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I threw the book on the floor, closed my eyes, and let my head sink below the surface of the water. My arm was tossed haphazardly over the side of the tub. I laid there as long as my lungs would allow, and came back up for air. I looked around the rundown bathroom. The cracked floor had mold growing in between the tiles, the wallpaper was peeling, and the mirror was old and spotty. I decided I'd had enough soaking, and pulled myself out of the tub. I wrapped one of the few towels I owned around my body, and looked at my face in the mirror. I hadn't completely washed my eye makeup off, so I had raccoon circles under my eyes. I sighed, and put my hand over my reflected face on the mirror. I switched the light off, and headed for my bedroom.

It wasn't only the bathroom that was rundown. This whole place was. There were big chunks of the walls missing, and the wood floors were rotting in places. I looked around my humble abode, and tried not to be bitter. I sighed again, and threw my naked self down on my bed, and cried out in pain. I jerked upright, and looked down at the mattress. A spring was sticking out of the bed, through the sheets and everything. Damn. I would have to turn the mattress over later. I couldn't afford another mattress at this point in time. I dressed, and pulled my wet hair back into a ponytail.

I headed for the kitchen, and pulled open the fridge. There was a wedge of cheese, and a hunk of ham. My eyes scanned the counter. There was a half loaf of bread. Score. I could have a sandwich. As I was carving off things to put on the bread, I wondered how long this was going to last. How long was I going to be in this crappy apartment? How long was he going to make me wait for him? Was I going to starve here? No, no he wouldn't let me do that. Would he? I mean, he did kick me out. It had been two months now…oh god, I was delusional. He would never take me back. Not now. It had been two months. Two months! He was probably shacking up with some other chick. I mean, he's a prince for god's sake.

But, after all, I'd been in a situation somewhat like this before. I mean, it was slightly different. I had food, and my mattress didn't injure me. But I did have a stepmother and two stepsisters bitching at me all the time. I could take this better than I could take that. I knew they were waiting for me to come back, begging to take my lackey job back, and be at their beck and call again. Well, I hated to break it to them, but that so wasn't happening. I did have some dignity left.

Yep, that's right. I'm Cinderella. Saved by the oh-so-wonderful prince from her horrid situation with her stepfamily. What a crock. Yes, he did somewhat rescue me from my stepmother, and once upon a time (pun intended) I did think that I loved him. And I really thought he loved me. He took me to his palace on his white horse, and married me. He told me I was the most special thing in the universe, and that he would love me till the end of time. He was a liar. Two months ago, he told me that he needed to "think" about our relationship, and whether or not it was going to work out. He also told me that he thought we would both be better off if I left the palace while he thought things out. Never mind that I was broke as an I don't even know what, and that that palace was as big as 100 houses smashed together, and that if you didn't feel like seeing someone, you could avoid them forever. But I guess he didn't want to risk catching sight of me in one of the 7 kitchens, or 150 bathrooms. Whatever.

So here I was, 2 months later, and I've heard nothing. Nothing. No letters, no phone calls, no message by courier. Nothing. I understand his need to think (sort of) but seriously. Give a girl some notice. Don't leave me hanging here! I need to know if I need to make long term arrangements or something.

As I was biting into my sandwich, there was pounding on the door. I rushed to open it, and guess who it was? If you guessed Prince Charming, you're right. There he was, in the flesh. I couldn't believe it. He stood there, looking at me like I was crazy. I remembered the state of my face, and blanched. I hadn't been expecting anyone, especially not him. I slammed the door in his face, and ran to the bathroom. I heard his velvet voice, muffled by the door.

"Sweetheart, open the door. I really don't care if you have raccoon makeup. I've seen you look worse. You used to be a maid, remember?" I got done wiping my face off, and yanked the door open. He strode past me, and into the living room. He gestured to my beat up red velvet sofa. His right eyebrow rose, and there was a glint in his eye. "May I?"

"Be my guest. Be careful of springs though, I don't know when that thing is going to give out. It's been groaning heavily for the last 2 weeks." I said dryly. I seated myself in a cracked green vinyl chair. He lowered himself on to the couch, which screamed in protest.

"I wanted to come here, and talk to you. I…I want to try a legal separation. Just for awhile. I realized that I married you in haste. I mean, god Cindy, I danced with you once. Once!" He looked at me like it was my fault he had proposed to me. I told myself to remain calm. But my temper wouldn't be reigned in. I picked up the heavy, chipped crystal ash tray that was sitting on the end table, and launched it at his head. It missed, shattering on the back wall, and startling him. I stood up, and began yelling at him.

"God, Char. Don't you think you could have told me this 2 months ago, instead of kicking me out! I mean, I've gone all this time without a word, and here you are, telling me you want a goddamn separation! What am I supposed to do! I am princess; after all, I do have duties to fulfill, and obligations to attend to! Jesus! I can't believe you! You married me, and then kicked me out. What am I supposed to do for money? A place to live? Food? UGH!" I was so angry that I literally saw red.

"Relax, babe. You can move back into the palace. I'll provide everything for you. I'll eat with you, I'll give you money for shopping, but I won't share my bed with you." He smiled like he was being kind. My blood ran cold, in fact, I'm pretty sure it froze in my veins.

"There's someone else, isn't there? Are you…are you with someone else?" I whispered. I was so cold on the inside that that was all I could get out.

"Uh, yeah. I was alone for 2 months, babe. I couldn't just be alone, that would be weird. And you weren't there, so…" He trailed off. I was about to let loose on him again, when there was a loud pounding on the door. I stalked to open it, and flung it open.

"What do you want?" I practically snarled.