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The next few days were pure hell for Naruto.She was having cramps out the ass, literally.And she ran out of 'supplies', in the middle of the day.Being forced to either use leaves, or ask Sakura for some.Now that would be weird.Normally,her pride wouldn't allow him to ask her, but she really needed it.But, if she found out he was actually a she that would make things weird.

Over the years Sakura started to develop a feeling that Naruto was in love with her for some reason.Actually, in the beginning she just wanted to be her friend and teammate, but after several failed attempts, she decided it was futile.Which made things like this weird.

Oh well, thought Naruto,she'll have to find sometime..So Naruto pulled Sakura to the side during training."Sakura...",she mumbled,"What?!," Sakura whispered loudly."I use...a..", she couldn't just come out and ask her about such a private matter, even if they were both girls."Just say it, Naruto" she said nicer than usual."Okay!I need to use one of you tampons"she blurted.Sakura stared at Naruto in shock.He...needs tampons...she thought, this must be a joke.

"Why do you need one, may I ask?", she bounced back from her shock quickly."Well...I on my...", she started."On your what?Period?", she started to get louder.Dammit Sakura, be quiet,Naruto thought furiously.She'd have to tell her soon, or she'd make a scene."Yes..."she mumbled, feeling somewhat ashamed.

Sakura's thoughts were now going a mile-a-minute.Is he serious?He couldn't be serious, dawned on her,if he's a girl, that means...she', that's it, that's the omly reason she liked me.For my sexy body.(I know what you're thinking, 'Stupid Sakura, Naruto's in love with Sasuke' well, in my story she's just that stupid.LMAO)Wait a minute, I need to be sure he's a girl, unless this is a joke,she thought.

"How do I know you're a girl?", she inquired, hoping this was just a prank.Why can't she just give me the damn things with no questions asked,Naruto huffed.She dragged Sakura to a part of the forest away from Sasuke, and Kakashi.Then stopped when she felt they went far enough."You want proof,"she shouted,"here's your proof."She took off her jacket, undershirt, and bra, showing the other girl her breats.

"Humpf,"was all Sakura said.I take you to the middle of the forest and strip myself halfnaked for you, and all you say is "humpf"?This girl's getting on my nerves!Naruto shouted inwardly."Well,"she started,"I must say you do have huge boobs, Naruto, but any guy could get that done with the right amount of money."Now she was pissed.Naruto quickly put back on her shirt and pulled down her pants.Making sure to show Sakura her period bloodstains on the pads she was previously wearing.

This left Sakura stunned.Although, the shock look turned into a perverted smile that could rival perverted sage's."So that's why you were late, huh, Naruto-kun?"she said, using the'kun' for spite."YES!Wait, NO!"Now she got what she meant, the perv.She was obviously hanging out with Kakashi too much.

"Look!I just need a tampon, okay?"She was shouting her head off now.Damn her and her perverted thinking,she thought."Okay, I'll give you the tampon, if you let me tell everyone else that you're a girl."she said evilly.This is becoming a fun day after all, she thought.

"Fine," Naruto agreed,this is just a way to get a tampon, but why me?she thought forlornly.


Where'd Naruto go?thought Sasuke.He'd been battiling Kakashi for sometime now, since they left.Maybe he went to tell her something,he thought, dreading what Naruto could be secretly telling Sakura.Could he be in love with her like she said, and be confessing his love.No,he thought,he's always hated her, just like the rest of my fangirls.But whay could he be telling her?

Just then, the said ninjas emerged from the depths of the forest surrounding the training grounds."You guys,"Sakura exclaimed, getting the two males attention.They both noticed that they were holding hands.Hmm, I thought Naruto liked Sasuke.Guess I was wrong,thought Kakashi."Naruto and I have an announcement to make,"Naruto's gazed fell to the ground.She was so embaressed.Then she glanced at Sasuke, he seemed to have his attention set on her.Please don't hate me for not telling you, she thought.

Kakashi shot glances at both, Sakura and Naruto.It was obvious, they hadn't got together, because if they'd be the appocalpse.

Then again, maybe it has something to do with what I saw last night,he pondered, recalling that night a few days ago.(Yes, Kakashi was the peeping -tom in Naruto's window; if you think about it, he would do some thing like that)"Naruto's,"Sakura started, "a GIRL!" she shouted.

Sasuke' eyes started to get big, and all Kakashi did was nod.I knew it,he thought, I'm always right.Sasuke soon regained his cool, and said,"I always tought you were a girl, that's why I always held back."Naruto's embaressment vanished at the sound of those words."Oh yeah, teme?!" she retorted."Yep," he said smoothly."We'll just see about that now won't we?"she said."No we won't,"Kakashi interjected."I need to take Naruto to see the Hokage so we can clear things up."

"So what do we do now?"questioned Sakura,"You guys will go home, and wait for tomorrow's training."he stated.Awesome, this gives me some time to be with Sasuke.Thank you Naruto!!!!!!!!(you can guess who's thinking this.XD)Sasuke turned away from the group, and started to walk in an undetermined path into the forest."Wait for me, Sasuke!"she shouted."Let's go Naruto, we've got work to do,"said Kakashi, somehow out of nowhere.

Naruto grumbled the rest of the way to the Hokage's tower."Okay.What's up?"Kakashi said finally.The constant sighing was starting to get annoying."It's just,"she started."this so embaressing, I mean for most of my life people thought I was a boy, and now..."Kakashi noticed the dissapointment in her voice and decided to comfort her(with soothing words people, Kakashi is not going to be a perv in this chapter...XD)"Look,I don't have to tell them if you don't want me to, but it would be for the best if I did,"he put a fatherly arm around her shoulders as they walked.

"It's okay, sensei, it'll be cool."Though this still didn't make her feel any better about the situation, they were going to have to find out someday.It might as well be today.And with that they made their way to the Fifth Hokage's office.Naruto, worrying about what her reaction would be, and Kakashi worrying if he'll ever be able to get the next issue of Icha Icha Paridise tomorrow.

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