Ghost stories Hajime/Satsuki

My characters :kyo, chi (not from chobits) and yuki (there sisters )

There blond hair with a blue strike in the front, yuki has blue eyes, chi has brown and

kyo has blue/green,

Ghost stories characters: satsuki, hajime, momoko, Keiichirou, Leo.

I think u now what they always wear.

Ghosts, love and just plain wired

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" kyo yelled after getting off the phone.

"kyo whats wrong" chi and yuki asked curiously looking from the phone to kyo

" t-t-the-ere w-a-as s-s-om-e-wone p-p-pl-ayi-ng –"kyo stopped for a second and looked out the window with a look of pure terror.

Yuki and chi look out to were kyo was looking and……….. ………….they saw ……………HAJIME looking in the window from satsuki's living room, all the girls screamed because the boy was so hot, they ran over to (his house) and knocked on the door.

"all get it"hajime yelled getting up from the couch.

"hello" hajime asked well looking at the girls " hi im yuki and this are my sisters kyo and chi were your new neighbors" hajime looked at the girls well raising and eyebrow.

"hajime who's at the door" satsuki said coming into vow "oh u must be his sister im yuki and this is chi and kyo were your new neighbors" satsuki looked at the girls and now that they liked hajime.

"ok look im not his/her sister/brother because she/he's my girlfriend/boyfriend"satsuki and hajime said at the same time

to be continued

sorry that its so sort but I didn't have time to right that much

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