From Ninja to Pirate Till I See You Again

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Chapter one: One Little Girl

Naruto was awoken from his deep and peaceful sleep by a frantic pounding at his door, blond hair mussed, blue eyes half-closed. His stumbled out off his futon and placed his bare feet on the ground. He was wearing green pajama pants and a white and green long sleeved top. He stumbled down the narrow hallway that separated his bedroom from the living/kitchen room and that held the door going into the crammed bathroom and the one going outside. The whole apartment was painted a light blue, there were wholes in the walls from his training, the only room that could be called roomy, was the living/kitchen room with his wide open windows, it's greenery that hung from the window garden boxes, it's soft couch, broken though it was.

But Naruto ignored it all and stumbled to the door, opening it he found the Hokage Tsunade, who he affectionately called baachan, a busty blond woman who wore her long hair in two pigtails, wearing a Grey tank top, black Capri, black healed sandals, and a green trench coat that said the word gamble on the back. She was out of breath, her eyes were wide, she looked frantically all around as if expecting an enemy to pop out of no where. Behind her stood assistant and the niece of the man she loved, Shizune. Shizune was a thirty-year-old woman who wore her hair cut to her chin. She wore a loose black yuuka and the same black sandals as her master. In her arms she carried a little pink pig by the name of Tonton.

"Naruto!" She whispered shoving her way past him and into the small hallway;. She pushed him into the living room, followed by Shizune who closed and barricaded the door. Both were still out of breath, he tried to get them to sit down, tried to get them a glass of water at the least, but Tsunade gripped his arm as s if it was the last thing that anchored her to the world of the living. Then, suddenly she let go of his arm, turned, and ran from the room. When he caught up to her his room was in shambles, a bag sat at her feet half-packed.

"What the hell are you doing, Tsunade-baachan?" he shouted, running up to her as she tried to stuff scrolls of powerful jutsus Jariaya had given him during their three years of training into the bag.

She looked up at him, tears running freely down her face, "I don't want you to die, baka." she broke from his grasp and continued her mission.

"Baachan? What do you mean?" he felt, rather then heard, Shizune step into the room behind them. "Shizune! What the hell is going on? Answer me!"

"We were in a meeting with the elders," Shizune began, "at first it was about the Akatsuki and Team Snake problems, but it eventually led to you." she stepped away from him and pulled his regular clothes from his dresser. A pair of orange pants, a black tank top, and a Orange and black jacket that held his symbol, a swirl, on the back. "They proposed we lock you up, when Tsunade-sama disagreed they agreed with her and said that would stop the Akatsuki from gaining the Kyuubi," the kyuubi, was the nine tailed fox that was sealed within Naruto by the Yodaime Hokage, "that we should kill you and thus Kyuubi," Naruto's mind went blank, after all he had done. Hadn't he fought Sabaku when the sound and sand attacked Konoha three years ago? Hadn't he risked his life to try and bring Sasuke back to the village? Hadn't he?! Didn't it mean anything to them? All he had done!

"I won't... I won't," Tsunade cried, beginning to stuff his clothes into a bag, "...lose another precious person. You must leave. Now! The Anbu will be coming for you in the early morning hours." His village his home. But still he agreed, he couldn't die, not here, not now, he still had his goals after all. He bent down and dragged from under his bed a book, a book of pictures that contained all of his most precious memories. He placed it atop the bag Tsunade was packing before taking the clothes Shizune offered him and going into the bathroom and changing. They risked their lives for his, the least he could do was... there was nothing he could do now.

"OK, baka," Tsunade said as he came back from the room, she had packed everything he would need to survive out there that had been in the room. She picked it up and walked towards the kitchen/ living room combo. Shizune and Naruto could hear her doing the same in there that she did in Naruto's room. A sweat drop formed on Naruto's and Shizune's head as they listened, soon though they blocked out the noise. Naruto went to his dresser and tied his kunai holder around his leg, he stuffed in a few scrolls Tsunade had forgotten in there and attached his shuriken holder to his right leg. With the air of one who did this daily, he tied a bandages around the other leg. Behind him he heard Shizune pick up the mess Tsunade caused and heard her mumbled 'No need to broadcast that you ran'. He stepped from he room and followed Tsunade's trail. His bathroom door was open, his toothbrush and hairbrush missing, he knew she already packed them. "Your ready, now go!" she said, running from the room carrying his pack. Shoving it into his hands she shoved him towards the door. "When it's safe for you to return we'll send someone for you, ask them... ask them... what the bet was that you won my necklace from. And...and... Take Tonton!" as if from second though she took the said pig from Shizune and also put him into the blond boy's arms, ignoring Shizune's shocked cries of 'Tsunade-sama'. "He'll be able to warn you if there are enemies about." She pulled him into a hug then. "Don't die Naruto, become stronger, stronger then any this village has ever seen and stay safe. Stay safe." Then she pushed him out the door and Shizune and her got back to making the place look normal.

Naruto looked sadly at the door for a few moments, Tsunade's prays of 'stay safe' still ringing in his ears. Then he turned and with a flash of his blond hair he was in the air and on his way to the main gates of Konoha. He passed Sakura's house, sending wishes that they won't interrogate her, passed the Hyuuga compound, wishing for them to stay safe as well, passed the Nara house, the Yamanka flower shop, Kiba's place, Shino's, all his friends, leaving his wishes with them and promises to return. He hoped they understood. Soon enough he was at the gates, he used all the skills he learned from years of running from the villagers who were intent on killing him to get over the gate undetected. Soon enough he was ninkuin, a missing-nin. From now on he was running for his life, running from those he cared most about. I'll be the best, Like there never was. I'll make you want me back! was his promise as Konoha slid from his view.

"Get back here you monster!" one of the anbu squad that Konoha had sent after him shouted. It was the forth of the day, they were weaker then the other three, but stronger then many shinobi could hope to be. It didn't help that Naruto was exhausted.

He had been on the run for almost a month now and there was barely a moment in which he got to rest. You would have thought they would be glad the demon was gone, Naruto couldn't help the thought from forming. He was running on empty, there were three enemies behind him, and it took all that he got to keep ahead of them. Luckily they were now at the boarder of the fire country, once he crossed they would have to get permission from the feudal lord in that country before following him and by that time he'll make sure he...

One of the shinobi from behind hi flung a shurikin, lucky for Naruto the nin's marksmanship wasn't the greatest, it grazed his shoulder before embedding itself into a tree a few yards ahead of him. Damn, it seems I have to fight. Though Naruto was no longer considered a shinobi of the village of Konoha, he still didn't want to fight someone of his former home and accidental end up killing off another of the limited numbers Konoha already had. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.

But he had to.

When he reached the shurikin that was embedded into the tree he spun around and sent a volley at the anbu. The volley of weapons hit the anbu with no regrets hitting them in places that would knock them unconscious or temporally paralyze them. Naruto drew a sword that he took from a anbu a few days after leaving Konoha. The conscious man looked up at him scared. "Pl..please...mercy!"

Naruto planned all along to give the men mercy, but he wanted to strike fear in his heart, wanted him to know what it was really like when death was closing closely on him. "You wish mercy from one you would show no mercy to?"

"O...Orders...we were following orders," tremors wracked his body at they cold look the fifteen year old boy gave him. Naruto cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting for the answer to his unasked question, though he believed he knew already, "Danzo... Danzo's orders." They were Root. It didn't surprise him, why should it? He had once tried to have Sasuke killed. He was a threat to Konoha now that he wasn't there. And according to the two elders, Koharu and Homaru, he must be eliminated. He knew it was Danzo who suggested that they kill him, he knew that it was Koharu and Homaru who wanted to lock him up. He wouldn't, couldn't, allow them to.

"No!" A forth, hidden, anbu shouted attacking Naruto with a sword. Carelessly Naruto allowed the man to push him further and further back. Soon he was at a cliff and out of the tree. Far below him was the river that cut through the valley of the End. The two statues of the first and second Hokages watched them in what, as it seemed to the anbu, approval about what was about to happen.

With one final push the anbu sent the boy that held the Kyuubi over the edge. Down and down he fell and before he could gather chakura in his feet to soften his fall and make sure he didn't go under the water. The anbu that pushed sent the same volley of kunai and shurikin at Naruto that he had sent at the three anbu, this time with the intent to kill. He plunged head first into the water, shurikin and kunai sticking out of him.

There was a flash of bright light before everything went dark around him.

Rika of Shell Town stood staring at the beach. She was only six-years-old and if her mother, Ririka, found out she was here alone on the beach so early in the morning she would freak. But it happens her mother was in the next town getting their supplies. One of their neighbors was supposed to be watching her, but the old woman was very easy to slip by.

Rika had brown hair that was tied into two cute little pigtails. Today, like always, she wore a blue and purple stripped dress. She carried a purple bucket in her hand as she looked for shells, shells that she and her mother could use to decorate the tavern they owned and ran. then she saw it, the most beautiful shell ever.

It was a little bigger then the side of her hand. It was purple and blue stripped like her dress. It was shiny and perfect, not a blemish on it. It would look beautiful in their apartment. But the tide was about to come in and it was right there, and she couldn't swim. It was too perfect to resist. She ran to it never seeing the wave coming towards the shore till it was too late. Till it pulled her in and under. Clutching the shell to her chest she tried to swim, but, to her at least, it was pointless. She couldn't swim one handed even if she was one of the best swimmers.


Naruto came to on a beach. In some deep crevice of his mind he wandered how far the river carried him. He found he could breath easier. Did he have that many holes in him? He looked down, all the shurikin and kunai were gone, probably pulled out by the river's current, and the wounds were healed.

Better thank me kit, the Kyuubi said to him from its' cage deep in his mind. If I didn't use my chakura to soften our fall, we would be dead.

So that was the light? he questioned sitting up and looking around. The soft, sandy ground where he lay was covered in shells of bright colors, but there was no river that he could see. Surely if he was unconscious and in the ocean, he would be dead. Right?

We fell into another world, kit. Another world, imagine what we can do here. Naruto ignored him and sat up straighter. He could of sworn he heard someone scream for help.

"Help!" the person's voice came again. A child he realized. Naruto stood up quickly and looked around, when he saw her, bobbing in the water, flapping her tiny arms.

Kit! What are you doing? The Kyuubi shrieked at him as he stripped off his clothes till he stood in only his boxers. Without regards for his own safety, and ignoring the Kyuubi's, he jumped in doing swift strong strokes towards the girl. You can walk on water you BAKA!

Ignoring the Kyuubi he swam as fast as he could towards the girl, disregarding how chilly the water was, how cold he was. Only thinking about the tiny girl in the water who might not make it very longer. "Hold onto me!" he shouted over the ocean's waves as he reached the girl. She did as she was told.

BAKA! Get on top of the water! the Kyuubi screamed in terror against the cold water that seemed to seep into his cage. Naruto sent a mental shut up at him, but did as he was told.

"Don't be afraid," he cautioned the girl, but found out she was unconscious. On top of the waves, barely able to keep his chakura steady and keep himself up on top, he ran to wear his clothes lay. He shrugged on his orange pants when he reached there, gathered he stuff in one hand, and wrapped his orange and black jacket around her and set off to where he hoped civilization was. TonTon trailing behind.

"My baby!" came a shriek as a woman of medium height, short brown hair like the girl's cut to the chin, wearing a green dress, as she ran forward from the gate of the town where she stood by a cart and took the girl from Naruto.

"She was in the water," he explained as the woman began to lead the way through the town. "I heard her scream and..."

"You jumped in," she cut across him leading the way into a dark tavern, "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu. You saved my baby."

"Is there anything else I can do? Anything at all?" not knowing he shivered from the cold, not caring all he wore were pants that were bright orange. It didn't matter right now, what mattered now was the little girl might die. Too bad your not a medic nin, kit.

Shut Kyuubi! the Kyuubi snickered as the young mother lead the way behind the tavern counter and lied the child onto a bed.

"You've already done so much..." she began to turn him down but noticed the worried look on his face, "... will you fetch the doctor? He lives two streets down, just tell him Ririka, just turn right outside, he lives almost right below the Marine base." Instead of wasting precious time asking what a marine was he ran out. Using his chakura enhanced speed he was at the doctor's house in minutes. There was a long line from the end of the street to the beginning.

"Sumimasen. Sumimasen." he said pushing his way through the line till he was at the top. "It's an emergency!" he shouted angrily as several men and women tried to stop him. Then the doctor appeared. His hair, what was left of it, was white and thin, cut close to his head. His eyes a deep blue color. He was a tall thin man.

"What is going on?" he screamed. Everyone, besides Naruto, begin to talk at once. Naruto didn't waste his breath, but tried to find away at the man. "Silence! One at a time!" everyone froze, Naruto included, then a man, taller and more muscular then Naruto picked him up by his underarms and hoisted him in the air for all to see.

"Yoshi?" the doctor questioned and looked closely at the boy. "Name boy?"

"My name doesn't matter! The little girl... the little girl... she was in the water. You have to go to Ririka's. You have to help her!" the man laughed and Naruto had to work to make sure the Kyuubi didn't take over.

"I like you, boy. Straight forward and to the point. Like me grab my medical bag and we'll go," the man disappeared back into the house, Yoshi dropped Naruto onto his butt, muttering 'Lucky brat' before disappearing, soon the whole crowd was gone. When the doctor came out the two set out to Ririka's at a fast pace, Naruto's making sure his matched the doctor's and he wasn't going at his normal chakura enhanced speed.

The doctor left them four hours later after looking at her. "She would be fine," he said. "She might have a small cold, but it should go away in a few days times. You did the right thing Ririka changing her straight into her pajamas. Boy, yous should change too or you'll get pneumonia,"

Naruto laughed, "I've never been sick a day in my life."

"There's a first time for everything." and he left.

"I can never thank you enough, she would have drowned if it wasn't for you," Ririka told him, tearing up a little. "She's all I have left. Is there anything I can do for you? In return?" as if on cue his stomach growled. "I'll go make us some soup, the guest room is down the hall, to the left. Dress in something warm, you must be freezing."

Ririka and her daughter lived comfortably in a three bedroom apartment above their tavern. The walls were light and cheerful colors. Ririka's daughter's room was a cherry yellow with curtains of white and a red carpet. The hallway that led out was painted a fore-sty green, the carpet was a darker green. There were five doorways leading off. One was an open one and lead into the kitchen, another room that was painted yellow, though a darker one, beyond that he knew that led into the living room a room where the walls were a deep red the carpet a soft white, pictures of the girl and her mother and a man Naruto assumed was her father hung along the walls, shelves lined with nick-knacks and shells. The other three doors were closed, but he found the guest room alright. Ririka had already placed his stuff inside. His black tank lay on the bed, his pack sprawled on the floor.

Without thinking he sat down on the bed, pulled his sandals off and his pants, dragged over his pack and dressed in clothes considerably more warmer than the ones he had on. He dragged on a pair of thick black pants and a white t-shirt. Over the t-shirt he zippered up his jacket. He left the room with his stuff slung over his shoulder. "There's bread on the table. Help yourself." she called from the stuff. He put his stuff by the door to the living room before he took one of the four seats at the table. "You'll be leaving then," she had noticed his stuff at the door as she turned around carrying two bowls of soup. "You should stay, you need rest. Before he left the Doctor made me promise to take care of you. It looks like you haven't slept in days."

Smart woman. Naruto didn't answer the Kyuubi, but stood up and took the bowls of hot soup from her. Placing them on the table he said, "There are men who are after me, I have no idea when they will catch up to me, some of them will kill any one who gets in between us. I can't place anyone else in danger any more, I have to continue to move."

"Your not a pirate," Ririka said, commenting, "your too kind. There are no wanted posters of you, what could someone your age have done?"

"I was born far away from here, in a village called Konoha." the woman shook her head,s saying she never heard of it. "The day I was born a great monster, " Who are you calling a monster, Kit?! Naruto ignored him and continued on. "Attacked our village. The monster was unstoppable, nothing anyone could do would stop it. Not the Hyuugas, not the Ucihias, not anyone. Till a great man, only known to my generation as the Yodaime Hokage came and sealed the beast in a new born konoha recently ran me out and are sending men to kill me and I'm being hunted by a group known as Akatsuki. I won't have anyone else get hurt because of my problems." Why did you tell her Kit? Because...

"Thank-you for being honest with me, but that does not change that you should stay here. I know Rika will wish for you to stay."

"I do," a small voice came from the doorway. "Oniichan, onegai, stay!" she ran forward and clutched at Naruto's hand. "Onegai?" he eyes were big and round and he couldn't look away.

Onegai, kit? Look how adorable she is. You just want the rest. If we don't sleep soon we'll die! Stop being over dramatic, we sleep. Barely. Secretly Naruto had to agree with the Kyuubi. "Maybe... Maybe I'll stay for the night." Yes!

"Great I'll take your bag to your room," she ran to the bag and dragged it from the room. It wasn't that heavy so Ririka and Naruto just sat there staring after Rika in shock.

"I guess that settles that," Ririka said as Rika rejoined them a moment later. "Except that we have yet to know your name."

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

"Well, Naruto, welcome to the family." Yes, Kit, welcome to the family. Shut up, baka!

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