Zelos sighed softly, his green eyes trained on the dark sky, watching the stars. It was one of the few times during the day he didn't smile. Those still moments before sleep, as the moon climbed higher into the sky, his companions deep in slumber, made him feel lonely. At this time of night, he would give anything for a warm body to wrap himself around, the feel of a heartbeat against him, the warmth of a human's breath on his neck.

He sighed again, rolling onto his side, and curled into his blanket, closing his eyes. Soon enough, his exhaustion would let him forget his dejection and allow him to sleep.

"Hey, Zelos," the voice was quiet, hesitant. "Are you still awake?"

"Yeah," he planted a smile on his face for the boy. "What do you need, Lloyd?"

A blush crept into the teenager's cheeks. "I'm-I-Well, will you let me sleep with you?"

Zelos' head lifted from his pillow in surprise, but he smiled again, genuinely, "Of course." He lifted the corner of his blanket and let him crawl in beside him, draping his hand across his hip.

Lloyd tucked himself into his arms, nuzzling his head into his chest. "Thanks, Zelos."

He laid his cheek against his hair, closing his eyes. No, thank you.