The End of Team Rocket


Chapter 2 - "Jakob, the Rocket of Many Talents"

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. I do however take credit for my own characters who are in this story.

"Winner! Winner! We have yet another winner!"

Raine hardly remembered what happened to her. She knew she'd been caught by Adrian Rocket and he'd done something to her. Something, odd. She didn't remember what happened to her at all. Not since the last moments at the house. She didn't know if Edan was all right, either. He could have killed her, Adrian was that angry... maybe she was dead.

"...Here, sir. This is surprise pokemon, for our winner!" The voice boomed in Raine's head. She closed her eyes, hoping it would just leave her be, somehow in this place (wherever she was) she felt better than ever in her entire life.

No air was inside this place, or at least it seemed that way. Nothing was here, just space. It was crazy; this feeling of happiness overcoming her it was as if she was in paradise. What kind of paradise was filled with nothingness, like this? It didn't make any sense.

"Pokeball, go."

She was forced outside of the space. A rush of light flooding her eyes as she found herself crying out, not wanting to leave the safe womb that she'd been inside. The ground was moist with dew; it had to be early in the morning Raine imagined. Her bright eyes glanced around for anything to call normal as she realized she was close to the ground. "Where am I?"

"Saffron." A man's voice replied.

That couldn't be right. Saffron city?

Raine turned towards the person that'd answered her, squinted her eyes as she faced the early morning sun. Before her mouth could form the question she wanted to pose to the stranger she realized something was very wrong. She wasn't just close to the ground, she was barely standing above it; she'd shrunk! Panic took over before she could speak, she began to wail, "I'm-m, I'm--!"

"You're annoyin'."

"Hey, don't say that! I'm having a hard enough time being stuck in whatever it was, where I was at, without someone calling me names!" She cried, turning back to the person. The man's legs were about where her stature hit, she was almost as small as a pokemon. Wait... She looked to her own hands; they were covered in tan fur. "I'm a meowth!"

"I know that. A talkin' one at that. I'm not surprised... maybe I should tell the vender that and take you back for somethin' that don't talk to me." The man said; Raine finally raised her eyes up enough to see the face. Turquoise hair tucked neatly underneath a black Team Rocket hat, clean shaven face with the remnants of piercings in his nose and ears, the man looked to be in his mid-twenties or thirties in age. "Something wrong with my face, pokemon?"

"I'm a girl, not a pokemon!" She replied, unsure herself. Maybe she was a pokemon, but she had been human before and that's what counted.

"Funny lookin' girl if you ask me. Look more like a furball." Sneered the Rocket, showing his teeth a bit as he spoke. Raine saw the man had two gold plated teeth on the right side of his jaw, where his canines should've been. "You're my pokemon, bye the by, so don't go around calling yourself a human."

"What's your name, Rocket? You don't want to turn me into your people right?" She asked, suspecting he would be the same type as Adrian and take her straight to their headquarters. "I'm not worth anything, you know..."

"Why the fuck would I want to do that? You're mine. I won you unfair and square..." The Rocket exclaimed, drawing out a cigarette from his pocket as he stared at the meowth, "So, you are a person, eh? I'm assuming you're a woman in human form, right?"

Raine narrowed her eyes as the Rocket lit the stick, putting it into his mouth. The Rocket's teeth shone in the morning sunlight as he gave her a half-grimace, repeating after her silence, "Well, were you a woman or not?"

"I was." She replied, not knowing whether or not to trust the Rocket any further than she could throw him. Raine sighed, "I was a girl trainer."

"A hot girl?" Questioned the Rocket taking a long drag of the cigarette.

"Ex-xcuse me?"

"Were... you hot? Have a nice rack? A nice ass... what? I don't want to try helpin' some growlithe. Ain't nothin' for ol' Jake if you were ugly." The Rocket took the lit cigarette out of his mouth, waving it in front of his chest as he implied to a woman's breast.

"You're... really shallow, you know it?" Raine growled she knew now this Rocket wasn't like Adrian at all. Adrian valued money and fame above all; this guy it seemed was controlled by the lower half of his body. "I was a pretty good looking woman-n... at least that's what I've been told before."

"So, tell me more..."

"Right now? I'm kind of hungry, aren't you? Shouldn't we like eat breakfast and talk about it then?" Raine wanted more time to think up some good lies for this Rocket. She hated to lie, but it seemed this Jake fellow would only help her if he thought she was a worthy cause.

"Right. My name's Jake VanDock, by the way." He told her taking a lengthy drag on the cigarette before throwing it to the ground just by Raine's paws. Raine backed away as he stepped on the used butt, stamping it like a hated insect or pest. "We're going to get things thrown at us goin' through town you know. Want to go back into the ball until we get there..."

"No. I'll just follow you." She insisted, seeing the Rocket roll his navy colored eyes. "Can I get on your shoulders instead? I'll keep you warm..."

"That's what I'm talkin' about: a woman that wants to keep me warm. Who could ask for more?" Laughed the Rocket, as he leaned down to let the meowth jump onto his shoulders.

"... Really, really shallow." Sighed Raine as she climbed up onto the Rocket's body, curling her new and strange body around the man's slender neck. Watching as the Rocket puffed away at his cigarette until it was to its end. "Those things are real killers, you know."

"I don't recall wantin' to be immortal anyhow, cat."

"It's Raine."

"Whatever, hot girl."

Adrian paced up and down the hall, his hands at his sides. The secretary had told him several times that Giovanni wouldn't be there to see him until noon; it was scarcely time yet. Adrian wondered why he'd been summoned at all, if the summoner was going to be late. But it was only rarely that Giovanni made any appearance in Celadon anymore. He was more focused on Saffron's workings.

The dark-haired Rocket's ears perked up as the secretary received a call. She nodded to the Rocket, seeing he was waiting for her signal, "The boss is ready to see you now."

"Finally..." Adrian breathed hatefully as he braced himself for an entrance to the boss' office. Straightening his outfit needlessly as he approached the door, "Come on, promotion."

Before Adrian could enter the room however from behind him a voice called, "I'm going with you, you know."

It was Edan. Adrian didn't even have to turn around to know the young man's voice. Instead he stopped, not turning back to face his brother, "Go back home, Edan, this isn't your concern. Why isn't Leon taking care of you anymore, anyhow?"

"Leon... that man, Adrian..." Edan heatedly began, but Adrian was already leaving him behind. The door slammed behind Adrian, separating his brother and himself by a heavy mahogany door. Edan glared at the ground for a moment, the secretary didn't have a chance to question the violet-haired man about his presence in the room, before he'd left. Cursing underneath his breath at his brother, "I will find her again, you sick motherfucker. And when I do, if you've hurt her..."

"Relax, Edan, she ain't hurt." Leon was there. Standing on the door just outside the Boss' lobby. His Rocket hat over his face, covering his eyes from the other man. "Don't know why you give a shit about that good-for-nothing-brat in the first place, but Adrian didn't kill her. Just... misplaced her."

"Misplaced...?" Edan growled, "I woke up after lord knows how long I was out and she's gone. How the hell am I supposed to except that to be the truth especially from someone like you."

Leon tilted his head to one side, his eyes shown finally - they flashed a dangerous shade, "Someone like me, you say. What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Before Edan could reply he found himself slammed against the wall by the other Rocket. Leon's arm resting underneath Edan's chin his other arm against his chest, with his face in close proximity to Edan's own.

"Don't you get it? I was the one that took care of you while you were out. Don't you think you should show a little respect to someone who so lovingly gave you care, when I could have easily shown you what a good time you were missing out on while screwing around with a little girl." Leon hissed before letting Edan free, "Your brother told me to take good care of you, so I did. This is all the fucking thanks I get? I'd better just work for my own reasons next time. If I didn't have so much respect for your brother that it - I'd have taught you a lesson, pretty-boy."

Edan didn't move from where Leon left him. Instead just held his chest where the other man's arm had been. Leon stared at him; then left without another word. Once alone Edan left himself relax - his legs turning completely to must as he fell into a heap on the ground.

"I don't... I don't care about myself... Raine..." Edan buried his head within his knees, tears touching the corners of his eyes for a brief moment. "... Raine... where are you?"

"So let me get this straight... some guy named Adrian turned you into a pok'mon while you were asleep because you were datin' his younger brother Edan." The Rocket had in a single sentence managed to sum up Raine's problems - more or less. This Rocket didn't know the exact reason that Adrian didn't want Raine to date his brother but it was enough information. "What a prick! So what if his brother was bonin' you, it's his brother's life."

"He wasn't--!"

"You mean you never did it?" The Rocket grimaced. "What a borin' time that must'a been. Let me guess you're a virgin..."

Raine would have blushed, if she were human that is. Wait, could Meowth blush? She hoped not because she didn't want the Rocket to know how embarrassed she was at the time. She just shook her head, "Of course I am a virgin."

A waitress came up as they were talking. "What'll it be... you know you can't bring pokemon inside the restaurant, right Rocket?"

Jake slowly turned his teal eyes upon her, not saying anything for a moment. "What Pok'mon?"

The waitress stared back at Jake as if trying to figure out if he was being serious or not. Jake rested his elbows on the table, sighing as he watched the waitress' confused look. "Fine. What'll it be then?"

"A triple-layer burger with extra onions, no pickles, mayonnaise no mustard, a side order of green beans with bacon in it - no fake bacon either I want the real stuff - a milkshake with chocolate candy mixed in and a water on the side..." Jake dully stated, as if he'd ordered it a thousand times. The waitress was only annoyed but wrote the order down anyway.

"A salad." Raine said politely, after looking at the menu for the cheapest thing. She wasn't used to someone paying for her meals, so she chose the cheapest thing she could find.

The waitress dropped the notepad she was carrying. "I um... I... You just..."

"Is that really all?" Jake asked, "A damn salad? You can order more you know. Are you just afraid to order something else because you think I will be paying too much for it? I save up my money to take pretty girls on dates, so order up."

"But you don't really know I'm pretty..." Raine began, feeling terrible for basically lying to the Rocket about herself when he'd been so polite to her in the first place. "I could be a dog, like you suggested."

"I've made up my mind... you are pretty. I can tell by the way that you shy away from me... It's obvious, you know. You are just my type, I think..." Jake laughed, putting a hand on one of her furry paws. Raine hoped again that Meowth couldn't blush. She'd never heard something so nice before in her life. "Besides, once we figure out how to turn you back into a human - we're going to sleep with each other, right?"

A clump of hair fell out of the Meowth's body. Her mouth was agape, "You are so...! What on earth is in your head! I never said I'd--! Have you any idea how weird sound right now!"

He only laughed, "That's another thing I like about you... You're too serious. Now let's think about how we're going to get you back into a gorgeous babe, okay."