Title: "Invidia"
Prompt: Envy
Rating: Work-Safe (PG/PG-13)
Characters: Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne
Fandom: Robin Hood (BBC2006)
Word Count: 1,222
Summary/Spoilers: Spoilers for the end of the first series and minor spoilers for the "Loyalty" episode. Gisborne and the Sheriff talk about Marian.
Disclamer: I don't own Robin Hood BBC 2006; And I don't own Richard Armitage (SOBS!)

Guy propped his foot against the wall to keep his balance, his head was still reeling from walking up on the chapel floor. He did not want to think of the circumstances that lead to his state - how he'd been left at the altar by the woman of his dreams.

He imagined he deserved it. He'd dreaded that Marian would find out that the King coming back from the Holy Land was only a sick plot of the Sheriff's to capture Robin Hood and the Nobles that would forsake the Sheriff at the return of King Richard.

Guy clinched his fist, shaking his head as he recalled the look on Marian's face once she'd realized that the Sheriff intended to kill her father as soon as he attempted to give information away about the Sheriff's ill deeds. Then, for all Guy's pleading, she did not marry him. Instead...

Bringing a gloved hand up Gisborne tenderly touched the spot on his eye that had been bruised by Marian's cruel swing at him. Closing his eyes he whispered, "Marian, I will not give up so easily. Even if it was a trick, when the real King Richard returns you will be mine..."

With those words of determination said he could find the will to go on. He was not a patient man but he would be - for Marian, his beautiful maid. He would win her over Robin Hood, and every suitor that came to challenge. He would win her: honestly or not.

While Gisborne's mind began to turn once more thinking of what he would say to Marian the next time he saw her - he could tell her that he'd not known about the King being a fake - Guy didn't notice the Sheriff of Nottingham's entrance. Vaysey moved swiftly and smoothly through the room, throwing himself down into the chair at the end of the long dinning table. Sheriff didn't pay much mind to Gisborne as he grumbled loudly resting his head within his hands. Rubbing his temples the Sheriff continued to fume for a moment before finally giving Gisborne a glance, "Honeymoon over already, Gisborne?"

Sir Guy didn't bother to reply to the snide remark. "I see your plot fell apart again, my lord sheriff."

"Well, it did go quite well for a while at least, until Robin came, naturally." Sheriff admitted as he leaned over taking his sandal from his foot and inspecting it. The sandal had a large hole, where Robin shot with accurate precision into the piece of footwear and hoisted the Sheriff up to the ceiling to dangle. "Win some, lose some, eh? But, oh dear, I do hate to lose, right Gisborne?"

"Of course, my lord." Gisborne simply agreed, crossing his arms and closed his eyes. All became quiet in the room, neither of them speaking for a minute or so.

"Well, I suppose, you didn't get what you wanted either then, eh? Or I'd be seeing less of you, not to mention Marian." Vaysey's mouth chanced a clever grin, "Gisborne, your ambitions should be re-evaluated. I can understand your attempts for power and money... that's what all men strive for... but you know what I consider a bad decision is your attempts to win the Earl of Huntington's former fiancée."

Guy suppressed the urge to speak rashly to the Sheriff. "Former Earl... My lord."

"Lepers, Gisborne! You are better off without her..." Sheriff stated, as he had once before and many of times but this didn't seem to stop Guy of Gisborne's lusting after Marian. "Maybe what you need is a hobby. Have you tried falconry? As the Master of Arms I'm sure you could find something far more productive that to crone over the loss of some petty woman..."

Gisborne heard a chair scream as it was pushed along the wooden flooring. Then he heard the Sheriff's soft approach (towards him, he assumed).

"Gisborne..." The Sheriff whispered softly into his subordinate's direction, "You know the best way to forget about a bad habit?"

"My lord?" Guy opened his eyes slowly, deeply troubled by the carefully chosen words by his superior.

"You take it out of your life..." Hissed the sheriff, with a creeping smile on his face. "With nothing left to remind you about your misfortune, you will forget all about your bad habits. And..."

Vaysey snaked his arms between Gisborne's back and the wall, giving him an awkward embrace. Leaning in even closer to stare the taller man Gisborne in the eyes, "... I would be most certainly happy to help you out, my friend... I am sure I can think of some reason to make poor Marian and her beloved father... disappear..."

Gisborne tried to keep his cool, but his throat was tightening as the Sheriff's venomous words struck his ears. Now he felt torn; torn between wanting to agree with the Sheriff - that Marian was nothing but a habit such as biting one's nails or shuffling one's feet. Another half of him, the half that cared deeply for Marian (be it for his own selfish reasons or true love for her), wanted to throw the Sheriff of Nottingham against a wall, and take him by the throat until the life was choked from him.

He said nothing; he would not let himself be seduced again into letting the Sheriff do as he pleased within his life. Last time Gisborne's heart wavered and let the Sheriff win him over, his friend Lambert paid the price with his life. "My lord, I have not given up on her. She only took offense because she believes I have lied to her."

"And you have. If I were a weepy woman I would have declared the relationship off, and maybe she already has. Promise or no promise..." Sheriff shot back, resting his head on Gisborne's shoulder, "Perhaps... she's run off with Robin by now, eh?"

"If she has..." Gisborne felt a lump in his throat. The familiar pang of jealously coming back to him as he gritted his teeth and spoke, "You will not have to see to her - I will hand her over to you to be hung myself..."

To that the Sheriff only smiled his wicked smile and let the taller man free from his embrace. "I like that spirit, my friend. That's why we have such a close bond to one another. Great minds think alike... but if the time does come and she I is a traitor leave her to me. After all, we don't want to end up breaking your poor heart, by making your hurt someone you deeply cared for... that treated you like an utter fool, hm?"

"Of course, my lord." He'd been bested again; Sheriff won the fight for Gisborne's allegiance once again. Gisborne could only hope that Marian would accept him back or he might have to see her pretty face suffer at the hands of a galoer.

But then again, Gisborne thought, if she'd rather chose Hood over me... maybe she deserves being treated like a common outlaw.