The End of The Rockets

Version 6.0

Chapter 1 - "Edan, the Man of Strange Love Relationships"

Note: This is a remake of something I wrote a long, long, long time ago. Hence the version 6.0 above. Be warned that this is not how my usual stories are -- this was all originally written when I had a fascination for all things vulgar and mean. I will not be updating this regularly -- I have other fiction to work on. However do enjoy and be warned beforehand that if all goes according to the original -- this will be rather disturbing.

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. I would like to mention I do own my own character in this story, please don't use them without my permission.

In lue of the fact he was sneaking off in the middle of the night, Edan found himself in a very cheerful mood. His demeanor should not have been so carefree, for the task at hand was not such a noble one. In fact, the task at hand, if anyone else had been informed of it he would have been most likely thrown in prison.

The girl he was meeting was so beautiful he would risk nearly everything to see her, or at least that's what he told himself at the time. Now, as an after thought, he realized he would only risk her safety. She was an orphaned girl, living in a deserted mansion just outside of town. Only her pokemon at her side the girl needed a friend in the world. Edan might not have been that friend, but he saw no others around to take his place. Their first meeting had been so brief that Edan feared he would not see her again: they were in Celadon marketplace shopping for trouble (as Edan's brothers referred to it). They being Edan and his three brothers: Adrian, Oran and Tyrrell. Adrian, the oldest of them all, was far too occupied with his Rocket duties. Duties a light word for terrorizing the populous, generally causing mayhem and being mildly obscene.

Oran had his face in some scientific magazine, while Tyrrell was eating a large assortment of food (more accurately: two hamburgers and a dozen potstickers).

Edan was the first to notice the girl. Her thin hands hidden in her pockets as she strolled down the aisle glancing needlessly at everyone that passed. Fuchsia hair pulled back into a ponytail with grey colored pants and a thin worn t-shirt on. At her waist she carried three pokeballs and a small coin purse; definitely a trainer but a beginner as far as Edan could tell. Adrian, standing just in front of his younger brothers paused for a minute, a cocky look coming over his face as he too saw the girl. Edan noted the look his brother gave, wondering what his clever sibling intended to do with the girl; most likely harass her just as he had others that day.

Watching closing Edan saw the girl approach a fruit stand, picking at some Razz Berries on the table. Seeming to be haggling with the seller the girl slowly reached down sliding something into her pocket. Edan knew what she was doing, stealing. Afterwards, the girl gave a yen piece to the seller and left with a single berry in hand.

Adrian made his move. As the girl started a swift, yet not suspicious, retreat Adrian stepped into her way. The young lady wasn't expecting a barrier (especially one as finely built as Adrian was) and ran straight into the Rocket. Falling back onto the ground the girl winced, crying out, "Watch it, stupid! I'm walking here!"

She looked up, her eyes just now meeting with her barrier. Suddenly her attitude changed completely, her face became paler, "Adrian... I didn't know it was you. I apologize; I wasn't watching where I was going..."

Adrian stared at her for a minute before smirking his devil's grin, saying with his thick proper accent, "Of course not, urchin, you never do. What brings you to the market, anyhow, find some money in the gutter somewhere?"

Edan scowled at his brother, saying under his breath, "Adrian... stop being so mean."

Adrian silenced him with a glare. Continuing to stare down at the girl, Adrian shook his head, "Just one? That isn't nearly enough to feed all four of you..."

The girl slowly started to get up from the ground. "I-I know, but I can only buy so much."

"How true. If you'd just join Team Rocket, you would get a pension and plenty of money to live on." Adrian told her, putting his hands into his pockets.

Shaking her head the girl's eyes lit up in fury, "That's stolen money! I don't want any of it..."

"Stolen... money, eh? Well, what's the difference between that and stolen other things?" Adrian manipulated, taunting the fact that he'd witness her act of thievery.

The girl's head dropped low, ashamed, "I can't help it. I only steal what I have to, otherwise we'd die out there."

Adrian acted as if he'd won a battle, laughing triumphantly, "You're just as saddening as ever, aren't you? Stealing is stealing. It doesn't matter what you steal, the results are still the same when you get caught. Mistrust, punishment... here I'll show you."

Without giving the girl much a chance to get away Adrian reached forward grabbing a hold of her arm. Edan made a protest, but it died in his throat as his brother wordlessly silenced him once again with a hateful glare. Adrian's grip on the girl was enough to bruise her uncalloused skin as he drug her towards the fruit stand. At the stand he let her wrench free from his tight hold, saying to the stands keeper, "This girl is a thief, sir."

The vender stared at Adrian, most likely in disbelief that a Rocket would be turning in a supposed thief. Pulling the girl forward Adrian quickly turned out her pockets, causing the contents to spill into a heap at her feet. Sure enough most of the contents were the berries she'd just taken. The vender's eyes widened for a moment, only to narrow and scowl at the girl. "You dirty little Rattata! I can't believe I fell for your sweet little act, I even gave you a discount on what you did buy from me."

The girl's head lowered as the seller's irate words tore into her. It was obvious to Edan that she'd meant no harm in stealing the food... that she was only trying to live. Adrian should've not done that. After all, their family had been poor as well. Years ago Adrian would have been in her position. Stealing food just so his family could eat at night because their mother and father had deserted them.

Adrian just grinned and watched as the girl slumped away ashamed of her actions. After hearing a word of shocked praise from the vender Adrian followed the girl with a swagger in his step. Catching up to her in a matter of moments Adrian questioned her, "Don't you think it would be easier to just surrender and join Team Rocket now?"

"You're just after my Pokemon, Adrian. We won't be caught by you." She growled at him before attempting to push her way away from him. Edan caught up to them, grabbing Adrian's shoulder. Adrian dodged his younger brother's attempt to control him and kept the girl from leaving. "Let me go or I'll fight you right here!"

So then Edan found himself watching the first battle between the girl and his brother. The first of many battles to come in the course of several months. Adrian would not give up on trying to force the girl to become a Rocket. The only reason Adrian wanted that was just as the girl stated: he wanted her Pokemon. They weren't much of a special breed or type, but they were very high leveled for their type. She had two high leveled Meowth and one strangely evolve Eevee (apparently it was a rarity in the other regions except Kanto). Adrian, for the most part, seemed to just like to harass the girl for no good reason. Edan was ashamed of his brother and ashamed for himself for not being able to stand up for what he knew was right.

After that point, things between him and the girl went very quickly. A whirlwind of moments passed between them: when he learned her name, the first time she trusted him, and the first time he'd been invited to her ransacked house in the woods. Raine was her name, and she was just a girl of thirteen with no one else in the world to care about her except Edan. He'd learned her mother died when giving birth to her, and he'd learned how she met her pokemon and how she came to live in the old mansion. Edan had even learned when the girl had first met his brother, Adrian, and how badly she'd been treated by him since.

It happened one night, a night like this one, that when Edan was visiting with her late into the night she'd done something to catch him off guard. He'd never been the emotional type of person, even though his brother Oran was worse off than himself, but he'd kept a gap between himself and that girl until that night. He'd brought her something to eat. Hell, it wasn't even a worth much at the store he got it at. He remembered thinking. But she'd run up to him and hugged him tightly. At first he just stood there, in shock that she would be so brave as to get this close to a strange (that's what he considered their relationship for a long time) and go so far as to hold onto him. Soon he found himself holding her back, listening to her sob into his chest (which she barely reached). "You don't know how much this means to me!" Is all she ended up saying before she backed away to look up to his face, tear struck.

Edan stomach felt like butterfree were floating through it as he looked into her eyes that night.

The next time he saw her, it was the same thing: a hug from her. But as time wore on, and the months grew more and more Edan began to notice a change in her behavior until one night without realizing it they were kissing one another. This first kiss that passed between them was intended to be short, but Edan felt his insides begging for more. He found himself reaching into that fuchsia hair and caressing a cheek -- in short he felt himself falling for the girl.

He was thirty-five years old. He was not supposed to be doing this sort of thing. It was wrong and even he knew that. But even those kinds of thoughts didn't stop his tongue from entering her warm mouth and urging a more eager kiss from this girl.

His common sense returned to him as he pulled out of the kiss. Surprisingly she looked not too upset, she did however look confused. Edan quietly questioned her, "Was that your first kiss?"

She nodded an air of embarrassment about her mixed with the confusion and dread of being rejected perhaps. Edan felt a shiver from inside knowing he'd been the first -- at the same time knowing he was completely disgusting and hating himself for doing it.

After that night Edan knew he had to get away, but at the same time never wanted to leave her again. Raine was going to be his in time, and he would see it no other way. So he returned; spacing out the time between and hoping Adrian would not notice his absence from the Rocket Headquarters.

Tonight, he thought as he ran through the darkness of the forest near Celadon, he would tell her all that he felt. He knew she would feel the same as him, and that she would agree with his plans. His plans were to leave behind his brothers -- for her and only her. Start a new life, free from this disgusting Team Rocket life that he led. Though he hated to leave Oran and Tyrrell behind, they would not let him be himself and he knew this. Edan wanted to be in love without being told by anyone in the world that it was wrong.

Entering the busted back door of the mansion, Edan softly called out to her, looking for a trace of her or the pokemon she cared about so much. Stepping onto broken dining glasses and ceramic plates Edan began to go towards the old library. Avoiding the hanging vines that draped like banters from the ceiling Edan stepped into the library. She was sitting on the remains of the second floor, with several candles on the ground beside her and a book in her hands. She didn't notice him yet, so he just took the time to admire her from afar, smiling as she licked her finger before turning the next page then showed something to her meowth on the floor.

"Raine..." He finally said, her eyes jerked up fearful at first until she recognized him. Her meowth too was on edge, even still after he'd made his presence known. For some reason one of the two meowth was always upset with Edan being in the mansion. "How are you?"

"Edan!" She cried, closing the book up and setting it to the side, she pets her meowth on the head and began to climb down from her high perch. "I'm so glad you're here. I found the most amazing thing, downstairs..."

He grabbed her by the waist (from behind) as soon as she was within reach, wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in her hair. Closing his eyes, he said, "You can show it to me in a minute. I want to ask you something..."

He felt her exhale deeply, relaxing underneath his arms. "All right, then. What is it?"

Pulling away for a moment he let her go, his fingers lingering at her waist before completely letting her go, "Will you please run away with me...?"

"W-what? I-I..." Raine's eyes grew wide as she turned to him, tilting her head to one side, "Are you drunk? You can't just leave here, think of your brothers, Edan..."

"My brothers are all behind Adrian. I can't persuade them to leave with me." Edan told her, though it wasn't completely true. "I just want to be with you, without him being in our way."

He drew her into her arms once more, falling to the ground beside her as he made it easier for her to see into his hazel eyes. Softly giving her a kiss on the lips, he begged in a whisper, "Please, Raine, you're all that matters to me now..."

Before she could say anything more, Edan realized they were not alone. Her meowth's hair stood on end, its teeth bared as he lept down from the second floor to stand before them both. A flash of light in the darkness, told Edan that a pokeball had been opened, even without the owner calling out his pokemon's name or breed. In front of meowth stood a sandshrew. No, not a sandshrew. Adrian's sandshrew. Edan instantly realized. "Adrian..."

"What's all this then?" Questioned his brother, coming to stand beside his sandshrew with a hateful glare towards his brother.

"Adrian, I was only trying to--"

"Save your lies, Edan. You know it wouldn't be very useful right now anyway." Adrian narrowed his eyes at his brother, and then turned his stern look to Raine. "Now I know where you live, thanks to my brother here. And you won't even be safe here..."

Raine's eyes lit up in fury, "Meowth, fury attack!"

Sandshrew, even without a word from its master, tackled the meowth. Meowth curled into a pained ball on the tiled floor, yowling. Adrian didn't praise the pokemon for its deed, instead simply called it back into the monster ball. "What's the point now, girl. My brother's witlessly gone so far as to cause me to perhaps kill you. You wretched little seductress... is there anything you won't do for food? And here you think we Rockets are bad..."

Adrian stalked forward, his eyes never once leaving Raine. Edan jumped between them, forcing Adrian to look at him once more, "No, Adrian. Leave her alone. It was me. I did it all!"

Approaching Edan quickly Adrian slapped him broadly across the face, leaving a crimson mark on his brother's cheeks. The corner of his brother's lips died crimson with a rivulet of blood, Adrian walked around Edan towards Raine once more, undaunted by his brother's claim that it was completely his doing. Raine yelped as she witnessed Edan's head slinging to one side and Adrian's unwavering attempt to get near her. Fearing for her life she reached for her pokeballs, sending out her other two pokemon. The other meowth and her evolved eevee stood awaiting orders as she watched Adrian still approach.

"Go, Rhyhorn..." Adrian said, not even reaching for a pokeball, "Horn Drill attack."

From above them came the attack; Adrian had called his pokemon out before this fight in preparation of what he would do. Raine's heart skipped a beat as her meowth fell to the attack and her leafeon was barely able to stand. She had no potions on her, as usual. Falling back onto the ground she whimpered staring at the rhyhorn that would next beat down her remaining leafeon. "Leafy... return... don't do this for me..."

The pokemon refused to obey her, shaking its head.

Raine's eyes teared as she saw the next attack hit her leafeon to the other side of the room, its body lying limply on the ground. "L-leafy... Mewsa... Melly..."

Adrian recalled this pokemon as well, placing it back on his belt, as he finally reached Raine. Standing over her he let a smile grace his lips again, "Endgame, girl. Beedrill, poison sting attack..."

Before Beedrill, who'd been called from its hiding spot in the room, could make a move Adrian was being attacked by Edan. Not Edan's pokemon, but Edan himself threw himself at Adrian, grabbing onto his brother's throat, "You won't do this to her, Adrian!"

"Edan, you truly are fucking stupid! For one, you cannot beat me in any fight, and you should know that!" Adrian knocked his younger brother's arms away as he reversed the move his brother was trying to put on him, and pinned Edan to the ground. Edan struggled underneath his brother's grip, Adrian's face was covered in sweat, his breathing was heavy, "You don't think being with her is what you really want, is it? You just want into her pants; she's made you that way..."

"No!" Edan replied trying to bring his knee up into his brother's groin, but failing as his brother caught his leg with his own. Adrian leaned down whispering into Edan's ears something that couldn't be heard by the girl. Edan's eyes watered as he heard his brother's words, "Leave her alone-e, Adrian..."

Raine however, unaware of what was going on between the two began to get to her feet again. Drawing her pokemon back into their pokeballs Raine looked around desperately for an exit. Though Adrian blocked the usual exit she used.

"I'm sorry, Edan, it's for your own good that I do this..." Adrian said, now louder than before. Raine saw out of the corner of her eyes as Adrian hit his own brother in the gut. Edan's body lurched for a moment; reeling and then he went unconscious. Adrian rose off his brother's body, "Sleep well, when you awaken, you won't have anything else to worry about..."

Raine's stomach tightened, her head pulsated with fear until she could hear her heart in her ears. Without a place to go, she ran. Past Adrian, who'd just gotten up from the floor and was unable to follow her yet, into the hallway. Looking back to the room she'd just left, hoping Adrian would not be hot on her trail. She ran into something as she was distracted. Falling onto the ground once more the girl struggled to get back up, only to find a set of eyes staring back at her. It was another Rocket. One she didn't know, not any of Edan's family.

This Rocket had short black hair and had nothing too distinguishing about him except for that he had a large scar over his left eye. He reached down grabbing Raine's wrist with a bone-crushing tightness to his grip, "So you're the girl, eh?"

Raine tried to struggle against the Rocket's grip, pulling at her own wrist until she felt one of them beginning to pop with tension. The Rocket suddenly let her go, pushing her back against a wall roughly, trapping her there with his own body, "Watch it, girly. Adrian just wants me to catch you, not nothin' else... I promise."

His face was in close proximity to her own, so much so she could feel his breath on his face. "Get off of me! Adrian is going to kill me! He's going to murder me!"

"Ask me, where is that my concern?" The rocket replied as he caught her wrist again. He called out loudly into the building, "I've got her, Adrian!"

"Why, thank you, Leon. Now, please, go deal with my brother... I'll take her." Adrian replied as he emerged from the darkness. Putting a hand through his dark, stringy brunette hair before he grabbed a hold of Raine's wrist. "Let's go, rattata. I have to talk to you about something personal."

"No, please!" Raine screamed, struggling as she fought his iron grip, calling out to the other rocket, "Don't do anything to Edan! Please!"

"It isn't Edan, you have to be worried about." Leon said dully, putting his hands in his pockets for a moment as he fished for a cigarette. Putting the thin white stick up to his mouth and lighting the end quickly with a lighter shaped like a ponyta. "Don't kill her, Adrian. She could be a lot of fun to someone someday. Youth and a good body isn't something to waste."

Adrian grimaced, pulling at the girl's wrist again. "Let's go."