Title: Like A Woman Scorned

Author: Demongirl

Disclaimer: All things Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter belong to their respective owners.


"Hi, Charlie."

Charlie Weasley had been on one of his rare breaks from his dragon-keeping job in Romania, and he'd chosen to spend said break not back home, but somewhere he'd spent time in, a long time ago. Cleveland, Ohio.

While in Cleveland, Ohio, Charlie had run across a problem. Not a big one, but a small one. A Hungarian Horntail had somehow gotten loose from a dragon-proof container that was supposed to transport it to a magical settlement in a nearby city.

Charlie had been with a few friends at the time the report of the dragon's disappearance reached his ears. It had been decided that one of them should go and help contain the dragon. Charlie had drawn the short straw.

Little had he known that the Watchers Council had involved itself in the mess the Horntail had created. Little had he known that the Watchers Council had sent its official Head Slayer to bring the dragon down, dead or alive.

Little did Charlie Weasley know, that the Head Slayer of the Watchers Council was none other than Buffy Summers, his ex-girlfriend. Buffy Summers, the girl he had met, courted, and left behind in sunny Los Angeles, California, and then met again while on another break from his job, grovelled to, courted, and, yet again, left behind in London, England, where she had moved to after the unfortunate destruction of Sunnydale.

Poor Charlie had no way of knowing that Buffy Summers' wrath was much more dangerous to him than the possible burns he would receive from the Hungarian Horntail.

After all, a dragon hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or something along the lines of that.

"Uhm, how've you been?"

"Oh, great. You know me, battling demons here and there, staking vampires before breakfast and then helping obviously useless wizards with their little sticks contain dangerous dragon problems."

"Oh. That's nice."

"Nice seeing you, Charlie."

"Yeah, you too-, hang on! Useless wizards? I'm not bloody useless, I-. Oh, sod it all. Buffy, do you have plans tonight?"


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