Chapter 3: The Ride to Nowhere

I slid the compartment door shut and threw myself down on the plushy, soft cushions that decorated the Head Boy and Girl carriage. I sighed in delight. Finally, after a long and dismal summer, I was headed back to Hogwarts. I stretched out my arms, putting my feet up on the opposite seat. I thought of Narcissa, who'd be sitting with her other third year friends, and Andromeda, who was probably sulking in a compartment all alone. I sneered at that thought.

A shape suddenly darkened the doorway. I glanced up, my heavily-lidded eyes flickering towards the figure that was standing in front of me. Without speaking, I lifted myself up from the seat and embraced the wizard watching me.

Rodolphus laughed wildly. I knew he missed me. I hadn't seen him the entire summer, although we wrote to each other. I stood on the tips of my feet and pressed my thin lips against his. He was tall, so I had to stretch out like a cat to reach his face. His dark hair was swung over his small eyes and his heavy hands rested on my waist. I guided him over to the seats. He pushed me down on to the velvety surface and kissed me harder. I arched my back up, taking in his warmth.

I heard the compartment door open again but I ignored it, kissing Rodolphus furiously. No other person should be entering our carriage; we were privileged with being the cleverest students in the seventh year.

"Isn't this surprising?" a nasally voice commented, interrupting my bliss, "Lestrange and Black, displaying everything that's wrong with purebloods."

I opened my eyes, shoved Rodolphus off of me and stood up, my hands immediately floating to my pocket where my wand resided.

"Don't you have better things to do, Lian?" I said, waving my wand out from my pocket with a flourish.

Trina Lian glared at me, her pale eyebrows rising up and down. Trina was a girl from my year, a notorious mudblood who belonged to Ravenclaw. Over the years, I'd found ways of getting back at her for being a dirty inbred. She was headstrong and smart, but her jinxes were nothing compared to my magic.

"Actually you two go well together," Trina said, flipping her dark blonde hair over her shoulder with contempt, "you're both selfish, bigoted, freaks."

I smiled evilly at Trina. She was a foolish girl.

Trina suddenly seemed to realize that the train had started to move. Everyone else was in a compartment. Rodolphus was leaning against the window, smirking at the mudblood and I just fingered my wand pointedly. The girl turned pale but didn't back down. From the look in her eyes, I figured she knew she was outnumbered and in trouble.

"Tell me, Lian," I started, stepping towards the other girl, "how does it feel to know you're blood is riddled with disease and muggle waste?"

Trina let out a cry of anger and her hand darted into her robes to extract her wand. I was quicker. I raised my wand.


A dark-scaled snake erupted from the end of my wand. I jerked my hand backwards and the snake shot towards Trina, who screamed and flung herself to the floor. I felt myself cackling with mirth as I directed the snake at her head. Trina dove out of the way, yanking out her wand as she did. I grimaced; I had forgotten she was on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

"Impedimenta!" she screeched, her curse going astray because of her position on the floor.

Rodolphus peeled himself away from the foggy window and gracefully pulled out his own wand. He stared at Trina with disgust and waved his wand. "I hate mudbloods," he spat, "Crucio!"

Trina's mouth opened in surprise as she heard the curse speed towards her. I laughed harder as the girl twisted in agony on the floor of the compartment. As her screams began to echo around the room, I waved my wand at the door and it locked with a click. Trina somehow flung herself upwards, on to the seat. She gritted her teeth in pain, but somehow managed to lift her wand up.

"P-Protego," she spluttered out.

Rodolphus's curse petered out as the girl struggled to her feet. I was unwillingly impressed. The little mudblood had a fighting spirit. But my dark magic was stronger. Before she could cast another spell, I flicked my wand at her, sending a stunning spell directly at her face.

Trina Lian fell to the floor, unconscious.

"Mobiliarbus," I said. Trina's body floated up and none-to gently flew through the glass paneling in the door and landed in the corridor of the train. Rodolphus nodded to me and stuck his head out of the broken window and pointed his wand at the girl.

"Obliviate" he said. Then he withdrew his head and waved his wand. The broken glass on the floor rejoined and the window was quickly repaired.

I sat down on the cushions, pleased with myself. I let out a little giggle and gestured to Rodolphus, who sat down next to me.

"This brings me to my next point," I smirked, "I want to join the Death Eaters."

Rodolphus didn't answer, he just kissed me. I took that as a yes.