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Summary:What if Naruto was a girl?Kakashi would be the first to find out, of course.Once everyone finds this out it raises some interesting questions.Will Sasuke finally admit his feelings to Naruto, and live happily ever?Or will he stay within his comfort zone, and not tell her?

Dammit,thought Naruto as he glanced at the clock.It was 9:30, and he was supposed to be at the training grounds with the rest of Team 7.He quickly jumped out of bed, and got dressed.In the process, forgetting what time of the month it was.It didn't matter now, he'd figure it out sooner, or later, but now he had to get to the training.


"Where is he?", questioned Sakura as she, and the rest of Team 7 waited at the the training grounds for Naruto."He's always late, so don't worry", Sasuke said cooly."Yeah, well he shouldn't always take other people's time like that, it's rude", she snapped.Usually, she wouldn't have said anything, but this tardiness was getting out of hand.For the past few months, during the end of every month Naruto would be late.Why?No one knew, but she knew this, it was becoming annoying.

Sure it would leave her with some much needed 'Sasuke time', but he wasn't very loving when it came to 'Sakura/Sasuke time'.In fact, he actually seemed to despise the time they spent together.Sasuke, on the other hand, was starting to worry about Naruto, and his whereabouts.He only started this a few months ago.Out of nowhere, the said ninja jumped out of a bush a few feet away from the group.

"Where were you?", Sakura snapped."I was...ummm..." he started, but was rudely interupted by Sakura."Well?", she was obviously pissed.Seeing this, Kakashi stepped in."Don't badger him, Sakura", he said calmly."Now that you're here, we can start today's lesson".Finally, thought Sasuke, at least he's here, and not somewhere else hurt.Though he still wondered why he can to training so late in patterns.He decided to disreguard those thoughts, until later.


It was late afternoon when Kakashi let them go home, as usual."All that training's made me hungry", exclaimed Naruto."Speaking of eating", said Sakura"do you wanna go andget something to eat...togeth-", she started, but was interuppted by Sasuke's objection.

"No.". he said bluntly.It's not that he didn't like Sakura...okay, he hated her, but that wasn't the point.He not only declined, because he was in love with someone else, and going to eat with her would suggest things.Things that would hurt people's feelings.Not just the fangirls'(like he'd care about their feelings anyways), but maybe even Naruto's feelings, if he cared.

There were ways to find out if he did, or didn't, but going to lunch with Sakura was one he didn't want to go through with.If he was going to find out if Naruto liked him or not, he'd have to find out another way."Whelp", started Naruto"it looks like it's time for some Icharuka Ramen, bye guys!", he shouted, and ran toward the ramen shop.For the rest of Team 7 it was expected of him to run like that if it was for ramen, but littkle did they know, today Naruto wasn't really hungry.In fact, he was having craps all day, making him not want to eat.

Instead of going to the ramen shop, he ran all the way home.Once he got in he collapsed on his bed."This sucks", he moaned."not only, can I not eat ramen, I've got to go through this until the end of the week."He rolled to his side, and stared into space.Little did he know, someone was watching him through his bedroom window, then they jumped from their perch, and vanished.Hearing a slight rustling, Naruto awoke from his daydream, and walked to the bathroom.Im gonna really need a bath this week, he thought.

And with that, he turned on the bath water, and started to prep himself for a bath.

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