Memories of Future Past

Chapter 1

Kagome watched with delight as Inuyasha's hair turned from silver too black, his claws shrank away and his teeth became normal, when he opened his eyes, they were brown not yellow. She looked down and saw that Shikon no Tama had disappeared, as if into thin air. Inuyasha looked down at his hands, a smile broke out across his face, he swept Kagome into his arms and kissed her with all of his might.

"Let's go," She said as she took his hand, she wanted to leave before she got all teary again.

She pulled him to the well and waived goodbye to Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara and Kaede one last time. The fact that she would never see them again tore her apart, but she couldn't stay here. Her family, friends, her entire life was in the future, she had to go back.

"Ready" She said to Inuyasha as they climbed onto the rim of the well

"As I'll ever be"

At that they jumped hand in hand into the well. Bright light flashed around her, she felt as if she was floating. Just it faded away, she noticed her hand was empty, she turned around and saw Inuyasha being pulled back.

"Kagome!" he called, desperately reaching for her


The light disappeared and she was sitting at the bottom of the well alone. She quickly climbed out of the well and jumped back in, but landed on the dirt bottom, She scrambled out and did it a second time, three times, four… but everytime was the same. Slowly it hit her, he hasn't been able to come back with her and she couldn't get to him. It was five hundred years later and the now human Inuyasha was long dead.