"Sequel" News!!

So in order to re-pay everyone who followed "The Moment," I wanted to make sure that you were aware of its companion! That's right; I have already written a follow up to "The Moment," as a way to thank you all for your responses, especially those of you who wanted a follow up!

It is titled "The Other Moment" and is another one shot of the big kiss on Page 625 in the US edition and Page 502-503 in the UK edition. This time, it's in Ron's P.O.V., which was a lot of fun to tackle.

I do hope you check it out, lol, I wrote it for you! In the mean time, here's a sneak peak:

As Hermione began to tell Harry of what they had done down in the Chamber, he couldn't help but note her breathless tone as she described him, Ron, as brilliant. Even as he was demonstrating to Harry how he had used Parseltounge, he couldn't help but cast a glance at Hermione, the sight of her beaming expression making him feel more pleased than awkward. And after Hermione further declared him as amazing, and then as they were following Harry back through the corridors, he couldn't help but think of how long he had waited for her to think of him in such a way. Not that he hadn't already thought, or rather hoped, that Hermione did see him as something more than simply her good friend, as he did for her…

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has expressed such great things over "The Moment," both those who have already done so and those of you who keep coming.
I hope you are just as satisfied with "The Other Moment" …and with the other things I have planning in this post-Deathly Hallows surge of stories. :)