Where... am I?

I know what happened. I blew up. Literally. In order trying to kill that Uchiha brat... but I still don't know where I am. It's light... and I'm on clouds. I stood up, noticing a pair of soft, white wings coming from my back.

I was... in heaven? Impossible. I was way too evil to even consider arriving here. But it seemed so empty, barren... scary, almost. Deiciding to explore my surroundings, I took a few steps, trying to keep my balance. My whole body ached... and I had no clue if I could fly yet. But I continued walking.

Wait. Sasori died too, didn't he? Would he be here too? I inhaled, hoping so. That's why I was so happy when I died... I'd be reunited with him! My Danna! With a grin spreading on my face, I continued to walk around. "Danna, where are you...?"

After a while, I gave up. I sat down, sighing. What if he wasn't here? Did I put myself in more pain by walking... for nothing? I thought all hope was lost... until...


My eye widened. That voice. I knew THAT voice. I turned around. "S-Sasori..."

He helped me up. For a moment, we just stared at eachother, speechless.

"You're here..." He gave a small grin. "I missed you."

I was still unable to speak, mostly because I felt like I was about to cry. He... was here. "I-I missed you, too..." I drew him into a kiss. That's what I missed the most.

And, I know he missed it too.