beer. "We lost every time after that for about a year."

Kazuma's mouth fell open. Yin and Yang lost a music competition? They were so popular now!

"Well, it was sunny day, everyone was in high hopes that we'd be able to 'wow' the judges during the concert…" Atsuya started telling his story.

Well there's the end of the first chapter, hope it looked okay. If I exaggerated some of the character's attitudes, then I'm sorry. Chapter 2 will be out soon, I promise!

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